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Title: Woods of Terror - 2014
Post by: NCHadmin on October 19, 2014, 12:49:59 PM
Woods of Terror
Date Attended:  10/09/2014
Submitted by: Screaming_Diana
Scare Factor:  4/5
For me Woods of Terror has often lacked in scares but is always amazing to look at.  However, this year it was terrifying.  Line management was much improved from previous years which made for a much scarier experience.  For the biggest portion of the haunt we went through in our group of 5 and only ran into another group a couple times.  With this smaller group number I was able to see all of the incredible sets but was also singled out and stalked quite a bit by the frightening monsters roaming about in the woods.   
Actors:  4.5/5
The actors did a fantastic job terrorizing victims throughout the haunt but also terrorizing folks in the midway.  I can’t remember a single actor out of character.  Most actors had intricate make-up or extravagant costumes.  Do-Wayne the security police patrolling the midway was hilarious and had me screaming and laughing all at the same time.  The distorted Ring girl was exceptionally creepy and could move in ways I didn’t know possible.  Several other actors were found crawling and dragging themselves across the ground.  Woods of Terror was very well staffed with several monsters in each set.  They had excellent timing of their scares and many of the monsters stalked me and even held me hostage for a brief moment before letting me return to my group.  Jason was one huge dude!  He was a little intimidating and I was leery to even walk past him.  You’ll meet lots of your horror movie villains like Jason, Michael, Freddy, Leatherface, Jeepers Creepers, and even Black Beard.   I was terrorized by actors flying toward me, jumping out at me, grabbing my legs, and even a few reaching down from above me.  They had actors everywhere.
Set Design/Props/FX:  5/5
This place looks absolutely amazing.  Each set is well designed and when given the time to slowly walk through the haunt you can look around and see the fine detail that’s put into each section of the haunt.  The most memorable section is the Hewitt House.  Each room of this house is perfectly decorated with creepy old televisions, grungy chairs, dusty shelving, and most notably a very well-constructed kitchen.  The 3D clown area is one of a kind with bright neon colors, cheerfully creepy music, and plenty of evil clowns.  You may feel disoriented, claustrophobic, and off balance at times.  Oh and you might get wet.  If you’re terrified of chainsaws you’ll have a lot of fun here.  Black Beards Pirate Ship was awesome and the Pirates do a great job chasing people off their ship. The Horrorwood Cinema, Blood House, Grave Yard, and the Jeepers Creepers bus area were all great.  They do have some animatronics but most of their scares are actor driven which is usually much more effective.  You’ll venture through dark, often dangerous, mazes.  Make sure you hold onto the person in front of you or you will get lost and good luck to the person leading the group through the mazes.
Length:  5/5
This is a very long haunt.  I was exhausted and terrified by the end.  Once inside the haunt you move through at a fairly fast pace but it still felt like I was in this haunt forever.
Value:  4/5
General admission is $18 (plus tax) on Thursdays and Sundays which is a great deal.  General admission is $25 (plus tax) on Fridays and Saturdays which is still an ok deal if lines are well managed.  They offer VIP and Fast Pass tickets as well as discount tickets if purchased online.  Check out their website for more details  Parking is $5 per vehicle.
I would recommend going to Woods of Terror early in the season and through the week if you want shorter lines and more interaction with the characters.   Wait times tend to get very long on Friday and Saturday nights but they do offer plenty of entertainment while you wait.  You can purchase food, do some shopping, get your picture taken with a gigantic snake, or even get a temporary tattoo.  Another word of advice, use the port-a-potty with caution.  There was a creepy afro guy guarding the potty area with a plunger so beware!  You’ve been warned!
Overall Impression:  4.5/5
This was my best visit to Woods of Terror.  We went on a slower Thursday night, were sent through in a smaller group, had a lot of attention and interaction from the actors, and ultimately had a wonderful time.  Better line management made a huge difference in my experience here and I certainly look forward to visiting here again in the future.

Title: Re: Woods of Terror - 2014
Post by: NCHadmin on October 19, 2014, 12:50:32 PM
Woods of Terror
Submitted by: packbacker
Date Attended: 10/9

Scare Factor: 4/5
Woods of Terror was hitting on almost all cylinders the night we attended.  We were able to go through each area in small groups and the scares were so much more intense than previous visits.  All parts of the group were targeted and this year the scares were elongated- instead of a simple pop and scream we had actors chasing our group, cornering people, and generally inciting mayhem.  The first maze, while pitch black and disorienting, does seems a bit dangerous with sudden areas where you have to bend down- I whacked my head pretty fiercely.  The industrial nightmare set didn't work for me but the clown area was much more devilish this year as was the virus set.  Overall a much scarier and entertaining visit from years past.

Actors: 5/5
The Woods are full of delightfully demented ghouls.  There were no noticeable bear spots within sets.  There were also a large number of very entertaining midway actors who could ad-lib with the best of them.  There seemed to be a discernible increase in the amount of menacing the actors display towards guests.  Very few actors settled for the initial pop or startle.  The zombies at WOT have always been standouts with great jerky body movements and the same amazing body control was also seen in the Virus section.  One "victim" was convulsing on a body bag and then did a back flip to a standing position to come scare our group.  Verbal interactions with the pirates and voodoo folks was solid.   

