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Title: Mad Monster Party- CLT 3/27-3/29
Post by: packbacker on March 01, 2015, 09:36:31 PM

It's a horror / sci-fi convention in Charlotte.  I've been to each one and they do a good job of putting this on.  This years guests include Sid Haig, Danny Trejo, Tobin Bell, Doug Bradley, and Adam West and Im blanking on the original Robin's name among others.

Hard not to have a good time.  Film screenings, Q/A panels, autographs, photo ops, a ton of merchandise, and fan boy fun.  I saw a ton of Hillside Horror folks there last year and know that various other haunts bring down crowds. 

I assume Badger is working it again this year as well (realized after I saw you last year who you were.....Shatner scooting down the back hallway kinda caught my attention lol!)