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Title: Midway Wicked Woods - Statesville, NC
Post by: hauntoverload on October 18, 2013, 10:25:07 PM
Scare Factor: 5/5 - It was great, yet again this year. Nothing will beat the hayride from hell, ever. It's a nonstop onslaught from the time you step on that wagon until you you walk out the vortex tunnel at the end. It has a very creepy, campy feel driving up to it. You are off the beaten path at a KOA campground off the main road. They have a nice atmosphere in the first queue area. Then, you get on the hayride from hell and the real fun starts. You wait in a second queue area, while being harassed by clowns and 2 or 3 of them have chainsaws, until some go back to terrify the newcomers. You go in, and traverse through many buildings, woods, and the new 3D clown section, with many scary animatronics, props, actors, and lots of chainsaws until you come out of the exit. It's a great time from start to finish. It's simply - great.

Actors: 5/5 - The actors here always bring their A-game, this year especially. The costumes and makeup were a LOT better this year. The actors had more energy, there were better delivered scares, less chainsaws but still a lot to live up to the Wicked Woods expectations. It has a real campy feel, the actors really deliver and make you feel like you shouldn't be there. They do a great job of interacting and entertaining the "victims" in the queue line and throughout the trail. There were a LOT of AWESOME actors this year, that really made it it's best year yet.

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5 - Great this year. The new 3D clown section, the bus, snake tent, everything was all new this year and great. The school bus especially was AWESOME. It was straight out of a Jeepers Creepers set - very original in a haunt and very fun. The 3D clown section was awesome to. And of course, the maze...oh that maze. This year we knew the right-hand trick, but it was still long and unnerving. Everything was great.

Length: 5/5 - I started the timer on my phone, and it took us 1 hour from the time we got on the wagon till we walked out the vortex at the end, and it was horrifying every last minute. It's a non stop onslaught of terror. There are no dead spots - it's all jam packed with actors. Even the wait is fun with clowns tormenting scared guests. It's really a great time. It's definitely long enough to justify paying $20 for it. Great - simply great.

Value: 5/5 - With it being over an hour long, and feeling like an eternity, Midway Wicked Woods is worth every penny. Put this haunt in a big city like in Ohio or Pennsylvania, and they could be charing $35-40 instead of $20. It's worth every penny - it's definitely one of the best, if not the best, haunted trails in NC. Nothing can beat the campy, old-school feel but with new styled props and actors. It was great all around and I would pay more than $20 to go here, honestly. If you have never been, you need to go as soon as possible. You still have 11 nights to go! So get yourself out there and meet the clowns!

Overall: 5/5 - This is honestly the funnest haunt in NC. They don't boast or anything on there website, which they easily could. I think if they got more publicity and owned up to them being one of the best in the area, they could have 3 times as many people, being one of the only good haunts in about a 20 mile radius, minus Camp Fear, they could have a HUGE crowd. We got there around 7:30 and were the 2nd trip of the night. They open at 8 and are always ready to go. If you are within a 2 1/2 hour driving distance from Midway, it is definitely worth the trip. This really needs to be a yearly destination for all haunt enthusiasts. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

Other - Parking is free, that's always a plus. It looked like the concessions were good and reasonably priced.

Title: Re: Midway Wicked Woods - Statesville, NC
Post by: Badger on October 28, 2013, 05:22:21 PM
Date attended - 10/26/13

Scare Factor: 3/5 - We came up Hwy 70 and 801 which was dark and creepy in and of itself.  However, when we hot the road where we were supposed to go, the lights guided our way.  The parking lot was well lit (so were a few of the people in line I suspect) but I didn't see many characters roaming around the queues.  This was traditionally the busiest night of the season for haunts and NO monsters to entertain them?  The music was some top-40 station out of Charlotte (I loathe top-40) so I was not enjoying the VERY long wait for tickets.  There was a hay wagon running every few minutes though, so at least the line was moving.  Not a lot to see while waiting but that was sure to change once we got inside.  

Actors: 4/5 - We were lucky to go in a group by ourselves and were treated to a great display of pop scares and dialog by some fun actors.  It was a fun watching them go after my companion as they seemed to sense a person that they know will scream.  I did not like the fact that I was grabbed by one actor from a drop panel in one of the first rooms and he refused to let go.  (I thought this was a 'no touching' haunt). This did not put a damper on the rest of the maze as I could have broken free any time.  I think they were trying to intimidate me  ??? . Oh well.  I thought the actors were well-spaced and came out from some unexpected places.  The one actor in the dark maze was a bit confusing and I wasn't sure if he was serious when we were informed about "going the wrong way."  I think they could have used another 3-4 actors the last 100 yards of the haunt.

Sets/props/FX:  3.75/5 - Some very nice designing and a lot of work has gone into this place.  There were some unexpected props and I loved a lot of it.  I did get punctured in the shoulder by a screw that had stuck though a wall in the dark maze (PSA: all actors, please inspect your areas for  things like that) but otherwise, no complaints.  I had not seen a couple of effects in some of the rooms before and I really enjoyed them.  Other rooms looked like they had been slapped together but it works here.

Length: 4/5 - I would have given it a lower score if we didn't purchase the VIP package.  We probably spent more than 90 minutes between waiting in line and going through everything.  Again, no complaints except we were hoping to hit one more haunt that evening and the line changed those plans.  

Value: 3.5/5 - I think their tickets are reasonable given what you get.  The VIP is a bit more but worth it if it's a busy night.

Overall: 3.65/5 - Free Parking, a fun haunt, and some of the BEST concessions I have had this season, including fries that were cooked to order. I suggested sweet potato fries for next year so we'll see if that happens.  This was the first haunt of the season that I truly feel like I got the VIP treatment. I wouldn't recommend Midway Wicked Woods for small children, but would be a fun date night for teens.  Plan on making it a destination as you WILL spend some time here so enjoy yourselves and make your plans for 2014...