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Author Topic: Marr Branch Haunted House  (Read 109 times)
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Marr Branch Haunted House
Mount Olive, NC

Date visited:  9/30/17

Scare Factor: 4/5
The house is intense and is NOT suitable for young kids or the easily offended.  Marr Branch rightly advertises itself as an adult haunted house.  These guys don't hold back much.  After a creepy introduction you make your way unguided into the house.  Very soon you find a mixture of cultist, inbred hillbilly, Firefly family individuals who just let it rip.  Scares are well timed and often hidden.  They use a variety of both prop and actor scares and the actors do not just settle for an initial startle.  These folks will harass and chase you for as long as humanly possible.  You may have things thrown at you, you may get wet, floors move when you're not sure they should, and basically you feel like you're in a Rob Zombie fueled nightmare.  The trail, however, decreases in the scare factor.  Scenes are not as tight, actors were sparse, and scares generally settle for the initial pop scare and that was it.  One guy in a duck (?) mask did make it his job in life to follow around my friend but otherwise it seemed like the trail denizens were a bit lackadaisical and the madness from earlier in the house was lost.

Sets/Props/Fx:  5/5
This place looks grimy.  I think it's a manufactured look but regardless they one hundred percent nail the look they are going for.  Again picture the Firefly house in Rob Zombie's films.  Trashy, dirty, bloody, and housing sadistic, insane people.  There are a good number of larger animatronic / pneumatic props one wouldn't expect to find here.  Props are also anatomically correct so if you're upset about seeing a ruptured pregnant abdomen or latex breasts then beware.  Most of the time costumes reflect bloody maniacs but multiple masks are seen along both attractions.  There are also fire bursts, loud noises, and a giant's pig's head among other things meant to startle even the hardiest trail attendee. 

Actors: 3.5/5
The folks in the house may literally be insane.  They were jumping around everywhere, throwing things, and making me literally question their mental abilities at times.  They go 100% at all times and will be in your face saying things you've never heard before.  I had more than one baby thrown at me in various scenes.  Think meth binge fueled Devil's Rejects atmosphere and that's what they deliver.  The quality and quantity of actors decreases on the outdoor trail.  Vast blank areas were found and despite having wide open land to sell/continue a scare too often we found that actors just let us pass.  In fact in one house neither actor attempted a scare or even moved.  It was opening weekend so do take that into consideration with this rating. 

Length: 5/5
Allow about a half hour to complete both attractions.  Groups are smaller and well spaced so the queue line wait can sometimes be extended. 

Value: 4/5
Tickets are $20.  This allows you access to both the house and the trail.  The house was fantastic while the trail was more than a bit lacking.  Add some scares on the trail and this becomes a no brainer price.

Free parking.  Some concessions were available

Overall: 4/5
Marr Branch continues to be quite different than any other trail I've encountered.  They advertise that they are adult in nature and they live up to that.  There are no kiddie zones here and sensitive folks should stay home.  The house is hell on wheels and doesn't allow you to catch your breath.  Despite claims that they don't touch you we have not found that to be true.  These folks are in your face and you do begin to question if they're missing a few bricks.  Props are well placed and well timed and only add to the chaos.  The trail, however, was a downer this year as there was way too much dead space and minimal scares.  The ticket price, however, is justified by the insanity in that house that isn't matched anywhere else in North Carolina that I've found.

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