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Title: Hacker House - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 10, 2015, 04:52:03 PM
Hacker House
Date attended: 10-9-2015
Submitted by: krb187

Scare Factor: 5/5
There are quite a few things that I could use as my reason for giving this a 5:  hearing a member of the group ahead of me screaming throughout the entire haunt, the amount of times I saw and heard members of my group get scared, or the people I watched come running out of the end of the haunt. However the biggest reason is because Hacker House got me worse than I have been gotten in many, many years. I wonít give it away but it was a moment of absolute perfect timing and diversion to set up a flawless and surprisingly simple scare. On top of that I saw many instances of screaming, running, crying, and failed attempts at hiding from the relentless monsters that reside in the house. Hacker House knows how to scare, and not just that, they know how to scare everyone. Whether you only get jumped, or are reduced to tearful hysterics, Hacker House will get you in some way, and they will not rest until they do. Without a doubt one of the scariest haunts you can attend this year.

Actors:  5/5
When it comes to Hacker House you really have to use the term Ďactorsí loosely, they donít really act as characters, they ARE those characters. I donít think Iíve ever seen a haunt where the level of talent is as consistently high as Hacker House, these guys know exactly who they are and they fit perfectly in their roles. None of the actors who had speaking parts stumbled over their roles, and those who were silent pulled off the menacing silence perfectly. The bantering and ad-libbing here is perfect, and no one missed a beat when it came to going back and forth with me and the members of my group. I truly canít say enough good things about the actors here and they are for my money probably the best in the state.

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5
Hacker House could secure a 5 in this category just solely based off the ambiance that they create. They do a superb job of truly immersing you into the haunt, and making it much more of an experience than just a simple spook trail walkthrough. That being said the level of detail and creativity that goes into the set designs and costumes is near unrivaled, and you can definitely tell that a lot of hours have gone into making Hacker House look, and more importantly feel, the way that it does. Thereís so much detail that you could go through the haunt 3 or 4 times in one night and see countless new things every single time. All of the costumes are incredibly detailed and look amazing, especially the swamp monster which blew me away. My personal favorite was the forest type set right before the swamp that had all of the bodies hanging in the trees, thereís just so much to look at and the lighting is perfectly set to give the entire thing a perfect haunting vibe.

Length: 5/5
Hacker House is a bit on the shorter side, but due to their location they do only have so much to room to work with. However they succeed in making use of every single inch of the grounds, from the moment you pull up in your car until after youíve left the lot, they make sure youíre being entertained. They may not have all the space in the world, but they utilize every bit of it perfectly.

Value: 5/5
Tickets for Hacker House are $15, and in my opinion that is an absolute steal and you will feel like youíve gotten your moneyís worth and much, much more after your trip through.

Parking is free and well organized, and while they donít offer concessions there, they are very close to numerous gas stations and fast food places to grab a drink or quick bite to eat.

Overall: 5/5
Hacker House is hitting on every single point several times over right now. They do what every haunt should aim to do: make you feel like the star of your very own horror film, and they do it perfectly. Hacker House set the bar for the rest of the haunts this year and they set it high. I got scared worse than I have in a very long time, and I almost passed out from laughing multiple times, and above all else I was left wanting more. Hacker House is canít miss, and should be on every haunt fanís go-to list this year.

Title: Re: Hacker House - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 11, 2015, 10:46:21 AM
Hacker House
Date visited: 10/10/15
submitted by: packbacker

Scare Factor: 5/5
Intense.  Nightmarish.  Dark.  Creepy.  Hilarious.  No trip to Hacker House for me goes without me doubled over in laughter and everyone else in my group running, crawling, screaming, and occasionally urinating on themselves.  The scares are mainly actor driven....and they are delivered with gusto.  Scares come from all sides including above and below and it's exceptionally rare to not be stalked and harassed until your breaking point.  One demonstration of fear or reluctance and it's game on for this seasoned acting crew.  If you're that freakish person who doesn't get scared then don't fret- you will be entertained fully.  If yo're not laughing at the screams of your friends then you can carry on side splitting conversations with the actors who can throw out one liners better than stand up comedians before transitioning back into terror inducing madmen.   

Actors: 5/5
The actors of Hacker House are the star gem of this attraction.  Each actor has their own crafted character.  Jason, Freddy, Michael and the standard fare do not make appearances here.  There are no simple pop scares or the word "Boo!"  These folks, many very longterm in their stay at Hacker House, do not let up.  One scare is not enough.  If they don't corner you then they re-position themselves for a second, third, or fourth opportunity to petrify you.  Besides an insatiable appetite to scare, though, the actors here are exceptionally good at ad-libbing.  If they're not scaring you then they will entertain you to no end.     

Sets/Props/Fx: 5/5
Hacker House has a decrepit, creepy feel to it that sets you on ease at the beginning.  Sets are well detailed with a delectable bit of gore here and there.  The crypt area is subtle yet beautiful in its simplicity with low lighting and a earthy smell.  The laser swamp area is very well done (with a fantastic scare built in). Props are well integrated with several animatronics and my favorite, Clamzilla.  Fog is also very well used- never over done but in such amounts that the whole trail feels a bit other-worldly.  A discussion of props would also be remiss to not mention the giant pumpkin sculpture in the queue area that roars forth every once in awhile.   I always grin seeing its visage knowing that we are about to once again take a step into madness.   

