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Author Topic: Kreepy Hollow- Bishopville, SC  (Read 146 times)
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Kreepy Hollow

Date visited:  9/23/2017

Scare Factor:  4/5
I first visited Kreepy Hollow two years ago and came away a bit underwhelmed especially with their house.  There are three attractions at Kreepy Hollow: a bus ride, a haunted house, and a hayride.  The bus ride has two versions- Masters of Horror and Mystery Bus.  We took the Masters bus and Freddy, Michael, and Jason all harassed passengers in the aisles, through the windows, and from above.  The house two years ago was close to empty.  Now there are a good number of actors delivering the frights.  Scares are centered at the front of the group so your experience dips if you are in the rear.  The hayride, though, is where I think this haunt shines.  I inherently don't find hayrides scary....someone is going to menace the trailer and off you go.  At Kreepy Hollow, however, you have set scenes that if you don't find them scary you do get entertained.  Performers are sometimes aerial, the clowns come down a slide, a gigantic Jason destroys a door, and in my favorite skit Lucifer conjures the flames of hell while demons walk above you. 

Actors: 4/5
The monsters on the bus hit their marks without fail and do a great job utilizing all the space of the bus.  We had Michael waving his knife at us through a window and Freddy menacing with his claws from up above.  The house has really upped their number of actors.  Timing is mainly towards the front of the group but actually encountering actors inside this amazing house was a pleasant touch this trip.  The hayride generally consists of set scenes.  The actors know their parts.  Verbal parts are lip synched but they roll with it and it comes across well.  Several actors use some aerial maneuvers.  The Jason on the hayride.....lordy.  Dude is gigantic and sends a door flying in goosebump causing fashion.  Also the actors do a tremendous job of ending a scene.  As the hayride pulls off the actors are all backlit and instead of horsing around or scurrying away they will hold a pose as you drive off.  It's pretty awesome to see a bunch of pirates rattling sabers in silhouette form or that giant Jason backlit and staring at you.  There's also a Captain Spaulding actor running the line for the house who feels a bit out of place.  He's running off a microphone and dishing out insults here and there but while funny it kills the vibe of the outer cemetery. 

Sets/Props/Fx:  4/5
The house has been gussied up on the inside so there's little dead space  and much more to look at than our previous visit.  Rooms are well appointed and the costumes are solid across the board.  The sets and props on the hayride, however, are where the real visual treats lie.  Sets are often large with full buildings, a pirate ship, watch-towers, and more.   One set features pyrotechnics and a lowering "catwalk".  Audio is well used as well so that patrons can all follow what's going on in each scene.   

Length:  5/5
Kreepy Hollow features three separate attractions with a queue line for each.   The bus ride and house are relatively short with a much more extended hayride.  Allow for 30-45 minutes at a minimum for the attractions NOT including the queue lines. 

Value:  5/5
Standard tickets are $20.  The bus ride is action packed, the house is much improved from 2 years ago, and I dare to say that Kreepy Hollow delivers the best hayride experience I've encountered.  They give you bang for your buck.

Free parking in a well lit field.  Concessions are available both at the ticket booth and heartier options in between the house and hayride lines.  There's also a DJ booth pumping out decidedly not Halloween music at the bus queue line.

Overall: 4/5
I was very impressed with the changes I found at Kreepy Hollow from my last visit.  Although it was early in the season everything seemed to be hitting on all cylinders.  The bus ride was full of action with loads of screaming from all the passengers and a giddiness from our masters of horror.  The cemetery walk is now a bit scripted which doesn't work but the haunted house now contains actors and scares!  Then the real draw is found with the hayride with big sets, flames, suspended actors, and the biggest Jason this side of Crystal Lake.  It's a busy haunt that is a lot of fun and a good bang for your buck.

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