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Author Topic: Trotterville Horror  (Read 140 times)
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Last night i pulled a double and went to both Spookywoods and Trotterville since they just a few miles apart. This review will be for Trotterville

Scare Factor: 5/5 This haunt definitely gets your blood pumping! There is quite literally a scare around every single corner. Each time you think that you have a split second to catch your breath another scare is right there to keep that adrenaline going. Just the sheer number of ghoulies they had packed inside every scene was enough to make anyone scream.

Actors 4/5 The initial scare was definitely there but sometimes the follow through was a little off, sometimes silence is better than trying to carry on a conversation with the customers. With that said Id have to say that 90% of the scenes had amazing screamers and committed actors, something you love to see in any haunt

Set Design 3.5/5  Just the location of this haunt is enough of to creep any haunt enthusiast out. The scenes ranged from hillbilly exorcisms, corn mazes, to clown rooms, All of which had good design and thought but lacked detail that more of your heavy hitters can afford to put up.

Props Special FX 3/5 Some good makeup in places but masks for the most part

Length4/5 35-45 minutes, great length for any haunt

Other 5/5  no charge for parking, not a long wait and super friendly staff

Overall 5/5 Of the two haunts in the Archdale area my vote is definitely for Trotterville, no it doesnt have the hollywood type build and makeup, but what they lack in set design they more than make up for in heart and effort. Nothing beats flesh and blood monsters making you wonder whats around the next turn and afraid to turn around to see if that thing is still following you. I walked away inspired by the performance that the folks at Trotterville put on last night and i will be a repeat offender this year and take a larger group.
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