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Title: Haunted Pyramids - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on September 27, 2015, 12:34:01 PM
Haunted Pyramids
Submitted by: Screaming_Diana
Date Attended: 09/26/2015
Scare Factor:  4/5
Itís scary and fun all in one.  It has a fun carnival feel to it but at the same time you can sense the presence of something evil.   At first glance the midway looks inviting, even on a rainy night like the night we visited, but if you take a closer look youíll see monsters peeking through the cracked walls, live snakes being carried throughout the midway and mental patients hanging out the windows of the asylum.  Each of the four haunts are scary in their own way depending on your fears.  The partially dilapidated buildings themselves are scary but add in rain, mud, live snakes, clowns, crazy asylum people, and monsters with chainsaws and youíve got one heck of a scary adventure.
Actors:  4/5
The actor numbers and skill varied from haunt to haunt.  The asylum seemed to be loaded with actors and very good actors at that.  Clown town was probably a few clowns short but Iím not a big fan of creepy clowns so there were more than plenty for me.  Most actor scares were pop scares with only a few actual speaking parts.  For opening night they all seemed to be right on cue with their lines.  A few pop scares were not well timed but itís early in the season.  A special thank you to the clown that sent one girl in our group running in fear toward the parking lot.  Well done Mr. Clown, well done.   Masks and makeup are not extremely elaborate but work perfectly for this haunt.
Set Design/Props/FX:  4/5
The haunt is set up into four separate haunts; The Asylum, Clown Town in 3D, Monster Manor in 3D, and the Pyramids.  You get one ticket to all four haunts and your ticket is punched as you enter each haunt.  The asylum seemed to be the weakest of the haunts in years past but I think it advanced to the strongest this season.   The buildings are difficult to maneuver through in the darkness with the slanted walls, uneven and half busted floors, and rain water dripping down in your face.  Iím amazed no one gets injured trying to make their way through these haunts as they are not guided and you have to figure out how to get out to safety on your own.  Their vortex was one of the most difficult ones to cross through.  It was very disorienting and I think being hand spun by the actors.  The pyramids has one of the darkest mazes around so hold on tightly to the person in front of you because if you let go youíre on your own to find your way out.  Itís dark and your friends wonít be able to find you.
Length:  5/5
The length of time you spend here is dependent on your group.  Each haunt is self-guided so youíre free to go through at your own pace.   Each haunt is separate so you can take a break in between haunts, have a snack, hang out with friends, and go to the next haunt on your own time.  The Asylum and Clown Town are relatively short while Monster Manor and The Pyramids are longer.
Value:  5/5
$22 for all 4 haunts is a very reasonable price.  If you go early in the season they have special Fright Nights for only $15 which is a steal.  You can also get a coupon for $2 off a full priced ticket on their website .
Parking is free.  The haunt can be a bit difficult to find but they do have a lit sign at the road.  Donít let the old trailer or camper scare you.  Just keep driving youíre in the right spot.   They offer concessions and have picnic tables for you to sit and have a snack.
Overall Impression:  4.5/5
The Haunted Pyramids are always fun.  I love the set up and the freedom you have to go from haunt to haunt.  Iím amazed every year the floors havenít busted through and the roof hasnít caved in. It looks old and run down but it works and the Haunted Pyramids wouldnít be the same without their crazy scary uneven floors and slanted walls.  I canít count the times I fell down trying escape a room, Thatís my fault (and the rains) as youíre not supposed to run but I forget to follow the rules when Iím being chased by 3 creatures with chainsaws inches from my feet.   I was exhausted by the end and happy to be outside on even stable ground!  Itís a great place to come hang out and have a scary good time.

Title: Re: Haunted Pyramids - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on September 27, 2015, 08:49:28 PM
Haunted Pyramids
Date attended: 9-26-2015
Submitted by: krb187

** I want to start this off by saying that the night I attended there was a very steady rain and a lot of the experience was affected due to weather.

Scare Factor: 3/5
The Haunted Pyramids is split up into 4 different attractions: Clown Town, the Asylum, Monster Manor, and the Pyramids. Clown Town was probably the weakest of the 4, with there being noticeably fewer actors there than in any of the others. I donít really remember being scared in there myself but there was one or two jumps gotten out of my group by some well-timed pops. The Pyramids had some good jump scares throughout and they definitely got some screams out of a certain member of my group. Unfortunately Monster Manor offered no scares for me at all due to other circumstances that Iíll get into later in the review. The Asylum however is where this place really succeeded for me. The intensity was off the charts in here, and there were actors coming at you from every angle, including above. Everything here just seemed to work, and the timing was completely perfect. The front members of my group were left screaming and running out of the Asylum, and Iím not ashamed to say that I was jumped more than a few times during my trip through.

