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Title: The Myers Haunted House- East Flat Rock, NC
Post by: packbacker on October 26, 2014, 09:36:11 AM
The Myers Haunted House
Date visited: 10/25/14

Scare Factor: 4/5
My expectations were low and were quickly exceeded!  It's a 90% indoor attraction with tight spaces that deliver big scares.  We had screaming children, screaming grandmas, and tears in our group.  Meanwhile I was thoroughly entertained by the sets and detail they got into this tiny attraction.  The scares tend to factor on the famous movie monsters- Jason, freddy (well actually a patron before us literally ripped off Freddy's nose so his set was there), Michael Myers, Jigsaw/Saw, and Leatherface.  Other areas had drop windows, butchers, a clown or three brandishing weapons and more.

Actors: 4/5
Numbers are fine.  The actors were more pop scare in nature (I remember one speaking part) but they had good timing and weren't afraid to get up in your face.  Everyone was super into their job.

Props/Sets/Fx: 4/5
I was shocked at the set-up inside the house.  The neighborhood is run down, it's a cheap haunt, and I hadn't heard much about it.  For what appears to be more of a home haunt they do a great job with sets/props.  I particularly loved the Jason's mother's head set-up. 

Length: 4/5
For a $10 trail it's a very appropriate length.  They hold you in certain rooms for a scare/scene to play out.  Selfishly I wanted more!

Value: 5/5
$10 tickets.  The exterior of the haunt and the neighborhood it is in are.......unassuming at best, sketchy at worst.  Once inside the house, though, you find some exceptionally clever scares, fun props, and a devilishly good time.  $10 is  a steal and their facebook page claims they often do BOGO nights.

Free parking.....if you can find it.  This is a frills free small haunt in a residential area.

Overall: 5/5
Driving up to The Myers Haunted House all my instincts said to turn around and speed away.  We started out in a sketchy looking area and then encountered a sign that stated state road maintenance ended.  Gravel road it is!  We ended up on what appeared to be a single lane gravel road through an area populated by run down mobile homes.  My spidey sense says we shouldn't be here but we continued our intrepid journey.  Parking appears to be in the front yard of the house and was quite limited.  The ticket booth, port-a-johns, and a lighted queue area assuaged my fears that we were going to be killed and we had a delightful chat with the ticket lady who told us there was a slight delay as a previous customer had gotten so scared that he ripped off Freddy's nose, kicked down a door, and stole Michael Myers's (real) knife.  Now I'm excited!

Groups go through every 8 minutes with a combination of pop scares and set scenes.  Scares are well timed, sets were impressive given the location, and it was an absolute blast. I'll take a $10 haunt with heart over a mega-trail with all the bells and whistles but no soul any day of the week.