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Author Topic: Nightmare's Gate - Douglasville, Ga  (Read 360 times)
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Nightmare's Gate

Date attended:  10/15/2016

Scare factor: 4.5/5
Nightmare's Gate is about 1 minute off I-20 in Douglasville, Ga just outside Atlanta.  You can see spotlights waving in the night as you approach and is located along a side access road off the interstate and is a bit creepy when you arrive.  The sound of chainsaws and screams greet your ears as you get out of the car and make your way to the ticket booth.  There are queue line actors lurking about the lot and the occasional customer running as fast as they can away from them.  Once you get in line, there is lots of fog and cool lighting to keep you in suspense before you enter through the gates.   The theme from their FB page: "Nightmare’s Gate Hospital is the medical epicenter of an infectious disease that has No Cure, No Hope, and No Mercy! Something is spreading and the Doctors and Nurses are falling victim to it’s horrific effects. Patients are overpowering Orderlies, and Priests are turned from the path of compassion to outright ridicule. Dr McGavock from the CDC is battling both the infection and the infected with the best of modern medicine and the most barbaric of treatments ever devised by man. Don’t let them touch you as you navigate the twist and turns of Nightmare’s Gate! Will you be a survivor… Or a statistic?"

Actors: 4.25/5
The actors at nightmare's Gate are terrifying and menacing...unless you have a kid in your group that has a 'safety flashlight.'  That is the one thing that turns these creatures into wimpering scaredy-cats.  We were fortunate to have a couple who were absolutely terrified to go into any room.  This caused the next group to run into us after a couple rooms, including a child who had his 'safety flashlight'.  This allowed us to see a big scare in front from a great actor followed by them cringing in fear from the child.  The ability to go from one extreme to the other is the mark of a great actor and many of them are what I would consider 'great'.  The had a little person working a long corridor who, as soon  s he saw the flashlight, cowered under his cloak with an amazing speech about how the flashlight was destroying him.  The child even poked the lump under the cloak and satisfied, moved on.  Eventually we were able to get away from this group and enjoy the rest of the haunt without either extreme.

Set Design/Props/FX 4.75/5
Nightmares Gate loves detailed and expansive sets and scenes.  From the sewers, to the HUGE indoor swamp (or IS it?), to the industrial areas, Nightmares Gate is heavy on detail and light on gaps.  They use swimming pool covers to enclose open areas and make them appear outdoors, especially when they can fill the room with fog.  I loved the attention to detail and the animatronics and props make sense and are great accompaniments to the main scares.

Length: 3.75/5
We spent about 50 minutes going through the haunt but a good bit of that was the first couple refusing to enter rooms so we were held up a bot.  I would guess it takes about 35-40 minutes to get through it all.  There is some crawling and ducking low that you must do, but there are ways around it if you have bad knees or such ailments.  No complaints.

Value: 4/5
From their website: Tickets are $20.00/Person. You may purchase them at the door or online.  A great value for the price.

FREE PARKING!  I didn't see any merchandise or concession stands, but it was entertaining to watch actors menace those in line.  You are literally one minute off the interstate so getting in and out is very easy.

Overall: 4.25/5
I will have to say that Nightmares Gate is my second favorite haunt after Netherworld in the Atlanta area. This one is intense, scary, easy to get to, has great props and actors, and all for a good price.  There's nothing wrong with any of that.  If you find yourself in teh Atlanta area and don't want to pay for or wait in lines to attend Netherworld, then make the short drive to Douglasville, look for the spotlights, and get out to Nightmare's Gate.  You'll be glad you did

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