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Title: Netherworld 2013 - North Atlanta, GA Area
Post by: 13moons on October 23, 2013, 12:06:35 PM
Attended 10/5/13

Scare Factor: 4.75/5 – Netherworld is two haunts in one location with two price tags. The main house, The Dead Ones 2013, is a long indoor maze of nonstop pops, gags, scares, smart animatronics, crushes, contortions, illusions, twisting, tripped-out-over-the-top mind/body invasion overload. From every direction, every possible way, sound, lights, textures, actors, movement, and detail ooze and spiked their way into my nervous system. I felt like I was on a ride, but I was stumbling through on wobbling legs, feeling drunk from the coming-at-you-live sensory implosions. Going through with two haunt virgins was extra fun – one was a friend-guy who doesn’t belly-laugh very much under normal circumstances – he was in near tears having such fun. He was even emailing me with delight for days afterwards! My best friend from Canada was there too, and she giggled, squirmed, jumped and gasped the entire time all during The Dead Ones. My third consecutive year attending both houses, I was a little disappointed this year with the smaller house, Boogeyman 2013. I’m not into gore as a major theme; it’s just too contrived and fake-looking. Boogeyman was a bummer this year compared to what I’ve experienced in that second, smaller house with other themes. Actor presence was skimpier than usual in both houses, but there’s so much else to experience in The Dead Ones, it didn’t matter. However, my Boogeyman adventure was comparatively sparse; relying on blood and guts props for most of the scare factor this year.

Actors: 4/5 -   Where were you all? Too many sets did not have actors at all in either house. Doorways ready for double-scares didn’t open up with startles like I was primed for. Many actors were working the zillions of animatronics and special FX instead of crouching in the dark hallways, sliding underneath or grabbing our ankles. One cool platform set was replaced by a prop which totally lost its ominous affect. A few actors in staged sets seemed like they needed a snickers bar – it was near closing time when we arrived, perhaps they need a late-night character swap or other thing to “do” when they get worn out. However, all points go to the actors that did play with us. They were in all-out original, colorful character catching the screams no matter what. And, they didn’t just go for the girls!  It felt fair and important that all of us got the juice – thank you. There just weren’t enough of them.

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5 – I have yet to attend an entirely indoor haunted attraction apart from a famous amusement park that holds a candle to the ultra-modern, exquisite and integrated exotic indoor props, entirely realistic holographics, gigantic moving animatronics from floor to sky, intoxicating special effects, and multi-directional moving parts like Netherworld. The sound is sensory magic itself. It is so overpowering I can feel it reverberating on my skin. The waiting line for The Dead Ones is within a museum of haunted movie relics including working animatronics of all kinds.  Even though Boogeyman 2013 was missing something/s this year - it felt slapped together at the last minute - it was still grotesquely impactful. Boogeyman alone would score 4/5 without The Dead Ones.

Length: 4.75/5 -  The Dead Ones took about 25 minutes once we waited nearly 50 minutes to get inside. Boogeyman was more like 15 minutes after a 30 minute wait to get inside.  For so much jammed into these indoor haunts, it’s satisfying overall, except for the way it ended too soon with Boogeyman.

Value: 5/5 – We each paid $30 for a regular pass to both houses. Netherworld has different prices per house, per night you choose to go: On a busy Saturday night, we could have paid $50 total and reduced our line wait time with a VIP pass. We were not in a rush, but if we were, we would have paid the VIP price without blinking. They take cash and credit cards at the ticket booth.

Overall: 4.85/5 - “Netherworld Haunted House is a walk-through dark attraction filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters.” It’s deceiving from the outside but the horrific actor costumes, scares, and total body experience starts in the paved parking lot. Located right off I-85 in a northern Georgia suburb, this giant warehouse is open every single night until November 3rd, 2013. Netherworld is also listed as a national Top Haunt (scroll to the bottom for endorsements). This being one of two Top national haunts I have ever visited, I concur with these voters even if I’m a little sore over Boogeyman 2013. It’s within driving distance for Frightseekers and very much worth the trip as the best all-indoor haunt ever.