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Title: Woods of Terror - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 14, 2015, 08:37:01 AM
Woods of Terror
Submitted By: Screaming_Diana
Date Attended: 10/13/2015
Scare Factor:  5/5
The scares started out minimal but vamped up real quick as we made our way through the trail. The first dark maze was mostly terrifying because I was afraid I was going to get injured from the uneven flooring, slanted walls, and lowered ceilings.  The first guy in our group banged his head pretty hard when the ceiling lowered in the pitch black maze so beware and use caution.  Itís a great concept but I fear it could be very dangerous.   Our group number was only 7 people through a large portion of the haunt which made our experience much scarier.  Most of the scares were unpredictable and very well timed.  With the exception of the corn maze there always seemed to be an actor, animatronic, or prop to entertain the group.  The actors were interactive with the group scaring those that would scream or having a quick fun chat with those that were laughing as their friends crouched and screamed in fear.  Not only did my group seem to be having a great time the actors seemed to be having an equally good time entertaining us.   
Actors:  5/5
Wow what an amazing group of actors.  Iím not sure if it was due to our smaller group or if the actors were just very good with their timing.  The actors knew how to hold their position and wait for the perfect moment to activate their scare.  The whole group was targeted not just the front or back.  The dark crawly guy in the spider room was so well blended I almost stepped on him.  Actor numbers were adequate except for the corn maze which was void of actors until the very end.  The one corn maze actor had on an awesome mask that made everyone in our group slow down to get a better look.  Actors were interactive and had their speaking parts down perfect.  The clowns were giddy and bouncing around all over the place.  I never knew were to expect the next character to come from.  They were on the ground, swinging from the side, and hanging out on top of buildings and barrels.  It was impossible to prepare yourself for the next scare.  Other than your occasional security/maintenance personnel everyone was in costume.  Masks and makeup looked great and I never noticed a single actor out of character.   The graveyard was infested with very skilled zombies that made some incredibly creepy sounds.  They got right up in my face.  They were so close I could feel them breathing on my neck.  Super creepy I know.
Set Design/Props/Fx:  5/5
The sets never disappoint here.  So much detail goes into every inch of their sets with my favorite being the Hewitt house kitchen.  I would love the chance to view all these sets during the day when nothing was scaring me to death.  You could go through Woods of Terror over and over again and never see all the detail in their haunt.  The haunt consists of many separate themes.  Arachnophobia, Blackbeardís Revenge with a moving ship, the industrial scene, The Vampire house, a cinema, an old mine, the graveyard, the Hewitt house and several more.  I noticed several TV movie villains as well as many original characters.  The industrial setting is very disorienting with all the flashing lights and loud music.  Lots and lots of air horns were used throughout the haunt.  It appeared they are constructing a new house for next year so Iím super excited to see what they have in store for us next season.  It looks like itís going to be a fairly large addition.  I canít talk up their 3D clown town enough.  Itís a bright and colorful fun house with a scary twist and a really cool vortex experience to boot.  Your head is covered for the last dark maze and it can be a bit shocking so if youíre at all claustrophobic you might struggle with this section a bit.  You have to feel your way through the darkness but proceed with caution because you might just reach out and touch someone or something scary.
Length:  5/5
I didnít time it but it probably took us 40-45 minutes to get through.  Not only is the trail long thereís a lot of scares crammed into this place.
Value: 5/5
Itís $15-$25 for general admission.  $15 is a steal for a haunt of this level.  $25 is still a good deal for the experience I got at Woods of Terror.  You can save money by attending on a Thursday or Sunday and by purchasing tickets online.  They offer fast pass and all access passes for an additional fee.  Group, fire, military, and police discounts are available.
Parking is $5 per car.  They have an entertaining Midway to hang out in while waiting to enter the haunt.  You can purchase souvenirs, enjoy concessions, have your picture taken with a monster or snake, or just hang out and get terrorized by one of the characters roaming about.   
Overall Impression:  5/5
The Woods of Terror was spectacular this year.  Their sets have always been amazing but this year the actors have improved drastically in their skill which heightened my experience greatly.   Itís obvious a lot of time and money has gone into this place.  Itís beautifully designed, amazing to look at, and terrifyingly scary.  I was chased away from the Hewitt house by Leatherface only to end up at the Purge.  It was a scary situation to be in but I made it out.  I was out of breath, with no voice left, and needed dry pants but I made it out!  If your experience is like mine you wonít be disappointed in Woods of Terror this year.

