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Title: The Haunted Pyramids - Lawndale, NC
Post by: hauntednorcak on October 19, 2014, 08:38:36 AM
Date Attended: 10/18

Scare Factor: 5/5 - This was my first visit to the Haunted Pyramids. Just the ride down there is eerie. You pull past a few houses and then drive back and see the haunt complex, covered in fog, music pumping, I had a good feeling about this place. I got out of my car and heard chainsaws and screaming and knew this was gonna be good. I went through three of the haunts in a group of two (Monster Manor, Clown Town, Asylum) and the Pyramids in a group of four. This really amped up the scare factor, because there was a lot more personal scares and in your face actors than in bigger groups. The Asylum was our first stop. It was what I expect out of an asylum; dingy, old, run down, insane actors. The actors sold the scenes and did their best to try to scare you. The Clown Town was the least scary; it was more on the entertainment side. The Monster Manor was really fun, and could be quite scary for most people. There was a plethora of pop scares in this house. The Pyramids, which we did last, was the best in my opinion. A maze, lots of darkness, fire, and live snakes led to an awesome experience.

Actors: 4.5/5 The actors in the Pyramids, Monster Manor, and Asylum were strong. They sold their scare very well. There was some chasing, some pop scares, for a good mixture of the two. These actors had really good timing. The Clown Town actors were the weakest out of the four groups, but they were still stronger than a lot of other haunts I have been to. There were no missed scares throughout the haunt, and every actor seemed very professional and like they knew what they were doing and knew how to scare someone.

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5 - All four of the haunts were very, very detailed. They clearly put a lot of time and detail into designing their haunt scenes. The scenes in the Asylum made you feel like you were actually taking tour through an asylum; creepy beds, old, dingy, run down looking rooms, and it was topped off with some insane actors. The Clown town had some nice scenes, but it was probably the weakest in terms of set design out of the four. The Manor had some truly incredible scenes. One major standout from the Manor was the room with Pinhead on the microphone and the explosion of the fire. The Pyramids had some awesome, gory scenes and a lot of darkness. There was a nice dark maze, and it ended with an outdoor section. The "Jeepers Creepers" scene in the Pyramids was incredible, and it got a little warm. The snake room was awesome; tons of cages full of huge live snakes. A lot of truly awesome scenes throughout the four attractions.

Length: 5/5 - It's four separate haunts with four separate lines. There is some reset time so the lines can get a bit long. The Pyramids were about 15 minutes, the Manor about 15, the Asylum about 10, and the Clown Town about 5. 45ish minutes of haunt and a decent amount of time in line makes for a long night. We were here for an hour and a half. Get here early if you plan on going to a few more haunts later that night.

Value: 5/5 - It's $20, with $2 off coupons available on their website. For $20, its a incredible deal! Four haunted houses that make for a great night of haunting.

Overall: 4.5/5 - One of the best haunts I have been to this season. I had read some reviews from last year and it seems like they may have stepped it up a little bit this year, from what I read last year was like. It's a bit of a haul from anywhere, but I think it's worth the trip. Four separate haunts make for a fun filled night of haunting. I would definitely come back next year.

Title: Re: The Haunted Pyramids - Lawndale, NC
Post by: packbacker on October 19, 2014, 09:04:46 AM
Glad you enjoyed it.  We've made it a yearly visit for 5 to 6 years now.  It is kinda in the middle of nowhere!  The owner does special effects work for movies so does all the props himself.  Rumors about adding in an outdoor trail next year....

Title: Re: The Haunted Pyramids - Lawndale, NC
Post by: hauntednorcak on October 20, 2014, 04:03:10 PM
An outdoor trail would make this an incredible haunt venue! Hope that happens.

