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Author Topic: Scream Acres- Bishopville, SC  (Read 377 times)
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Scream Acres- Bishopville, SC
Date visited: 10/2/2016

Scare Factor: 4/5
The house section of Scream Acres delivers some tight, fun scares.  Each room has it's pop scare but they generally don't stop after the initial reveal.  They'll stalk you and verbally menace you until you make it past their area.  Uneven flooring and some solid props deliver the proper atmosphere.  The hayride does all it can to be scary as actors do come on the wagon, in the wagon, and will not let up if you make it known that you are a scaredy-cat.  The final walkthrough section seemed empty and basically fear free.

Actors: 3.5/5
The folks in the house were on their game.  Well spaced, good sense of timing, and at times relentless in eliciting screams from patrons.  The hayride actors as well had good numbers and were timed well.  There's only so much you can do with a hayride audience but they were definitely in your face and could sense fear easily.  A few had no costumes at all which was a bit perplexing.....  The last walkthrough, as mentioned earlier, was almost devoid of actors.  No one broke character.

Props/Sets/Fx: 4/5
The house looks great.  Old darkly lit rooms with a musty smell welcome you and as you proceed you'll find more fun sights.  There's an excellent bridge set that gives patrons uneven footing.  My favorite prop was a meat grinder making human sausage.  I didn't get a good enough look at it because my friend was running, screaming, pushing and pulling me forward.  Masks and costumes were more than adequate.  The hayride also looked good.  There was an interesting Texas Chainsaw Massacre set as well as crazy clowns and other monsters lurking deep in the tall trees.  The final walkthrough felt a bit empty in both sets and actors. 

Length: 4/5
I could have spent all day in the house.  I loved it and was sad to finish it.  It was short at under ten minutes walk through but action packed.  The hayride is the longer attraction.  It's a decent length and at one point you do disembark for a final walk through the  woods and a set or two.  Depending on lines it's going to take you at least 45 minutes to finish all parts of it.

Value: 5/5
Tickets are $15.  This gets you access to the haunted house plus a hayride with a short walk-through.  No complaints on the price point!

Free parking!  We arrived late but it looked like concessions and merchandise were both available.  I also have to say that the staff were incredibly sweet and helpful.  We called after leaving another haunt to verify when they closed as we were going to be cutting it close.  They offered excellent directions and promised to stay open for us- excellent customer service skills!  Also the road the hayride goes down is very, very sandy.  Take this into consideration when you think looking forwards as the tractor moves is a good idea.

Overall: 4/5
I really enjoyed my time at Scream Acres.  Maybe it's because our visit to a different haunt that night was so disappointing but in retrospect I just think it worked on all the right levels.  The house, for me, was vastly superior to the hayride but I'm not a hayride kinda guy.  The house was dark, gloomy, well decorated, and  The hayride had its moments and as stated earlier is as good as a hayride can be.  Of the haunts I've visited over the years in this particular part of South Carolina (n = 3) it's my favorite.  It's a haul from where I live so I'm not sure it will make my annual rotation but if I was closer it definitely would.  The staff seemed wonderful, the vibe was fun filled (we had a 7 year old hop on the non-moving hayride with a chainsaw), and they've got a darn good haunted house.  It's a solid attraction for a good price.   

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