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Title: Planet of Terror- Mooresville, NC
Post by: packbacker on October 15, 2013, 08:29:17 PM
Planet of Terror
Visit Date: 10/13/13

Scare Factor: 2/5
There are some decent pop scares here and there but the set scenes don't work.  You have to sell the scare.  Simply looking at the fat lady doesn't do anything.  Make her jump outta the chair, throw a chicken bone at you, something.  The mood is gone and terror switches to comical.  The trail seems to be too well lighted in areas so the mystique is gone a little bit.  In other areas the light is directly headed into your eyes and it becomes simply painful and slightly confusing as to where to go next.  There's no wow factor, no consistency in the scares, and the wait for the eventual delivery kinda soured the whole experience.   

Actors: 3/5
In general there were adequate numbers.  Ninety percent are limited to a pop scare.  A few chase patrons and then there's one with a speaking/guiding role.  The pop scare actors have decent timing.  The semi-guide has fun with things and tries to interact but it just doesn't come together in the end. 

Sets/Props/Fx: 3/5
The trail is actually constructed around a putt-putt course.  There are some creepy elements to things just using what is there naturally.  The fat suit, fireplace, and mist tunnel are all amusing and visually interesting but again for $20 Im expecting some wow factor.   

Length:  2/5
Im guessing the trail took us 15 minutes....and that's with at least two stops for photo ops.  As with the other haunt I visited that night, though, I was ready for it to be done.  No sense prolonging the boredom. 

Value: 2/5
There were some cool things here or there but it was brief, awkward in a lot of spots, and more amusing than scary.  $2o haunts are where I start to expect more.  You have to deliver for me at this price point.  It doesn't have to be crazy props or a hour long trail but you have to deliver a bang for the buck and it just didn't.

Free parking!  The haunt itself is not well delineated.  There is a large parking lot associated with the complex but I didn't see any direct signage to the entrance / ticket area.  The music helps but it could be a lot clearer.

Overall: 2/5
It just didn't work for me.  Part of the problem may have been the wait/queue.  Apparently they literally send through one group at a time and then take what seemed like fifteen minutes to re-set.  So we were the second group in line but waited twice as long as it took to go through the attraction.  A word of warning or explanation would have been nice.  A darker trail may help the mood and bigger scares in the set scenes are needed to sell it. 

Title: Re: Planet of Terror- Mooresville, NC
Post by: screaming_diana on October 16, 2013, 10:09:12 PM
Planet of Terror
Date Attended: 10/13/2013

Scare Factor:  2/5
The scare factor goes way down simply from lighting.  The haunt is located on a putt-putt golf course with all/most of the lights on.  Iím not sure how this haunt would work if it were dark because I would fear someone would fall off a bridge into the water or trip over the putt-putt course edging but still the lights take away from the scares.  The trail isnít a fully guided trail but the actors/guides gather everyone in the group together before the scare actually takes place so there is little to no startle.  There was an occasional pop scare but for the most part you know when/where the scare will take place. 

Actors:  3/5
The actors seemed to really be having fun and did interact with the group.  They had plenty of actors and several actors reappeared throughout the haunt showing their enthusiasm.  The fat guy actor looked fantastically disgusting however I was expecting a scare from him and nothing.  He just sat there.    The actor who guided us through parts of the haunt was entertaining at times and tried tease us by making us take different doors that all lead to the same place.  I noticed actors and just random people walking around all over the place.  Iím guessing they were trying to help reset before the next group came through but it was a bit odd. 

Set Design/Props/FX:  2/5
The idea of a haunted putt-putt course is kinda cool but in this case it just didnít work.  It was too well lit so the fear of whatís in the darkness didnít exist.  The caves and laser tunnel looked good.  The fat guy in the nasty kitchen looked great but lacked scares.  The fireplace caught my attention and might have been a decent scare but the guide pointed the fireplace out so the scare was lost. 

Length:  2/5
For the price of admission this trail was short.  I wasnít really feeling it so I was fine with the shorter length.  I was simply ready to go home. 

Value:  1/5
For $20 I was expecting a lot more. 

Parking is free and in a paved parking lot

Overall Impression:  2/5
I came to this haunt after having a disappointing experience at another haunt earlier that night.  I was depending on this place to make my trip to Mooresville worthwhile but I was again disappointed.  Maybe this place is geared more toward young kids but even the little boy in our group seemed annoyed at times.  Maybe if I hadnít spent $20 on what I felt was a $10 haunt my impression would be better.