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Title: Forbidden Forest Horror Trail - Rockwell, NC
Post by: hauntednorcak on October 25, 2014, 09:34:04 PM
Date attended: 10/25

Scare Factor: 5/5 - First off, this place is quite a bit off the beaten path. There isn't much else (except a handful of other haunts) in the area. We arrived early (I was told ticket sales would start around 7) and were the first group to go in. The saw house was incredible, devilishly good. So many good scares inside this house; you feel like you are trapped in a lot of the rooms, and you find that your only escape is through a tiny "garbage hole", which I believe may have been a slide even though my group tried to crawl through and ended up all piled on top of each other. There are so many awesome scares inside this house, but I don't want to give away too much of it. The next couple houses were really unique too, especially the Purge themed house. The bench prop in there is really unique and got a jolt out of me. There were some really unique scares all throughout the haunt I had never seen before. The final house was really awesome. (SPOILER ALERT) You go through alone....I thought the guy was joking at first.  Awesome experience walking through the end of a haunt all by yourself. Only haunt in the state I know that does this. It caps off a truly awesome trail.

Actors: 5/5 - All the actors were professional, never broke character, and knew how to sell a scare. The saw actors were really intense and got up right in your face. The actors in the second house were hilarious and could ab lib incredibly well. The purge actor was really good and looked like he was straight out of the movie. The actors in the spots between scenes did a good job off keeping things interesting the entire time and making sure there weren't any dead spots in the trail. The actors in the end part were good at getting up in your face and making you feel uncomfortable. A lot of my group members were clearly uneasy before going into the last house and I'm sure the actors took advantage of that. Actors with speaking parts did really good, as did those without. A few standouts were: the guys in the second house, purge house guy, guy before the last house, and the guy before the tunnel in the saw set.

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5 - They had some really good props and prop scares. In all honesty, the first bench in the very beginning startled me. There are several other really unique prop scares, a lot of which involve sitting on a bench. Saw scenes were really cool and looked good, and replicated movie scenes really well. The second house had a really cool cabinet thing that rattled around and could get a good startle out of some people. The bench in the purge scene was really cool. The last house had some cool scenes, like the clown chained up to the wall. Lots of great use of props throughout the entire haunt.

Length: 4/5 - Probably about 30 minutes to get through the whole thing. It's a good length; however I wanted more! No dead spots throughout the trail, actors were keeping things lively between scenes. I would imagine it could take a bit longer/shorter depending on how you handle certain fears.

Value: 5/5 - $15, which is a really great deal for an awesome haunt like this. There was a $25 fast pass available which might be worth it if the line was long. This was better than a lot of the more high dollar trails that I have been to this year. Also, all of their profits go to St Jude's Children's Research Hospital; so you aren't only paying to get into a really awesome haunt, you are donating your money to support a good cause! However, don't let that fool's a lot better than other charity trails.

Overall: 5/5 - This was my first visit to Forbidden Forest and it will definitely not be my last. It felt like at old school trail when we first got there, but as soon as I got into that first room I could tell that they had some high tech stuff going on in here. You know its good when the guy behind you grabs your jacket and won't let go through all the dark parts.  This haunt has climbed its way up into my top 3 haunts, and I definitely recommend this to anyone. You will be thoroughly entertained throughout the entire thing. So many unique scares, actors are really intense and in your face the whole time, and never let up. Some really awesome and unique props throughout the whole haunt. Also, the most unique and horrifying end to a haunt I've ever seen. Come check this place out!!

Title: Re: Forbidden Forest Horror Trail - Rockwell, NC
Post by: packbacker on October 26, 2014, 09:38:45 AM
Glad you enjoyed them.  I've been telling everyone I know to check them out due to the uniqueness they offer.  I can still imagine how stoked I was the first time I visited them to see the little tricycle.....I knew I was in for something special.  Sounds like they haven't missed a step this year.  Cool other thing is that all their proceeds go to charity.