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Author Topic: Wompus Woods- Cowpens, SC  (Read 767 times)
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Wompus Woods
Date visited: 10/25/15

Scare Factor: 2.5/5
I was entertained but not scared in the slightest.  Scares in general were easy to predict with a lot of missed opportunities.  The voodoo setup was the exception as it was executed perfectly on both the trail and the hayride.  Wompus Woods has made a huge transition from chainsaws only to actor and prop scares.  Despite the low rating I give it the advancement from where they were is immeasurable. 

Actors: 2.5/5
Wompus Woods still is lacking in their numbers and skill levels but again it is light years better than our previous visit.  The guides are no longer unduly hostile and they've dropped their inane back story in all but one location that I remember.  Trail actors settled for an initial pop scare only and never chased anyone or re-set for further scares that I can remember.  I caught several breaking character after we had left a scene and all of them appeared to be teenagers that I could discern.  There's a long way to go but I again want to emphasize how much better they are doing than last time.

Sets/Props/Fx: 3.5/5
Wompus Woods is light years ahead of where it was previously in this category.  The buildings on the trail have actual props or decorations in them!  The voodoo area both on the trail and the hayride is really cool to look at.  There are multiple dark maze areas, clown sections on both the hayride/trail, cemeteries, toxic waste dumps, etc etc etc.  Last time literally we walked through woods or empty rooms to have chainsaws jump out at us.  Actor masks/makeup still leave a lot to be desired in a lot of the scenes.  The hayride often goes through large buildings that have a few interesting decorations but are devoid of actors.  Decorations here ranged from Halloween store clearance items to some nifty projected images. 

Length: 4/5
Wompus Woods still has a lot of starting and stopping.  The trail itself is hefty in length as it criss-crosses the hayride path as well as itself in numerous locations.  I'd guess it took about 40 minutes to complete.

Value: 3.5/5
Tickets are 2 for $25 for the trail.  That's a decent value for the provided trail.  I'm honestly not sure about hayride prices. 

NOT free parking.  It's $2 to park and they aren't going to help you find a space.  We arrive at 0-dark-30 so I didn't inquire about concessions, merchandise, etc.

Overall: 3/5
The worst haunt visit I have ever experienced was at Wompus Woods circa 2012 (there is a review in the members section for whatever year we did attend).  It was an infuriating time and still to this day mention of it can raise the blood pressure of certain people involved in the visit.  We were in the area and thought we'd check it out for the heck of it- mainly to re-live the badness and what else are you going to do in SC at 2am?  Color me completely shocked.  The attraction still has a lot of issues but the gains they have made are flat out amazing.  We parked our car (still without any directions more than "over that way- $2 please") and encountered friendly people at the ticket booth.  As we were walking to the trail entrance an employee asked if we wanted to do the hayride- free of charge as he just wanted to fill up the load.  We decided sure and off we went.  We did not experience the hayride last time so I can't compare it to anything else but it was as satisfactory as hayrides get.  The trail I was still bracing myself for.  We came in with negative expectations and I could see through the hatred to really appreciate how much they've changed.  There are still 3,000 "guides" but they don't have the horrible attitude from last time, have ditched the lame back stories, and served their purpose adequately.  Sets that were 100% lacking last time look pretty darn decent.  Actors are still a concern in numbers and skill levels BUT they are light years from where they were last time.  Chainsaw numbers are cut down at least by half....this is a good thing.  While I still didn't find the trail scary in the least I enjoyed myself.  It's incredibly obvious how much work has been put into this place since our last visit and I have to applaud them.  Honestly we shouldn't have ever come back after how horrible our experience was last time.  I'm glad we did, though, because I found a place I literally didn't recognize outside of the lazy parking attendant.  Pleasant staff members, no hostile guides, sets, props, masks, and scares involving things that weren't chainsaws.  I'd even venture to say that WW could make my yearly list if we are in the area.   

"You can't piss on hospitality.  I won't allow it!"
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