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News: Visit a North Carolina haunt this weekend!
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Author Topic: The Haunted Pyramids - Lawndale NC  (Read 1555 times)
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Haunted Pyramids
Date Visited: 10/30/2015

Scare factor: 4.5/5
There's no denying it, it is rather...unnerving just getting to the Haunted Pyramids.  There's no easy way to get there and the road is long, narrow and dark.  A small lit sign and a couple of triangular structures are the only indications that there is something lurking on the land just off the road.  You pass a couple of dilapidated trailers and suddenly you find yourself staring at lights and more dilapidated buildings and suddenly you realize you are there.  The Pyramids are set up as four separate haunts and offer a wide range of scares.  Monster Manor, Haunted Pyramids, Clown Town* and the Burke Asylum.  The recent rains has done a bit of a number on the area as there was standing water in the parking and midway areas.  This did not dampen (rimshot) the spirits of those attending and the lines were long and the crowds were excited to be there.

Actors: 3/5
Most of the actors did their parts well and were enthusiastic.  I didn't get a chance to go through every haunt as I had my daughter with me and she couldn't stay out too late.  The Burke Asylum was probably my favorite of them all.  The actors were engaging and followed out groups as far as needed for maximum effect.  A couple pop scares were timed well, others were a bit off, but overall it was pretty par for the course. 

Set Design/Props/FX: 3.75/5
As always, the Pyramids are DARK in many places but the places they are not dark are very well done. The owner works in the film industry and has access to some cool pyrotechnics and other things that are not seen any other haunts that I've ever visited.   This is one reason that I come back here every year. there are a few cool animatronics and a great dark room going into the Pyramids.

Length: 4/5
It will take you close to an hour to go through all four attractions, even if the lines are short.  The lineups can be a bit confusing but it works there.  this is a place you could spend 2-3 hours just hanging out watching everything going on.

Value: 3.5/5
From their website: All 4 Haunted Houses - $22/person - Cash Only.  There are usually specials early in the season.  check their website for details.

Overall: 3.75/5
FREE PARKING!  VERY tasty concessions. Monster Manor drops you out into their gift shop where you can buy t-shirts, hats, costumes, and other goodies.  There is also a small museum with some items from movies the owner has worked with.  There was a guy filming the crowds while we were there as part of a possible TV pilot he was working on so that was interesting.  I applaud the owner for consistently making this haunt a great place to visit every year and I can't wait to go back in 2016.

*Clown Town was not open at the time of my visit 

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