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Title: A FrightSeekers Experience
Post by: nctrembley0613 on October 29, 2012, 10:26:56 PM

I just submitted my review for MWW...this late in the season I know it will be posted very soon...I just went there Sat 10/27.
Once it's up, and I can get back to my computer, I'm going to tell you about my experience as a FrightSeeker.
Let's just say, it was so good, it merits a post all on it's own, right here on the MWW Featured Events thread.

...Stay Tuned!

Title: Re: A FrightSeekers Experience
Post by: nctrembley0613 on October 30, 2012, 09:06:13 PM
Ok…let me give you the back-story.  Read most any post by krb187, or check out the conversations on MWW thread “2012 Season” and you’ll see he makes it clear, giving an open door offer, that any FrightSeeker wanting “special attention” need only make their presence known.

Tell him the day before you come.  Then tell the ticket booth upon arrival, and remind the tram host again.  They will get the word out.  Be prepared, you’re in for a wild night.  Ask any other FrightSeeker on this forum who has stepped onto that Wicked Path, they have their own overwhelming stories!  If you’re real brave, wear your FS badge on a lanyard, or wear your Toe Tag shirt/hoodie.

Me and “Ruckus” have been bantering back & forth all season, prior to my visit, so he already knew I totally wanted “no rules”.  And OH MY, was the shock value loud and clear.

1st of all, I waited in the general line (no VIP) and chatted with the other customers.  When it was our turn on the tram, they loaded us on, and two high school girls behind my group were the last to board.  Tram Scarecrow gave us the rules and off we went.  Then ATTACK of the clowns and chainsaws.  Those wicked clowns showed up in a Mini-Clown Car, piled on the tram, got up in everyone’s face, and put one of the HS girls in the fetal position, up under the tram bench and wouldn’t give up, even after the Tram arrived at the drop off.  All this before the Haunt itself! I was laughing and clapping, and then, “they” realized who I was, I got called out (oh snap, here we go).

Oh my God, I was led to a “special” line –dragged by a Clown –surrounded by Clowns (in the process faked out by the Clown Car -dang that thing moves fast) and told “we’ve got something just for you, you’re nctrembley, the one who’s warped and claims she wants to be impressed, well watch this!”

Ruckus then proceeded to pull a huge safety pin from his pocket, and burn the sharp end with a lighter…oh he was totally talking crap…but I was not hearing it…my mind was dead stuck on what was about to happen with that pin.  Eventually I heard “Are you ready?” and I snapped back to reality and said, “Oh no, I didn’t spout about mutilating my body”, he goes “Watch this”, and grabbed another clown, yanked his sleeve up, pinched a good INCH & ½ of skin where his elbow bends, and proceed to pierce Crazy Clown with that hot pin…uuhhh…WHAT is happening?!?

I mean he was ramming a safety pin into this fool’s unprepped skin, and none of us though it was going to go through, oh but it did with shear force-SICK-I thought skin was going to rip for sure, shock value 1000%!!!  The witnesses were: my group of 4, the 2 clowns involved, and 2 more Serial Characters who were just as flabbergasted as I was.  I saw their eyes, they were as shocked as us, PRICELESS!!  Their reactions confirmed this was NOT planned, very impromptu.

Crazy Clown flexed his arm a few times, then took the pin right back out-OUCH-and left it for us as a souvenir!  Running off to scare the hell out of people waiting in line…like it was nothing...whaaaat, I’m speechless!!  You should have seen us during the act, we were yelling and screaming and jumping and looking.  Impressed?  Ty absolutely floored…totally unexpected.  Sadistic!

Next thing I heard was “You ready?” -oh no, at this point I fully believed he would try to stick me.  I was jumping and darting around all over the place.  I was so stunned, shaken; I couldn’t even muster a scream.  We were then shoved into the haunt and harassed to the floor several times.  I’m talking touching, grabbing, blade to the skin, it was intense!  Just exactly what I asked for, and it was brutal.

I honestly think, if I had went on a slow night, we would’ve been personally berated much worse, they could only try to kill us for so long, because there were other customers to participate with.  That’s what I loved about MWW’s approach, they gave us just a little extra time & attention, but the same level of passion and intensity was delivered to every customer before and after us.  Did everyone get to see a backwoods body piercing, nope, did everyone get equal intensity from these damn sadistic clowns, yep!

They easily put through over 600 people the night I attended, and the groups were broken down into 6 or less at a time, my pack of 4 only ran into another group in the maze, because they were completely lost and turned around by the time we showed up, it was a riot!

Afterwards, we sat at picnic tables and waited for the 2 HS girls to come out, they surfaced about 30 minutes later.  I gave the one high 5’s for making it through, after being traumatized on the tram.  She said the whole thing was so scary it made her shake most of the way through, but she was smiling and proud to have lived.  She was my hero for not bailing!

Honestly, I was on cloud 9 ½!  We actually did leave, but I just couldn’t stop reliving everything and talking about it, so ultimately we turned around and went right back, to try and make the last group through.  Totally hands down, the best decision ever.  This time it was just 2 of us (not 4).  I didn’t make any special requests, just wanted to be “normal”.  FORGET that, the clowns remembered me and the piercing, and had it out BAD for me the 2nd time around.

One of them took my husband away, wrapped a DOUBLE chain around my neck, and made me sit in a dark corner, alone.  Then sent me into the House, at the mercy of Ruckus and his pierced partner…cold metal never gets comfortable, when they say don’t move, you listen or get stuck!   The accessories here are real, make no mistake about it.  The flying bookcase was so severe, I thought I was going to die, and top that off with 3 or 4 clowns just violently in my space and face and everywhere – hard core!  Going through alone (all the way past the movie theatre) was unnerving –I WAS ALONE –why did I ask for “no rules”?!?
My husband finally found his way to me, and we tagged along with another couple, who got hung up with a burly clown wielding a chainsaw – I watched ‘ole girl climb a tree trying to get away from that chainsaw.  Guess what?  Clowny came at her even harder.  Then she drew a crowd of menacing characters, just taunting and bantering, they about broke her.  Her mate was trying to be a shield, did no good.  We stayed with them and enjoyed the festivities so very much.

At this point, I was beyond the point of being terrorized, I was ready to pass the torch on, and it burned for the other couple extremely well.  As we shut down each set, more and more characters joined behind us, and simply upped the intimidation factor.  The “last couple” as I lovingly named them clung to each other and kept turning away from the onslaught of fright.  I saw them cringe, duck, run, skip, hop, jump, scream, fall, it was HILARIOUS!!  Then we entered the maze.  Since we were the only 4 victims left, plus the actors who chose to join in, it was interesting to say the least.  We were in the dark, alone, with maniacs!  Can you imagine the physical brushes, and the whispers, and the ominous shrills?

When it was all said and done, many of the staff hung out for a while and just talked to us, they really do love their characters and their jobs.  Everyone was hot and tired, but still very excited over a busy night.  The piercing was a big part of the conversation, unbelievable, who the hell does something like that?

Midway Wicked Woods put on a helluva show, this was my 1st visit, and I loved it through and through.  I am twisted; you really can’t get “dark” enough for me.  At one point, someone bantering me asked “Why do you keep laughing and smiling?”…I wanted to say…because I am happy!