Title: Re: The Haunted Pyramids - Lawndale, NC
Post by: 13moons on October 28, 2014, 01:18:14 AM
Visited Saturday, October 25, 2014

Scare factor 4.75/5 - Haunted Pyramids is scary fun, adventurous Halloween entertainment for people who are not pyrophobic or claustrophobic. This Haunt stands out for its rare architectural establishment. Finding our way through the four haunted houses was no easy task. You aren't spoon-fed here. Even under cutting 3D light FX, figuring out which crevice was the actual path forward was thrilling and sometimes frankly, panic-inducing. The Haunted Pyramids has a collection of four stand-alone houses at one location, each with a macabre theme, but all featuring that trademarked architecture - ever-changing floors, extremely narrow halls, nearly indiscernable  passages, and plenty of nefarious hiding spots ripe with a variety of startle scares and sublime eye candy.

Actors: 4/5 -  Actors' costumes and makeup were jazzy enough but most embellished in Clown Town. Pop scaring is primo here, especially with extra props and utilization of dubious unexpected hiding places. In one-actor scenes sometimes timing was off and "RAR!" not the most original utterance, but I could tell they were having fun. Screaming near my ears sucks but man can those women belt bloody murder.  In 2014, actors did less  talking and more embodiment of their scaractors. Aside from a few classic horror movie scene replicas, most actors brought their own version of disturbing and they seemed to be invested in scaring us, which was light years better than last year. However, actors are mostly missing in the midway and queue lines.  We saw a snake lady while in line but that midway requires added actor scare factor to lessen the waiting pain.

Set design/props/FX: 4.75/5 - Clown Town was fantastic this year - a huge improvement on creepy especially the FX and dense prop details nearly filling the closer-in spaces and added maze-like passageways almost like underground tunnels.  The Asylum is also improved, particularly the lunacy actor factor in there.  First time in years I actually ran from a nutso chainsaw and didn't grimace covering my ears from the loudness.  The guy was crawling the walls with that thing, wielding it like a lasso and jumping us with unparalleled relentlessness. Way, way more effective than Beetlejuice. The Haunted Pyramids house had some repeats but the pitch black maze almost sent me into a panic attack. The pyromania, fog, 3D, sound, and lights are plentiful but the music is way too loud in the mini theater set.
Length: 4.75/5 -  Monster Manor was about 20 minutes of nonstop self-guided fun. The Haunted Pyramids was about 30 minutes of back-to-back actor scenes plus a self-guided pitch black maze and then a new but sparsely-spooked and underutilized outdoor portion. Clown Town was about a 12 minute paranoid jaunt. The Asylum was about 10 minutes of high- intensity scrambling.  But, the waiting in between houses makes for a draggy, disconnected experience. Spiffing up the sound and playlist selections and/or adding a DJ, adding some haunted video vending entertainment, connecting all four houses some way and/or using a queueless paging system would improve the midway function. Lessening the queue line doldrums would make this place unstoppable.

Value: 5/5 - $22 adult entry for all four houses plus a $2 off coupon via their web site with free parking - you just can't shake a stick at this. The (free) parking lot is staffed and the extra lighting this year is a welcomed improvement. Even though Lawndale, NC is off the beaten path, it's within 30 miles of five other  haunts and a most desirable haunt pick. As if that's not enough, Haunted Pyramids is "open until".
Overall: 4.5/5 - I screamed more than once and so did my pal, a grown man who's nearly three decades older than 20. I am astounded at how many grown ups don't perceive haunts as enjoyable yet once they go, they are chuckling with ingratiated delight.  There was no oxygen in that maze, folks. The dark was that thick it nearly stole all my air and one more minute in there I might have flipped out. The Haunted Pyramids maze gets my #1 vote for pitch black mazes in 2014.  If you want to test out your claustrophobic tolerance don't go first through pitch black mazes. I discovered when I'm not the group's navigator through the pitch black maze, that I'm not a recovered claustrophobe after all. Although not as long as other pitch black mazes - which seem fairly difficult to find and even fewer can truly claim to be 100% blackout dark -  it's the most disorienting one in NC - zero light, zero actor guides, deafeningly silent, and atypical design.