Actors:  4/5
First and foremost I have the utmost respect for all the actors here for sticking out the bad weather and still putting on a good show throughout the entire night. Most of the actors here are pop scare actors but they have their timing down, and the actors who do have lines deliver them well and do a good job of making their characters believable. Again I must say that the Asylum was the high point for me here, as the actors seemed to have an infinite amount of energy, and relished in every single scream without letting up until they were satisfied. Also I want to give special attention to the possessed girl in the Pyramids who was literally coming from every angle, and the two clowns at the end who not only had me rolling in laughter but had a member of my group screaming and running for the hills.

Set Design/Props/FX: 2/5
Hereís where things get kind of tricky, because the sets and props at Haunted Pyramids are by no means bad, they are actually pretty good. However, the condition of the buildings and the designs of some of the floors mixed with the rain did ruin quite a bit of the experience for me. The buildings here are very much falling apart, and while on a normal night I have no doubts that that would lend itself to the experience, when the rain leaked through the roofs it made the floors very hazardous. This was especially true in Monster Manor, where I missed literally the entire trail because I had to watch where I was walking the whole time so that no one in my group hurt themselves. The Pyramids had the same problem, although not as bad, but unfortunately it did take away from the experience. All of that being said I do want to say that the sets I did see, especially in the Asylum and Pyramids were well done and very detailed, itís just unfortunate that I didnít get to see more of them.

Length: 4/5
There are 4 separate attractions here, with Clown Town and the Asylum being shorter, and Monster Manor and the Pyramids being longer. You can do all 4 at your own pace, and thereís no rush to move from one haunt to the next. By the time you finish all 4 haunts you do feel like youíve gotten your moneyís worth and the attraction in its entirety is a very good length.

Value: 3/5
Ticket prices are normally $22 for all 4 haunts, which honestly is a bit steep for my experience, but there are special Fright Nights early in the season for $15. They also offer $2 off coupons on their website which is a good deal.

Parking is free and there are plenty of concessions to keep hunger and thirst satisfied in between haunts. They also have a really cool gift shop full of interesting merch, and every employee there was very nice and made sure that you enjoyed your time there.

Overall: 3/5
Unfortunately I think the mix of bad weather and the conditions of a lot of the haunts are what kept the Haunted Pyramids from never really connecting well for me, and not living up to its full potential. I definitely think that a lot more fun could be had there, and I could see a lot of room for things to really click. I still think itís worth a trip to check out, just make sure itís on a clear night and you have good shoes on. I did have fun at Haunted Pyramids, and it was nowhere close to being a bad experience.

Title: Re: Haunted Pyramids - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on September 28, 2015, 10:25:34 AM
The Haunted Pyramids
submitted by: packbacker
Date visited: 9/26/15

Scare Factor: 3/5
Disclaimer- we attended on opening night in a pretty sloppy storm so I expect better results down the road.  Generally the scares amp up on the longer sections but on this night the scares were far and away the strongest in The Asylum.  The Asylum features very tight hallways, a variety of crazy props, and actors who do a great job of making you doubt their sanity.  There's very little dead space and it culminates with a chainsaw chase through an air bag!  Clown Town this year was the weakest spot as it was intentionally kept low key due to some major water leakage from the ceiling.  It was fairly devoid of actors.  Monster Manor was also hit and miss.  There were several timing issues on the scares (props and actors) and may have again been kept intentionally low scare due to moisture issues.  The Haunted Pyramids trail, the longest of the four, is generally the scariest.  The scares last night, though, had too much dead space and settling for pop scares and screaming.  We had one actor extend the scare and did so in tremendous fashion while dangling a snake over of our group members while we wandered through a laser lit hallway.  I expect things to tighten up as the season progresses.

Actors: 2/5
The owners/operators of the Haunted Pyramids said they had a lot of new people this year and it did show.  As the previous disclaimer stated it was also opening night and exceptionally wet and sloppy.  The Asylum's actors seemed like seasoned veterans, though.  Their timing was spot on, there were plenty of them, and the actors here rarely settled for just the initial pop scare.  One actor in particular was quite remarkable as he dangled from overhead piping, muttered all sorts of jibberish, and would sit rocking back and forth in an open window during "down time". Clown Town was sparse in actors and many just kinda giggled as you went by.  Monster Manor and Haunted Pyramids trail both had a few issues with numbers and timing of scares. The drop doors in the 3D tunnel were mistimed and again a lot of the acting was limited to just simply screaming.  The butcher and the "bed girl" on the HP trail upped the ante a little bit with more verbal interactions and continuing the scare.  No one broke character and again I expect things to tighten up later in the season.

