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Title: Hallowed Grounds Mill - Hildebran, NC
Post by: Badger on October 06, 2014, 11:49:48 AM
Attended 10/4

Scare Factor: 2.75/5 - Hallowed Grounds Mill is a second year haunt based out of an abandoned mill right on Hwy 70 in Hildebran.  It's has a nice glowing sign to warn you that you're there and I could hear screams and spooky noises from within.  We got there at a good time as there was no line and honestly I wasn't sure they looked open until we approached the ticket window.  We finally saw out first actor patrolling the parking lot after visiting the ticket window.  The front door is literally less than 20 feet from the highway so perhaps that's why they keep it low-key so as to not scare people into the middle of the road.  There is a cool hearse in front as well for effect.

Actors**: 3.75/5 - The front door is a regular size door and very nonchalant and I wondered how scary this was going to be.  Thirty seconds later, after being initially greeted by one of the actors quickly changed my mind and my companions and I were treated to one of the more 'unique' entrances by a clown-faced actor.  I knew this was going to be different.  Going through the haunt, we were constantly followed by and tormented by actors who got into my companions faces and enjoyed watching them scream and twist in the wind by the wandering actors.  The ones who stayed in their rooms were impressive and Hallowed Grounds Mill has one of the absolutely disturbing pig butchers I have ever seen.  I could not be locked in a room with him for more than a minute or two.  The haunt did appear to be a bit understaffed but the owner did mention that a couple of actors didn't come in that night.

Set Design/Props: 3/5 - There is a doctors office, incinerator, dark maze, cage maze, and various other 'standard' haunt rooms in the mill and they all work pretty well.  There are some large rooms that seem a bit too open and a couple of dark rooms that you can easily get lost in. you can tell they are working on a budget, but they make it work well.  There is an innovative use of oil drums, gasoline and electrical sparks that makes you jump.  I love the disorienting use of lights in the cage area.  If they threw some heavy fog in that maze, I could see people getting lost for hours.  My one complaint, was that it was a bit too quiet for an indoor haunt.  There was enough noise in the back but the first room or so could have been a good bit noisier for effect and mood setting.  The owner did say that would be addressed by the next week.

Length: 2.75/5 - You can get in and out in about 15-20 minutes depending on your group size and how fast you can navigate the mazes.  It is a guided tour so I can image they can dictate the pace. No complaints.

Value: 3/5 - $13 gets you in.  No complaints here either.

Overall: 3.05/5 - Free parking, a new haunt 3 minutes off I-40 and 10 minutes from Hickory, lots of actors running around inside, a truly disturbing (and smelly) pig butcher, screaming companions, and a guy in the group that refused to go in because he was scared of the dark, all made for a fun time at Hallowed Grounds Mill.  I would make this a stopping point for those heading to haunts in the Unifour area.  I can see them getting better and better in the future. I do recommend heading out there this season and enjoy a fun evening at a fun haunt.

** In the spirit of full disclosure, I did train their actors for this season.

Title: Re: Hallowed Grounds Mill - Hildebran, NC
Post by: hauntednorcak on October 06, 2014, 05:57:01 PM
Did you here or see anything about their "Power Outage" event in November?

Title: Re: Hallowed Grounds Mill - Hildebran, NC
Post by: Nateowl on October 08, 2014, 03:24:57 PM
We are saleing presales for the power outage event thru the month of oct for $10, and the event is nov 7-8 and the price for the weekend of the event is $13

Title: Re: Hallowed Grounds Mill - Hildebran, NC
Post by: hauntednorcak on October 08, 2014, 04:01:19 PM
We are saleing presales for the power outage event thru the month of oct for $10, and the event is nov 7-8 and the price for the weekend of the event is $13

You got anymore info on this event?

Title: Re: Hallowed Grounds Mill - Hildebran, NC
Post by: Nateowl on October 09, 2014, 02:43:06 PM

Hallowed Grounds Mill Haunted Attraction

Everyone has questions about the Power Outage event being held November 7th and 8th at the mill. This event is a blackout event. Groups of 4-5 people will be thrown into the mill with one glow stick per group. There will be other things in the mill. You will have to make it out, mostly alone. Presale tickets are $10.00. Tickets are limited. First 250 tickets sold will be for November 7th only. Then backups will be sold for the 8th. If you want to pay at door it will be $13.00 per person. This event is not recommended for ages under 12. Don't miss going into mill as it normally operates, IT IS A DIFFERENT SHOW!!! Pre buy tickets Friday and Saturday nights thur October!
 Hallowed Grounds Mill is all original. We are the first haunted attraction in the area to offer an event like this.

Title: Re: Hallowed Grounds Mill - Hildebran, NC
Post by: hauntednorcak on October 19, 2014, 08:54:33 AM
Date Attended: 10/18

Scare Factor: 2.5/5 - The building is right off of HWY 70, so the location itself isn't too scary. The building is awesome looking, however. There were several actors roaming the line, keeping everyone entertained. Once inside, we stand in a very dark room where we are explained the rules, and then our guide takes us into the haunt. There are several rooms throughout the haunt, each with different themes. The overall theme was a mental institute (I believe) and most scenes stayed true to the theme. The guide, however was a little cheesy sounding and gave away what lurked in each scene. However, a guide was necessary because of the build of the haunt.

Actors: 3/5 - Some were good, some were not as good. There weren't many pop scares, more scene oriented scares, and a good deal of stalking. The clown actors were good at getting in your face. The scares got a little more intense a little later in the haunt. The pig faced butcher was the standout, and the chainsaw actor chasing people to their cars.

Set Design/Props/FX: 3.5/5 There are several themed rooms, including a dentist office, doctors office, morgue, and several others. There was one fairly short, dark maze with a cool prop in there that helped you find your way. There was also a cage scene, which was cool and extremely disorienting. The slaughter house scene was nice, and nice and gory. The scenes were detailed, however they were a bit too wide open. The ending, outside behind the mill, is cool and gives you some cool views of the mill before a chainsaw chase finale.

Length: 3/5 - Took us about 20 minutes to get through with no time spent lost in the maze. Decent length, it felt longer than it actually was.

Value: 4/5 - $13 admission, which is not bad at all for the experience.

Overall: 3/5 - Hallowed Grounds Mill is a second year haunt. They have some nice scares inside, but some fall short. The actors here are very energetic but are a bit hit and miss on some of their scares. There are some heavily detailed scenes, but some rooms are too wide open. They have some potential, especially with the building they have. Tighten it up, add a few actors. The setup of this haunt, however, was unique in the way it let actors move around. If you are in the area and the line is short, give it a try.