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Title: Tunnel of Terror- Pacolet, SC
Post by: packbacker on October 13, 2013, 09:21:33 AM
Tunnel of Terror   Pacolet, SC
Visit Date: 10/11/13

Scare Factor 1/5
Tunnel of Terror is a guided trail- front and back.  It's a mainly outdoor trail with a few shack like indoor sets with a winding maze.  The guides are not interactive but serve to usher people to/fro the scenes as well as help them navigate the trail (it's not cleared well....holes, roots, rocks, and all sorts of dangers).  The scares here fall extremely flat.  There's no misdirection or really any surprise.  An actor appears, menaces slightly, and the guide waves you on.  I also can't remember a single pop scare between scenes...which may be for the best as you are trying not to trip on roots.      

Actors 1/5
There is simply no motivation here.  The actor appears, holds up a weapon, and the group trudges on.  At times it felt like you were looking at a Wal-Mart greeter.  The clowns stand out- interaction with the guests, ad-libbing/improvisation, and selling their scare.  

Props/Sets/Fx 2/5
There are a few indoor sets that have some decent gore.  The outdoor sets are incredibly spartan and black plastic is the default here.  The maze is decent and definitely dark.    

Length 2/5
The length is adequate but with a relative lack of scares it felt too long.  I didn't time it but I'd say we spent 20-25 minutes on the trail where 15 would have been plenty.  The patrons in front of us told us that groups were taking 45 minutes plus to finish the trail...

Value 2/5
It's a decently sized $10 trail but it's pretty devoid of scares with a very long wait time.  I'm glad I went once (it was kind of a badge of honor after getting lost) but would not pay to return.

Free parking!  If trying to reach this haunt be sure to use Pacolet, SC in the GPS rather than Gaffney, SC.  We ended up on a tiny street watching paramedics battling a large man on his front porch while a hollow eyed neighbor was burning random things in a barrel in her front yard.  We were literally on the wrong side of the tracks.  Food is available.

Overall 2/5
Again it's a $10 trail.  For a casual haunt-goer who is bored in Pacolet, SC, on the weekend this could be a decent diversion.  For those who are expecting scares and have visited larger haunts before then I'd probably check elsewhere.  Groups also move through incredibly slowly so take this into consideration if you're headed to multiple trails.