Title: Re: Woods of Terror - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 14, 2015, 12:35:13 PM
Woods of Terror
Submitted by: packbacker
Date Attended: 10/13/15

Scare Factor: 4/5
Our experience started off a bit slow.  The Arachnophobia attraction is OK but at the end you have to duck....which in complete darkness is not very obvious.  I took a good blow to the face on the "bumper". Not scary, just painful.  The next section with the corn and bus had a single actor.  Things were not starting out well.  The scares improved tremendously after this.  The 3D section is trippy with well placed drop doors and clowns that will give you the business.  The vampire house seemed to have actors at every corner and the scare with Michael after the airbags is simple yet highly effective.  Noise is used a lot with banging on drums and shakers.  The final maze is again more frustrating than scary.  The idea is great with patrons heads covered in a dark bag but with people grabbing your feet and shocking walls it's more painful than frightening. 

Actors: 4/5
The quality was good but there were some numbers issues as discussed previously.  I'm not sure if the Woods of Terror was at full force on a Tuesday night but the void of actors early on was incredibly obvious.  Numbers and quality increased later in the trail.  The cemetery denizens are always the best but there was a lack of the amazing zombies seen in years past.  The actor manning the front of the vampire house was amazing and the Purge actors had a lot of fun terrorizing our group.  No one broke character and all tried to fully sell their scare after the pop.

Sets/Props/Fx: 5/5
Regardless of scares or actors, the Woods of Terror continues to have both the best 3D of any trail we visit as well as my favorite set in the state of North Carolina.  The sets, in general, are mostly the same from years past although this year did bring us The Purge: Anarchy as a new offering and the initial house has become Arachnophobia.  The vampire house continues to ooze a gothic vibe, a new (?) Myers house seems to be under construction, and year in and year out I marvel at the Hewitt house in it's backwoods gory Texas glory.  Actor makeup and masks are above average across the board.  The focus here is more on sets and associated actor scares. There are a few animatronics but nothing major.     

Length: 5/5
Woods of Terror is a longer attraction.  Your time on the trail will vary based on crowds.  At several points will be secondary queue lines.  It took us roughly 45 minutes to complete the entire thing.

Value 5/5
Prices vary depending on the night you attend and if you buy online or in person.  General admission prices range from $15-25 plus tax with additional charges for VIP/Fast pass or "all access" tickets.  The value of a general admission ticket on a night other than Friday/Saturday is high.  The value goes down with higher prices and bigger crowds in the weekend but it's still hard to believe that you can experience the Woods of Terror for under $20 at any point.

NOT free parking.  It's $5 per car.  There are numerous options to amuse yourself with before entering the woods.  There are various side attractions that work on a ticket system, food options, a walk through gift shop, a DJ, and various actors cruising the midway.

Overall 5/5
I have a contentious past with the Woods of Terror.  We've had several downright horrible visits in the past.  Last night was the complete opposite.  I had a great time after recovering from the early head trauma.  Groups were well spaced and we were able to take our time to marvel at the sets and enjoy the scare.  I was like a kid in a candy store taking in all the little details of the Hewitt house.  Actors chased members of our group into the next scene and in one beautiful moment of scaring chased screaming diana with a chainsaw directly into the arms of a purge actor who sent her immediately screaming back from where she came.  The purge actor then gracefully took a bow as the rest of us were collapsing in laughter.  Even if you don't get scared there will be plenty of things to look at in the woods.  Awesome 3D, Freddy's house, the pirate ship now with cannonballs, and a great cemetery.  Keep your fingers crossed for small groups on a slow night because when you hit this place right it's hard to top.

Title: Re: Woods of Terror - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 14, 2015, 03:47:31 PM
Woods of Terror
Date Visited: 10/13/15
Submitted by: jonesm

Scare Factor: 3.5/5
WOT has tremendous sets and loads of potential, but tends to waste all of it on lackadaisacal actors and sending through groups of 14.  But man oh man did we hit it on a good night this year!  Specifically, it was a Tuesday, and that's my advice for this haunt, go on an off day.  Things started really slow and as we walked through a cornfield that was utter devoid of any monsters whatsoever, I thought it would be a bust.  But if you can hang in until you get to the 3-D house, you should be golden from there!  The scares pick up, the sets get better, and the whole thing really comes to life.  We were able to separate our group from the hoards, and that helped the scare factor astronomically.  WOT will never be the top of the top when it comes to scare factor, but last night was the best work I've seen from them in years.

Actors: 3/5
There were definite holes where monsters should have been, but there was some fine work here as well.  I never saw anyone break character, and the zombie graveyard was fantastic!  They were popping up from everywhere!  And since I have some real live wires in my group, they were very anxious to press beyond the first pop scare.  They were definitely better than in past years, but the sets are the real star of this trail.

Sets/Props/FX: 5/5
And what sets they are!  Only Spookywoods seems to have more money invested than WOT.  Their 3-D house is the best in the region by a long shot to my eye, and TX Chainsaw house is fantastic as well.  There haven't been tons of changes through the years, but these sets are good enough to look forward to seeing again anyway, so that's never been a problem.  Even when there have been other irritating factors about this haunt, the sets have always been absolutely top notch.