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5
It always looks good.  Woods of Terror, for my money, features the best 3D clown attraction around.  It's a visual cornucopia.  Also my favorite set in the state is the Hewitt house.  I never fail to marvel at how awesome it looks when you turn the corner and see its exterior.  The kitchen seemed extra grimy and gory this year as well!  The other sets are similarly well detailed and visually striking from the vampire house to the creepy discarded medical equipment in the virus area to the mineshaft.  Actor make-up and masks are exceptionally solid.

Length: 5/5
It's long.  Plan on a solid 40 minutes with minimal lines to traverse the entire attraction.  We all worked up a sweat by the time we finished.

Value: 5/5
General admission tickets vary from $18-25 depending on the day you attend.  The night we attended crowds were somewhat sparse and we were able to go through in appropriately sized groups.  $18 with small groups- the value is amazing. 

Other: Not free parking.  $5 to park but at least now there are not 10 signs harping on it.  Woods of Terror has a full midway of food vendors, gift shop, photo opportunities, other mazes (?- did not investigate), a DJ, a s'mores pit, and more.  Also it should be noted there was a distinct difference in customer service this year with lots of smiles and honest interest in how the experience was. 

Overall: 4.5/5
Very honestly I've had significant negative experiences with Woods of Terror in the past.  I had a blast on our visit this year.  Group size and actor involvement were the key factors as the sets/props are always top notch.  Actors were much more in your face and without groups of 30 going through each set the scare factor tripled.  We had group members running and screaming while I gawked at the Hewitt house, the 3D, the gigantic Jason Voorhees, and back-flipping actors.  It was a great visit that left me smiling, sweaty, and's hard to ask for more especially froma self-admitted jaded customer.

Title: Re: Woods of Terror - 2014
Post by: NCHadmin on October 20, 2014, 08:47:46 AM
Woods of Terror
Date attended: 10-9-2014
Submitted by: krb187

Scare/Entertainment Factor: 4/5
Going more on entertainment for this because although I saw multiple members of my group got scared many times, I did not. I had a hell of a time though and a lot of fun. WoT’s main problem every year is usually grouping and timing and groups tend to end up in lines rather than groups. This year however they had it down to a science and other than the very beginning we were in a group of about 5 or 6 the entire way through. This made the experience so much better than years past. The actors were all on point and truly delivered some great and perfectly timed scares. The sets and props were amazing as always and do such a great job of immersing into the scenes and making them that much scarier.

Actors: 4.5/5
The actors this year were the best that I have ever seen them in the 5 or so years that I’ve been coming to WoT. They were all full of energy and gave 100% the entire time you were in there area and some would even follow you to a whole other area before releasing you. The scarecrows in the corn and the zombies in the virus are were stellar and were all over the place (one zombie did a backflip) and made some of the most inhuman noises I have ever heard. I must say that my favorite actors were the two guys dressed up in voodoo attire and the female pirate who asked about our names. They all did an amazing job of interacting and ad libbing with us which is a huge plus for me. Special shout out to the guy with the bullhorn who was the funniest actor I’ve seen in a long time, I’ll be laughing about his one liners for a long time.

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5
I can’t say enough of about the sets of this place. They have the most beautiful and detailed sets in the state, only rivaled by Spookywoods. There are so many beautiful pieces to look at that you will always see new things when you visit. The 3D clown house is the best I have ever seen, the industrial area has great use of lighting and sound to disorient, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house will simply blow you away. The Texas Chainsaw house may be my favorite set piece of any haunt I’ve ever been too.

Length: 5/5
WoT is a pretty long haunt, I’d say 45 mins to an hour from start to finish. With wait times and all of the extra’s they have in the courtyard you could easily spend 2+ hours at WoT having fun. By the time you leave WoT you definitely feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

Value: 4/5
Ticket prices are $25 for Friday and Saturdays, and $17 for Thursdays and Sunday with slightly cheaper ticket prices offered on their website. They also offer fast passes to avoid lines and parking is $5. Honestly paying $30 overall for a haunt is a bit steep in my opinion but I will say you can tell that the money goes back into the haunt. My advice would be to go on a Thursday or Sunday for cheaper prices and shorter wait times.

Other than the haunt itself WoT offers quite a few other attractions in their courtyard for you to do while waiting and/or after going through. They also offer plenty of concessions and merchandise available to buy.

Overall: 4/5
In all the years that I’ve been going to WoT this was far and away the best time I’ve ever had. The actors were awesome and lively, the sets were beautiful, and everything just really came together to make for one awesome show. If you can afford it WoT is a haunt that I would definitely recommend to put on your to-do list.

Title: Re: Woods of Terror - 2014
Post by: NCHadmin on October 20, 2014, 03:01:36 PM
Woods of Terror
Date Attended: 10/9/14
Submitted by: jonesm

Scare Factor: 3.5/5
If you go back and look at my (and other reviews) from years past, you'll see that a 3.5 out of 5 for this haunt is like a 8.2 for any other.  This has been about the least scary thing this side of Spookywoods for years now, and the fact that it's stepped up this far is nothing short of miraculous!  There seems to be a renewed spirit about the whole operation that's moved from how-can-we-make-a-little-more-money back to simply scaring people like they wanted all along.  And it's more than welcome!  So good work, guys!  Line management is still an issue here, but it was nothing like the conga line I've come to expect here, which is a terrific thing to be able to say!

