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News: Do something scary... go to a Haunted House!
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Author Topic: Nickerson Snead Haunted Mansion- Glade Spring, VA  (Read 111 times)
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Nickerson-Snead Haunted Mansion

Date visited: 9/22/2017

Scare Factor: 2/5
We visited on opening night which was not busy so I expect that you're going to see things get more frightening as the season progresses.  Screaming_Diana was able to make it through the trail with minimal screaming so it's not super terrifying.  Certain areas were bereft of actors and then when we did encounter one we had just a startle scare.   The "feel" of the place though does cause one to get a bit creeped out as the house is purported to be actually haunted.  The floorboards creaking as you step and other sounds going bump in the night do make a seasoned trail-goer get a goosebump or two.

Actors: 2/5
The Nickerson Snead Mansion has what appears to be a fairly minimal sized acting crew as well as multiple guides.  The actors appeared to be teenagers and only settled for the initial pop scare with no follow-through.  The guides have an eerie, somber vibe to them that helps with the mood and serve to shuttle you from section to section as well as point out some possible tripping hazards.  A few actors were heard to break character after we left a scene with one particularly endearing moment where we heard a young gentleman tell his colleague: "Dude, I scared someone!"  

Sets/Props/Fx: 3/5
I was pretty impressed at everything they fit inside this house!  Multiple animatronics (mainly Spirit Halloween type) are found throughout the attraction with a special kudos to the two that were dangling children over cauldrons!  A lot of older, musty knick-knacks give the house the feel of an old spooky mansion along with the physical property of the house itself---- creaking floorboards, an old cellar, and in spots some rickety steps.  There is a vortex that I'm not sure how they got into the building!  

Length: 4/5
For a $10 haunt you have a fairly long excursion through the mansion.  You go up, down, around, down, up and through the place in a winding fashion that seems to cover the whole expanse of the property.  

Value: 5/5
Tickets are $10.  This is not going to be a "destination haunt" but you absolutely get ten bucks worth of entertainment out of it.    

Free parking!  Besides the haunted mansion proper they offer a zombie mini putt-putt for $5 as well as an escape room for $5. I didn't notice if they offered concessions or merchandise.

Overall: 3/5
The Nickerson Snead Haunted Mansion is a fun time.  We hit them up on opening night so I'm sure scares will increase as the season goes along.  That being said, the house itself is really cool and they've done a great job decorating it.  The actors could use a bit of work but as I said it was opening night and it can be hard to put your all into it when lines are sparse (we were the only customers at the time).  It's light hearted and fun with a great setting.  For $10 it's hard to go wrong here.
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