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Title: Nightmare Factory - Havelock, NC
Post by: Badger on October 20, 2014, 11:29:00 AM
Date attended - 10/18/14

Scare Factor: 3/5 - The Nightmare Factory is situated in a business area off Hwy 70 in the middle of Havelock, NC.  The main areas of the haunt are in a strip mall and former bank which aren't incredibly creepy as you approach, however there are a couple characters wandering around and some lighting that helps enhance the mood.  The Nightmare Factory has eight (8!) separate attractions:  The Factory, The Void, & Psych Ward are the main attractions (you must go through all three before leaving) and side attractions:  Toxic Warehouse in 3D, Crawl-Thru Mausoleum, & The Lair, the Swamp, and The Chamber are brand new for 2014*.  They have their 'family friendly' PG-13 haunt running from 7-10pm and then the 'Rated R' haunt from 10-midnight where the actors are allowed to curse at and touch the guests.

Actors: 5/5 - I was most impressed with the way the some actors played multiple roles and they played them very well.  I could not believe there were only 3 actors in the 3-D maze as it seemed there were characters everywhere.  The Factory/Void/Psyche Ward had only a few actors in places but they were very intense and in your face the entire time.  There is very heavy interaction in the Chamber and The Lair so be expected to perform duties and follow directions.

Set Design/Props/FX: 4/5 - The three main haunts are very well done with minimum props and a clever use of space and lighting to create maximum scare factor. Not one, but two Hellevators do a good job of conveying a larger area than you actually go through. I don't know exactly how many square feet this place has, but it seems like a huge area, even though the building itself isn't that large.  The corridors are narrow and switchback a lot leaving you completely disoriented.  After 30 seconds, I could not tell what direction we were headed and I did not realize we were done until we exited into a gift shop.  The makeup of the actors was top-notch and rivals some of the best haunts in the country.

Length: 2.75/5 - Some of the haunts could be over in 1-2 minutes depending on your level of fear*.  Others may take a lot longer.  The three main haunts take probably 20 minutes to go through.  I estimate The Lair and The Swamp (which you normally do together) took 10 minutes (9 minutes in The Lair alone).  The Toxic Warehouse in 3-D may have taken 8-10 minutes but there were only 2 of us so we may have been going slower then normal. If you last for the entire experience in The Chamber, you might be in there 10 minutes.

Value: 3/5 - The pricing is somewhat complicated.  Each attraction costs $5.  If you do all 8 attractions, it's $40.  That's a bit of a stretch for a haunt in Eastern NC.  Some of the haunts can literally be done in 1-2 minutes.  However, you must go through all of the three main attractions at once for only $15 and this is a steal.  The rest of the attractions are mostly for filler while waiting to go through the main haunts. You could spend $5 and only go through The Chamber, but you have to spend $10 to go through both The Lair and The Swamp.  It does balance out but I can't imagine a family of 4 going through all 8 attractions.  (cha-ching$$)

Overall: 3.55/5 - FREE PARKING.  Papa John's has a tent selling pizza and a tent selling snacks for concessions.  There is also a gift shop with 'standard' merch (t-shirts, etc).  One of their actors died in the off-season and there is a nice tribute to him at the Mausoleum.  The main haunts are a non-stop assault on the senses and well worth the price.  I am a little wary of some of the newer attractions, but the actors made it work and it was definitely a fun evening.  If you're heading to the beach or traveling along Hwy 70 in Havelock. The Nightmare Factory is well worth your time stopping and checking out (at least the three main haunts) especially past 10pm.

* I did not go through The Mausoleum due to time constraints and bad knees

Title: Re: Nightmare Factory - Havelock, NC
Post by: packbacker on October 20, 2014, 12:58:01 PM
Thanks for the review.  I've been curious about it but it's sooooooo far away I was fearful to drive that far for a lone haunt.  Could you give your impressions on line management?  Small groups or shoving 30 through at a time? 

Title: Re: Nightmare Factory - Havelock, NC
Post by: Badger on October 20, 2014, 01:17:16 PM
They do not let parties larger than 8 go through.  They also don't send them it every 30 seconds either.  It is a good 3 or so minutes between groups.  Probably to let the actors take them through at least the first hellevator.

You could hit Clayton Fear Farm early and go 2 hours to Havelock, or hit Nightmare Factory early and run down to Wilmington for the Ghost Ship or Panic Attack.  Just suggesting as there really isn't much down there (shame)