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Title: GHOST?
Post by: Dr. Johnas Hacker on April 02, 2015, 06:22:08 PM
As I travel across the US, I came across a resort in the Pocono Mtns in PA. This resort was built in 1902. I at one time, not a believer in ghost until Aug 12 2014. I was approached by a young couple, asking me to go into their room.  UM?.....  I asked why should I go, not knowing who I am. They asked me to go in and see if the water in the tub is running and to see if the alarm clock is set back 4 and half hours. Well I jumped in and checked it out. WOW! Sure enough, water was running and their clock was 4 and half hours behind. THey finaly told me they just left the room 10 minutes prior to me going in. They told me everytime they walk out of their room, the events take place with in minutes. So..... me as a non believer stood outside with the couple 3 different times to see if the events took place to assure myself that this is fake. NOT..... everytime they enter the room then leave, the events take place. I have stayed there for three months and no one had any problems. I talked to the manager about this room. His reponse, I will never talk about it. Only a select few poeple that stay in their, the spirits will toy with them, why, I don't know. I claimed this room for a week and nothing happened to me until a new couple stayed there. I quickly approached them when I knew they where staying in that room. I asked them how their night was, In amazement they asked if I knew the history ot this room. I responded, Yepperz. Everything The last couple experienced, John and Jenn had the same. I will go back this September with with a few friends to investigate. Until now, the room is closed until there is a reason why the children likes to play 4 and a half hours before their bed time. As stated, I now am a believer until proven wrong. Peace out until then........

Title: Re: GHOST?
Post by: screaming_diana on April 03, 2015, 12:44:45 PM
Is this real? Or an April fools joke a day late? 
That's creepy.

Title: Re: GHOST?
Post by: Dr. Johnas Hacker on April 03, 2015, 01:33:38 PM
No joke or prank. I was a skeptic on spirits and ghost until what I have seen. I try to debunk every way possible untill I know there is nothing haunted.  I love watching these ghost shows and pretty much can debunk most situations they find. A lot of times these shows just get your attention on every day flaws of a house or building. It's a mind set atmosphere that anyone get can get there self into. Here is a trick you can try on your friends....... Rest your arm off the knee. Take a toy bouncey ball and put it in the palm of your hand. Just sit there for a little time and ask a spirit to play with the ball. Eventualy, the ball will start moving..... freaky..... I know the answer why.

Title: Re: GHOST?
Post by: screaming_diana on April 04, 2015, 12:09:28 PM
That's terrifying for sure.
I'm gonna try the bouncy ball trick but I'll probably end up scaring myself.