Actors: 4/5
Even when the scares were bad at WOT, the actors have always been pretty good.  But like everything else at WOT this year, there seems to have been a rededication to the basics that serves them well.  Great clowns, good vampires and I always love that mask with the moving tentacles on it in the Jeepers Creepers section.  All in all, I was very impressed with the actors across the board this year.  Well coached and well executed.

Set Design/Props/FX: 4.5/5
The 3-D clown house alone is worth the price of admission!  The sets are really the star attaction of this haunt.  Their Hewitt house is arguably the best in the region, and all of their sets are a cut above most places you can find.  There's stuff to climb through, multiple buses linked together, every kind of terrain both indoors and out…everything you'd want from a haunt.  What separates them from other haunts is not just their quality construction, but there's a real sense of style and flair here that make you stop when entering a room or area and just take it in for a second.  First rate across the board, and the best aspect of the haunt.

Length: 4/5
Plenty long enough.  Several different areas, both indoors and out, and more than one time where you think it's over, but it's not.  The wait to get in and poor line management can make it seem overly long at times, but the trail is about ideal in length.

Value: 3.5/5
Well now, that just depends on what you consider to be value.  The trail is reasonably priced if that's all you want to do, but it's absolutely loaded with extra fees.  I mean, sure you expect to pay in the gift shop or for refreshments, but WOT (slong with Spookywoods) seems to take real pleasure in coming up with new things to charge you for.  Wanna look in the tent, it'll cost you.  Wanna stand next to the fire, money please.  Get your picture taken with the creature that just walked up to you, well, you know.  I did appreciate that they'd taken down their needlessly combative signs threatening you about how EVERYONE had to pay for parking as you drove in, but I couldn't help noticing the sign at the information booth about how you had to pay a dollar to redeem even a comp ticket.  What's that for, processing fee?  It's the kind of thing that only matters because it's such a relentless drum beat.  We get it, nothing's for free here.  Stop shoving it in my face, and what happened to my playing card, dammit! (You used to get playing cards to tell you when to get in your first phase of line, now it's a crappy piece of construction paper.  Luckily there was no construction paper fee…)

Overall: 4/5
I'll freely admit, I have not had a lot of good things to say about WOT in the past.  I thought they wasted a great location and terrific sets on a neverending, unbroken line of unscared people, and they nitpicked you with fees.  This year the staff was fantastically friendly, the lines much improved (though still with way more people than there should be for a spook trail), and the actors raring to go!  At this point, WOT is enough of an institution that they hardly need me to say they were good, but I'll say it anyway.  You've turned me around WOT, that was a heck of a lot of fun and I'm genuinely looking forward to going back next year.  I recommend everyone go this year!  Now don't screw it up and make me regret saying that, would ya please?

Title: Re: Woods of Terror - 2014
Post by: NCHadmin on October 21, 2014, 03:29:29 PM
Woods of Terror
Submitted by: Bethyboo
Date Attended:  10-19-14

Scare Factor: 5/5   
WOT has a lot of great scares in 2014. I was able to arrive early before they opened and got to see the parade of monsters as they make their way into the woods to start the show.  They really were a bunch of frightful looking monsters!  I began to wonder if I wanted to go into the woods and see them.  Several of the monsters had real boa constrictors around their necks walking through the crowd. I love this intro to the show and know that it adds to the anticipation of walking through. There are several new scares in 2014. They are very good at identifying what is scary .  There is something for everyone in this attraction.

Actors:  5/5
The actors are energetic and had great makeup and costumes.  They stayed in character and interacted with everyone in our group.  There were a few spots that could have used more actors, but this attraction is big and spread out.  I jumped plenty of times, so I think they did a great job!
Set Design: 5/5
The sets at WOT are very detailed.  They were also able to keep the spacing of groups under control for a more scary experience.  The 3d clown town is very detailed and fun to walk through.  All of the sets from well known horror movies are very detailed and make you feel like you are in a horror movie!

Length: 5/5
The length of time to go through WOT is 45 minutes.  You do not get in line to the attraction unless you have a fast pass or until your “special word” is called out for general admission (they give you a piece of paper with a word on it when you check in.  This enables patrons to walk around the queue area to shop, and buy refreshments while not having to stand in line.

Value: 5/5
The cost of WOT is $18 on Thursdays, and $25 on the weekend nights.  There is a fast pass charge of $10.00 extra if you don’t want to wait in line.  Also, you do have to pay to park at this attraction for $5.  They also offer a discounted ticket price if you buy tickets online.
Other:  They are offering “Terror in the Darkness” tours in early November. This sounds like a very scary quest to me.

Overall Impression: 5/5 I think WOT has great scares, actors, set design and length.  This is a high energy, startle scare attraction.  WOT is a consistent haunt that delivers every time.