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News: Visit a haunt in Virginia this season!
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Author Topic: Halloween Pranks  (Read 2606 times)
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I know we all go to the haunts to be scared, but is anyone playing any halloween/scare pranks on friends or family?
One of my friends is scared of  Michael Myers, but likes the movie Halloween. So, I've typed up a series of letters on Smith's Grove Sanitarium Letterhead, and I'll be mailing them out to her shortly. One will be thanking her for signing up for a victim notification service, another to inform her about Michael's trial coming up on the 19th (his birthday), one to say the trial has been pushed back to Nov. and then a final letter letting her know that he's escaped, on the loose and coming for her. I'd love to plan something to do with this on Halloween, but that might be hard to arrange. Nonetheless, I know this will freak her out some and she'll hate me for awhile. I love it!!

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