Sets/Props/Fx: 4/5
The Haunted Pyramids has a kind of backwoods charm for me.  It's not high tech, polished, or over-the-top in any form or fashion.  It's a bevy of ramshackle buildings with crooked floors, leaky roofs, alleyways, and homemade goodness.  The Asylum set flows wonderfully and is aided by some easy yet effective props including a well placed air burst and an airbag at the end.  Clown Town looks amazing with the feel of a neon paint can exploding and a very disorienting vortex.  Monster Manor begins to up the sets and effects with some quality 3D, drop panels, some more animatronics, and a really cool flame filled coffin.  The Haunted Pyramids trail features the most detailed set pieces and props as well as live snakes, a pitch black disorienting maze, and a multiple chainsaw finale.  While you aren't going to get the largest props or most expensive masks, the down home old school feeling of things always makes me smile. 

Length:  5/5
The Haunted Pyramids is a multi-attraction haunt with four separate walk-through sections.  You get two short sections (The Asylum and Clown Town) with two longer venues in Monster Manor and The Haunted Pyramids themselves.  Without lines expect to take 45 minutes to an hour to complete all four.  Each attraction has its own queue, line, though, so wait times increase on busy nights.

Value: 4/5
Tickets range from $15 early in the season to $22 later in October.  There is a $2 off coupon found on their website. 
When the Haunted Pyramids are in full swing (we arrived on a very rainy opening night) this is a $20 attraction but at $15 it's a no-brainer on any night.

Free parking!  Parking is self-guided and at times an interesting feat to maneuver (we found a car simply parked in the exit "lane" when leaving).  There are two concessions areas and in a unique fashion a full on gift shop featuring a variety of masks and Halloween offerings not just the usual haunt-specific swag.  Also be sure to wear good shoes when visiting the pyramids.  There are a lot of obstacles and uneven flooring that sandals, heels, shoes without tread are going to have problems with! 

Overall: 4/5
Despite some issues as noted above in the review we had a good time at The Haunted Pyramids.  It's a different setup with the four separate attractions so you can pace yourself.  The scares and the actors were not especially tight on this night....but I was still entertained.  There's always something to look at and in general just a fun vibe echoing through the midway.  I love the music pounding Halloween favorites in Monster Manor while you are navigating some of the craziest floors I've ever had to walk on, the various graffiti art on the outside of the buildings, and every once in awhile watching some poor patron running for their life from the Clown Town exit into the parking lot.

Title: Re: Haunted Pyramids - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on September 29, 2015, 04:42:13 PM
Haunted Pyramids
Date Visited: 9/26/15
Submitted by: jonesm

Scare Factor: 3/5
It was raining pretty good when we visited the Pyramids this year, and we went on opening weekend, and that definitely affected the scare factor some.  Luckily the rain plus all the 3-D plus the continued awesomely dilapodated sets continued to work their charms!  I would say this year was more marked by disorientation than in years past, but it was a great time and I'm confident that once the season kicks into high gear they will be right back among the top haunts in the area.

Actors: 3/5
This was the other work-in-progress element of the haunt, though I think this was due to being opening weekend more than the rain, though there were portions of Clown Town that had to go empty of monsters simply for safety in it.  All of that is to say I'm fairly certain we didn't get their best punch of the season by a long shot.  The Pyramids have been upping their game in this regard over the last several years, and this was the one facet I think I missed out on by going so early.  But that said, there were still quality monsters in each area.  Notables include the guy who jumps down on you in the Asylum (it'll make sense when you see him), the guy who'll take your soul, and the monster who tips you off about the chainsaws right before the double helping (it's stylish, and also stops the very real danger of twisting an ankle right at the end).

Sets/Props/FX: 4/5
Now we're getting to the Pyramids real bread and butter.  The fact that its run-down-ness isn't faked really keeps this haunt a step above most of its competition.  I just love the 70s feel of the old recording studio, and the mustiness seeped in every wall that you just can't fake.  It adds so much to the experience to me!  And I don't care how many times I go through this trail, there are places where the floor just simply falls away into mushy nothingness, and you simply cannot get you head around it.  I have expected every year to sorta crack the code on those crazy floors, but I give up, it can't be done.  I love this place, and I find new things about it every single time I go.  And that means quality.

Length: 6/5
I say it every year, it's 4 trails in one, and each one of them could be it's own stand-alone haunt.  I have certainly been on longer single trails, but if you combine all four places here, it's right at the very top for length.

Value: 5/5
The length plus the midway atmosphere plus the gloriously world weary feel of absolutely everything makes this a can't-miss value in my mind.  Scares for all ranges, reasonably priced snacks and such, I think this is a great haunt at a great value.

Overall: 4/5
As I'm sure you've noticed if you've read through all of these reviews, several of us Frightseekers kicked off our season as a group visiting the Pyramids.  And likewise, I'm sure you've read about the rain and opening weekend-ness of our visit.  That said, I would hope it says a lot that we all went there in the rain just because of how much we all love this haunt!  At this point my season wouldn't feel complete without it, and simply the fact that they were open in the rain when nobody else would be speaks volumes of their commitment and love of the game, so to speak.  I still heartily recommend it, especially if you've never been, and it remains one of the best values around for an evening of scares.