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Title: Pinhead's Graveyard- Canton,NC
Post by: packbacker on October 26, 2014, 01:22:22 AM
Pinhead's Graveyard
Date visited: 10/25/14

Scare Factor: 1/5
Take a trail that is short, nearly prop-less, poorly conceived, slightly dangerous, and frankly boring..........and send through a group of 13 people at one time.  We were the last two people in the above mentioned group and were bored to tears.  Our "group" often stretched two scenes ahead of us at times.  Actors didn't bother to re-set a pop scare but rather stood motionless and silent in the trail.  Besides not being scary it wasn't even interesting to look at.  The trail would still suffer a lot with groups of 4-ish but they'd at least get a 2 rating for effort at that point.

Actors: 2/5
They don't really have an issue with numbers but skill is lacking overall.  Pinhead and Otis do decent jobs with their speaking roles.  I was shocked at how many actors just stood there.  Jason literally stood in the trail without moving so we had to walk around him.  Michael Myers- ditto.  Poor timing and the inability to sell the scare or adjust at all plagued the trail.   

Props/Sets/Fx: 1/5
They seem to like fire.  The sets are spartan at best.  No big props, cheap masks, and no effects other than lighting gasoline on fire.  The clown area is a sheet with a cheap disco ball like projector.  That was about as high tech as it got. 

Length: 1/5
It's short.  Not that I wanted to be there longer but I'd wager we were on the trail for a sum total of 15 minutes and that includes the hold time with Pinhead and Otis.

Value: 1/5
Tickets are $15.  That price includes ridiculously over-sized groups, dangerous stairways, a brief trail, and a glaring lack of scares. 

Free parking!  Parking lot is poorly lit with no discernible driveway but rather direct entry off the road.  No concessions noted on site.  The port-a-potty alongside the ticket line smells absolutely foul.

Overall: 1/5
Frustrating.  Boring.  Over-priced.  One of my cardinal sins at a trail is poor line management.  There were probably 40 of us in line.  Instead of groups of 4 or 6 we were herded through in a mass of 13 souls.  At one point we were supposed to sit on a couch....hell there wasn't room for all of us.  Sending through masses may help your bottom line but they won't be coming back.  If you can overlook gigantic groups stretching through the woods you are then face to face with a super short trail that is about as scary as a four year old yelling "Boo!" at you in the daylight.  If a multiple chainsaw finale can get screaming_diana to walk calmly through it you're doing it wrong.  Severely disappointing.