Length: 5/5
Terrific length.  There are several outdoor sets to go along with several houses and enclosures throughout the trail.  There were fewer line stops on the trail, and we still spent a solid 45 minutes going through the whole thing.  The length here is excellent.

Value: 3/5
This is a slippery thing at WOT.  There's a needling factor at play where this haunt shamelessly tries to suck every dollar from you they can and it's noticeable and offputting.  Heck, they charge a dollar to "process" comp tickets!  So you'll pay to park, you'll pay through the nose for any extras (cardboard 3-D glasses, $1 please!), you'll pay more than you should for any food you want, and then you'll wait for longer than you should, but once you're on the trail, the value comes to the fore.  So if this is your first haunt, you are very likely to love it a lot.  If you go to lots of them, it's likely to get on your nerves how bottom-line oriented the place is.

Overall: 4/5
I've not always been so kind to WOT, and with good reason.  But credit where credit's due, last night I have an amazing time going through the haunt.  So my advice is to go on a Tuesday.  Lines were down so the spacing was loads better, more time and attention could be given by the actors, and everything just functioned as it should.  The lines can still definitely jump up and bite you here, but if you don't mind or can dodge that, this is still a really great haunt.  Recommended, with caviats.

Title: Re: Woods of Terror - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 15, 2015, 02:20:16 PM
Woods of Terror
Date attended: 10-13-2015
Submitted by: krb187

Scare Factor:  3/5
Although I didnít get scared myself, there were multiple members of my group who were jumping and screaming constantly, and one person who took off running more than a few times. The trail did start off a bit slow, with Arachnophobia being pretty empty save for one actor (who admittedly was very good) and the corn maze only having one actor until the very end where there were a few more. That being said, as soon as youíre past the industrial set the trail picks up in a BIG way. The vampire house was great as always, and there seemed to be actors around every corner ready to be in your face in a second. The cemetery was also good, and the monsters there can make some truly inhuman sounds. The debuting Purge set was also a high point, and the actors there were suitably aggressive and intimidating, with one giving us the moment of the night, and justly taking a bow afterwards. I do feel like sometimes Woods of Terror rely too much on sudden loud noises for scares, and after about the 3rd time of someone hitting a barrel, or an air cannon going off, it gets repetitive and more annoying than scary.

Actors:  4/5
There was a noticeable improvement in the overall quality of the actors this year, and considering we were there on a Tuesday night that is pretty impressive. Energy levels were high and timing was solid, with every member of the group having a level of interaction, and not just the front, back etc. being targeted. The Purge actors were great as stated previously, and the vampire house actors did a very solid job as well. The clowns in the 3D area were also stellar, and you could tell they relished in making guests scream and feel uncomfortable. I must say though that two particular actors stole the show, the guy right before the cemetery who can ad-lib with the best of them and had me rolling with laughter the entire time we were there, and the tribesman right after the pirate scene who had a language of his own and seemed to know perfectly who his character was.

Set Design/Props/FX:  5/5
For my money Woods of Terror has the most impressive sets in the entire state. The sheer scale of them, as well as the level of detail makes their sets astounding, and there is never a shortage of things to look at and appreciate during your trips through. Their sets range from the cemetery, gothic vampire house, a corn field, an industrial setting, and a pirate ship, to legendary films sets including Elm Street, Camp Crystal Lake, and the Hewitt house; the latter of which might possibly be my favorite set of any haunt. They also have a 3D clown house which is the best 3D around and all of the props and costumes are expertly crafted and detailed. However the blackout maze at the end does feel like a bit of an anti-climactic way to end the trail, but thatís minuscule in comparison to how awesome everything else is.

Length:  5/5
Woods of Terror is a perfect length, it took us around 45 minutes to complete the trail and once we started there werenít any times where things started to drag or get boring.

Value:  3/5
This really all depends on the night that you attend. Tickets are $15-$25 with fast passes and all access passes available if you want them. Cheaper ticket prices on the off nights like Thursday and Sunday are absolutely worth it and a steal for the experience I got. The more busy nights with more expensive prices coupled with the cost of parking gets a little steep for my liking, especially considering the heightened chance of being put through with a large group. So my advice is go on of the slower nights, the experience will be much better and worth every penny.

Parking isnít free and costs $5. There is tons of stuff to do in the midway while you wait to be called in line and multiple concessions stands located around. There are also plenty of actors roaming around in the midway to keep things entertaining while you wait.

Overall:  4/5
Woods of Terror has suffered from overcrowding and bad line management in the past, but last night they were on the top of their game. The actors were phenomenal and the sets are top notch as always. Woods of Terror had me laughing, clapping, and cheering with glee last night at the awesome experience I was having. Woods of Terror is definitely a premier haunt in NC and canít miss in my opinion, just make sure you go on a slower night for the best experience possible.