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Author Topic: Midway Wicked Woods - Statesville, NC  (Read 461 times)
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Midway Wicked Woods

Date attended: 10/22/2016

Scare Factor: 4/5
Midway Wicked Woods is part of the campgrounds located here and is rather spread out and well concealed.  You have to take a hayride to the actual haunt form the parking area and ticket booth.  This is not a bad thing mind you as it hides what lies beyond.  There are some noisy things going on in here and yet you can't hear them while waiting in line.  That's pretty cool and leaves you with a false sense of security. As we pulled up, we saw clowns welding chainsaws meandering about and knew we were in for a time.  The dark woods were waiting for us and concealing...what?

Actors: 4/5
Good actors make a good haunt great and they are pretty darn good here.  From the actors that menace you as you ride the short hayride to the ones inside the buildings and along the trails, these guys are spot on. Along the hayride, there were requisite 'jumping on' the wagons actors but the ones who chased you in vehicles were disturbing and frightening and made the customers uneasy. There is a new carousel that you must pass through and the clowns who man it are NOT happy that you're there and force you to sit and wait for them as they make you 'take a spin' so to speak. Even the queue line actors were spot-on and made lots of customers in line jump before getting to even enter the first building. There were very few times where you didn't feel there was someone right behind you or just out of sight in the darkness and gloom.  Many of them had some decent interaction with the customers as opposed to just providing a 'pop' scare. From one of our party ever felt 'safe' while we were in the haunt as threats and screams were hard and heavy and coming from all directions. I was impressed with the makeup on most of the actors too.  There's no 'just throw on a mask and go out there' types.  

Set Design/Props/FX: 3.75/5
Midway Wicked woods has a lot of ramshackle shacks that look like they could fall down while you're inside and that makes it all the more unnerving. You get the feeling that you're trespassing somewhere you really don't want to be.  They do the hillbilly and backwoods theme really really well. There are other haunted house elements here as well and they do them very well.  With almost any other haunt, you would expect a simplistic level of details but not a Midway Wicked Woods.  Their attention to detail makes this a diamond in the rough of haunted trails.  From school buses to clown themed mazes reminiscent of a Tim Burton movie, to creepy dolls and kids, this haunt delivers.  the one thing I didn't like was the dark maze.  I ma not a fan of them and they have a long and VERY dark one near the end.

Length: 4/5
We spent a couple hours here simply because we didn't want to leave. it takes a while to get though the trail simply because of its size.  It probably took 30-40 minutes to get through the trail.  There was probably an additional 5 minutes we spent trying to get through the dark maze near the end because we took a few wrong turns.  Otherwise, no complaints.  We would up hanging around the concession booth for a good bit. No complaints at all.

Value: 4.5/5
From their website: Adults: $24.00 /per victim. Kids 12 & Under - $18.00 /per victim. Must be accompanied by a adult. Kids can not go alone. VIP Fast Pass $31.00 /per victim- regardless of age.  Again, no complaints for what you get.

NOT FREE PARKING! It's $2.00. The concessions are tasty and perfect for a cool October evening. Again, no complaints.

Overall: 4.05/5
I have now been to Midway Wicked Woods twice in the past couple years and have enjoyed it immensely and they continue to impress.  The proximity to I-40 makes this one easy to get to and back on the road if you need a quick horror fix.  You can easily spent 2 hours here watching things going on or make this a part of a multi-haunt evening.  I recommend everyone get out to Midway Wicked Woods soon as they are one of the better haunts in the Carolinas.
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