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Author Topic: Hallowed Grounds Haunted Mill - Hildebran, NC  (Read 427 times)
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Hallowed Grounds Haunted Mill

Date attended 10/22/2016

Scare Factor: 3.25/5
Hallowed Grounds Mill is located across from the Food Lion on Hwy 70 in Hildebran.  It's an actual closed down mill that has been converted into a house of horrors by "Dr Gray" and his staff.  the building itself looks a bit run down and unnerving and does give you a feeling of uneasiness as you wait in line to go inside (It could also be that you're literally 10 feet away from a major US highway that you must cross to get to).  The occasional scream and strange sounds can be heard form deep inside the structure.  I have been coming to this place several times and while they are a young haunt, they have a lot of enthusiasm and this year was the year they took it to the next level.  The arrival of the 'Ferris Family Freakshow and Oddities' this year only serves to bring yet more terror to the customers.  The haunt is still guided (not my favorite thing) and I think only one group goes through at a time, but they have changed a lot of the directions and enhanced many previous areas.  The dark maze is gone and they have greatly improved the cage maze, among other things. We spent about 15 minutes outside in the cold before moving inside where the guide gave us the rules and sent us on our way.

Actors: 3/5
On the night we attended, they were a few actors short but that didn't hamper the experience.  The actors are noticeably louder and in your face at Hallowed Grounds this season. The queue line actors are a pair of VERY menacing clowns who interact heavily with those waiting in line.  Inside the actors are well placed although you could tell there were some gaps and empty areas.  Because one group at a time goes through the haunt, you will likely see the same actor more then once.  After you exit their areas, they were following us around, taunting us and making threats to our health and sanity.  This was pretty creepy and made at least a couple in our party VERY nervous.  

Set Design/Props/FX: 3.25/5
This year Hallowed Grounds Mill looks like they've upped their game regarding set design and FX.  The indoor waiting area has expanded and the long central corridor is now hidden from view.  As you go deeper into the haunt, it's easy to get misdirected and the outside windows are the only thing that gives you a sense of direction.  The number of props seems to be about the same as last year but they are well placed and the "Ferris Family Freakshow" is gruesome and horrifying.  I was impressed with what they've done with the dark and cage mazes but surprised as to the fate of the butcher shop.  All in all, they have put a lot of time and effort into making this a better place and it shows.

Length: 2.5/5
Takes about 15 minutes to go through everything.  It is guided so only one group goes through at a time.   This can cause long lines in the queue.  

Value: 2.5/5
From their FB page: "Normal pricing is $15.00 for adults and $9.00 for kids under 12"  No complaints here.

FREE PARKING! No concessions.  There are rumors of t-shirts being sold but I have yet to see one for sale.

Overall: 2.9/5
For a haunt in it's early years, Hallowed Grounds Mill is progressing nicely and growing.  They say they WILL be open the first weekend in December for their X-Mas haunt so that should be fun.  I have always enjoyed coming here and I look forward to spending many more years coming and checking out the sights.  I recommend making this haunt a part of a multi-haunt evening as it's 2 minutes off I-40 (exit 119)
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