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News: Visit a haunt in South Carolina this season!
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Reaper's Realm  China Grove, NC

Date visited:  10/13/2017

Scare Factor: 5/5
Reaper's Realm consistently delivers excitement, entertainment, and screams.  The initial house is a tight winding nearly constant fear fest.  Screams come from a good variety of actors and props.  The hallway of doors is ingenious and always gets someone to scream.  I adore the foam area in the clown rooms as I've still never come across anything like that at a haunt.  The zombie shoot probably got our scare of the night as a horde of zombies came after us and my trail partner just cut bait and ran full steam away instead of firing her gun....   Scares don't let up along the trail.  Johnny Hog's house is a winding maze of pop scares, the bridge is a nightmare for those who have a fear of heights or moving walkways.  The buried alive apparatus continues to freak people out in a delightful way.  Oh there are easy pop scares here or there so don't let your guard down but these folks like to get creative in how they frighten you!

Actors: 5/5
Reaper's Realm is rumored to now have over sixty actors manning the haunt.  The actors have good timing and know what buttons to push to get the startle or the scream they are looking for.  Children actors often aren't effective in my opinion, but Reaper's Realm features some younger clowns who are downright terrifying.  They also know this and will pursue the scare better than most actors in the attraction.  We had one reaching his little arms through the wooden slats of the building while we were outside waiting on the zombie hunt.  That's just sinister talent right there!  The adult clowns and Johnny Hog are worth mention as well in delivering lines and more verbal interaction with guests.  Johnny Hog must drink 89 redbulls a night to maintain his energy level.  He's keeping up a constant commentary while delivering pop scare after pop scare.  The roving actors in front of the attraction are all fun to shoot the bull with and will ratchet up the atmosphere before you get into the house.

Sets/Props/Fx: 5/5
Reaper's Realm continues to provide some of the most unique and creative sets and scares in North Carolina.  The initial house is chock full of props that vibrate, fall towards you, blast air/sound, or otherwise catch patrons off guard.  The sets are well detailed as are all the actor costumes/makeup.  The clown area features two setups that I don't want to give away but are unexpected for first time visitors and very well executed.  Also new this year (I think) was a bloody corpse with a "surprise" that delivered!  The zombie shoot features realistic guns and zombies with laser tag like receptacles on them.  The trail has been lengthened and upgraded.  The creepy suspension bridge and "buried alive" props are still there but there is an entirely new slaughterhouse building to meander through.  Don't let the plain fašade of the house fool you- this place has innovative props and incredibly creepy sets! 

Length: 5/5
You think you've got to be done and then you come to a new walk through, prop, or scare and you realize you're still going!  A two-story haunted house, a mini zombie laser shoot, and a full wooded trail is all included in the ticket.  You will get a workout in by the time you are done!

Value: 5/5
Tickets are $20 and cover the house, zombie shoot, and the wooded trail.  I don't say this often but they are probably under charging for the experience that they deliver.

Free parking!  Reaper's Realm offers both merchandise and concessions on site.  Groups are called for admittance individually so you're able to relax on benches or interact with roving actors while you wait.  There's also a small stage in front of the house that had a fire performer/juggler on it the night we visited. 

Overall: 5/5
Reaper's Realm sets the bar high for creativity in a haunted attraction.  Each and every year they add something new that I haven't seen somewhere else.  Their traditional scares work quite well but the wow factor comes from their uniqueness.  They don't keep everything the same ol, same ol.  Nope things are mixed up well with additions, subtractions, and giant entire new buildings showing up each year!  With three different attractions Reaper's Realm delivers a giant punch for their ticket price.  Screams are echoing out of each area like sweet music.  They do a wonderful job of blending props and actors into a great symphony of old school/high tech scares.  I truly look forward to each year to see what they've come up with next.  Also I dare you to leave the trail without someone in your group yelling "Johnny Hog's gonna get ya!"  Check these guys out.  They're worth every penny!

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