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Author Topic: St. David's Aslyum aka The Village- Patrick, SC  (Read 368 times)
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St. David's Asylum or The village

Date visited: 10/2/2016

Scare Factor: 1/5
The bus ride to the village is interesting.  Some good use of audio, blacked out windows, and a bumpy road (it's a running theme!!!) followed by some actors showing up.  I'm thinking- cool!  Then we got to the village and it became obvious this was  a young haunt that had a lot of issues.  Scares in the village were minimal and no one knew how to follow through on them.  In the clown area all we got was paint on our hands from an actor.  The hayride back had one area supposed to be scary that was ridiculous as they music blaring from the speakers was "The Banana Boat Song" by Harry Belafonte......better known as Day-O.  It just didn't work top to bottom. 

Actors: 1/5
Kids.  Lots of kids.  Pop scare 90% of the time.  The clowns on the bus were pretty good.  After that we just got a lot of screaming in our ears.  Then there's the awkward moment while the actor stares at us not knowing what else to do.  Without an answer......more screaming.  Sigh.

Sets/Props/Fx: 2/5
The bus set-up is cool with the door, blacked out windows, and sound system.  The village looks unfinished with bare plywood and black plastic.  The lighting looks nice with lanterns outside the entryways.  In the distance the clown area looks good but is ultimately wasted.  The interior sets are spartan, costumes are minimal, and the hayride is nothing to write home about.

Length: 3/5
St David's has a bus ride, The Village, and a hayride back.  The total experience, once we started, took 20-ish minutes.  After the bus I was ready to be done. 

Value: 2/5
Tickets are $15.  The bus ride was cool.  The rest......not so much.  I get what they are trying to accomplish but until they have better/more actors and some refinement this is a $10 haunt all day long.

Free parking...........if you can get there.  St. David's has apparently moved to a new location this year.  Their entrance is the scariest part of the attraction.  It's a sand based road that winds through a forest and is not graded even slightly.  You are running over roots, stumps, and god knows what else.  I was literally petrified driving to the parking lot.   They said they were going to work on it so there's that.....but unless you drive a truck do not even attempt going here.  Not sure about concessions and such but there is an ATM on site as tickets are cash only. 

Overall: 1/5
This was overall just a disastrous outing.  We got lost coming to the haunt as our GPS took us down an equally scary road as the entrance.  The entrance tested my nerves so bad we should have just turned around......if we could have.  It's a narrow one lane "path" that probably took a year's worth of life off my car.  We then spent close to 45 minutes in line (as patrons #2 and #3) not moving.  No explanation was given as for why the haunt wasn't opening.  Who knows?!?!  Once we got started things didn't improve substantially.  The concept was cool but the execution was lacking severely.  The actors all appeared to be kids. ......who could be heard to say out loud "They're coming!" or seen to slip on their mask before you got to their scene.  Sigh.  Nothing happened after the pop scare.  You'd often watch the actor walk back to their hiding place.  Sorry to tell you, man, but there's only four other people in line.  The rest of tonight's visitors probably blew a tire on that "entrance".  The hayride back was the second scariest part.  Seriously it doesn't have steps or a gate?!?!?!  You literally had to climb up or down a ladder into this thing.  Not real safe.  At least at this point the hayride had stopped playing "Day-O".  Really?  I mean it made me laugh but come on......  My advice is if you can't get your haunt up and running then wait a season.  Make an entrance.  Staff it.  Explain why you're standing in line for 45 minutes.  Get a wagon with a gait.  Seriously.  The shame is that the story/concept is good but as it stands now , and yes the season is young, this is an utter failure from the consumer standpoint.

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