Length: 4/5
Hacker House always leaves you wanting more.  There's no where else to put new sets, actors, or props.  Your travel time through the trail will vary widely.  If your group shows any fear the actors will keep you around for awhile.  There's places that can be doubled back upon or simply the actors can take their time with the scaredy-cats.

Value: 5/5
Tickets are $15 and are worth every penny.  Fifteen dollars gives you a paper admission to a frenetic world of your nightmares brought to life. 

Free parking!  Hacker House doesn't offer concessions or side attractions.  They put all their money and effort simply into scaring the pants off of you.  There is, however, a photo op at the end where pictures are added to Facebook so you don't have to try a selfie in the dark.

Overall: 5/5
Hacker House never fails to deliver.  The screams often start in the parking lot and occasionally will continue there on your departure if you're lucky.  It's a departure from your standard haunted house.  You won't find horror film stalwarts and you won't have a twelve year old yelling "Boo!" in your ear.  No, Hacker House is its own demented beast.  Creepy sets, unique characters, and an acting cast that few haunts can rival.  Instead of a vortex you have a giant clam that attempts to eat you.  Instead of ClownTown you have a psychotic easter bunny.  It's a welcomed departure from what has become the haunt standards. Forty eight hours later I'm still smiling at our experience as well as nursing some bruises from my friends who freaked out a little too much on the trail.  Simply put- it's a screamingly hilarious adventure into a nightmarish realm filled with a group of people guaranteed to give your group a helluva good time.   

Title: Re: Hacker House - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 11, 2015, 04:06:09 PM
Hacker House
Submitted by: Screaming_Diana
Date Attended: 10/09/2015
Scare Factor:  5/5
Where oh where do I begin?  My whole experience was unnerving.  They challenged all of my senses at once.  I was completely terrified from the moment we started down the long gravel driveway.  Itís a dark, foggy, and just plain creepy place.  I felt a tiny bit better when I saw a cop by the entrance but I quickly found out he wanted you to be just as frightened as the creatures that lie within.  Iíve never survived a place quite like this.  My group started out as four but within seconds we were split up and I was forced to make my way through with the help of only one friend.  I donít know what else to say other than it was frightening and I thought I would spend my last moments alive lost in Pilot Mountain. 

Actors: 5/5
The stars of the attraction are the actors.  Although Iím not sure how much is acting and how much is that they are just crazy insane naturally.  They are the most interactive bunch of creatures Iíve ever encountered at a haunt.  They are original, no TV movie villains or typical haunted house clowns will be found here.  Youíll meet a demented doctor, a psychotic chainsaw wielding mechanic, an evil bunny rabbit, erratic Professor, and God only knows what else dwells within this place.  Monsters launch at you from the sky and grab you from below.  Youíll never see them coming.  They will be in your face and invading your personal space.  Speaking parts are top notch and honestly you want them to keep talking.  Itís when they get quiet you should really start to panic.  These guys are insane.
Set Design/Props/Fx:  5/5
What I saw looked phenomenal but fear kept my eyes tightly closed during huge portions of the haunt.  I did hear my friends saying ďoh wow look at that or thatís awesomeĒ so Iím guessing everything looked pretty impressive.  I did see the laser swamp for about 10 seconds until I was startled by a swamp monster and quickly retreated to the ground for safety.  Iím not sure how itís designed but it looks amazing.  Inside the house is dark, dusty, and grungy.  I remember briefly being in a medical setting with old IV poles and dead bodies all around then suddenly I was surrounded by a doctor and maybe a nurse.  I heard horribly creepy music, kinda blacked out, and regained my senses in a crypt.   The crypt was really scary and well designed.   I was eaten by a clamÖtwice.  I was mentally shut down from fear so the rest of the haunt was a daze. 
Length:  5/5
Theyíve got a lot of scares packed into this place.  Itís a decent length and I donít think I wouldíve survived much more.
Value:  5/5
$15 is a crazy good deal for this haunt.  You wonít find a more interactive bunch of actors anywhere in the state.  For $5 more you can skip the line but waiting in line is part of the experience.  Those insane characters occasionally escape from the house and lurk around outside tormenting those waiting to enter. 
Parking is free but leaving may not be an option.  The monsters have been known to follow you to your car so exit with caution. Also donít be the last group through because the monsters might not let you leave.
Overall Impression:  5/5
To say I was terrified is an understatement.  I blacked out, cried, prayed, and screamed.  One word of advice, make friends with Skippy because he might be your only chance to get out.  My group had a great time but I was so traumatized I donít even remember leaving Hacker House.  Iím home now so I did make it out alive.  And yes I left covered in my own urine.  I thought I was going to die of fear and I thought my friend was going to die from laughter.  This place is almost certain to scare you but if not youíll have a great time watching your friends scream as they make their way to the exit.