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Title: Zombie Hollow- Gastonia, NC
Post by: packbacker on October 17, 2015, 02:24:17 PM
Zombie Hollow
Date visited 10/16/15

Scare Factor 1/5
Guides.  Large groups.  Timing issues.  It just doesn't work.  I was ***outside*** multiple sets before the pop scare happened.  I asked the person behind me "what happened?"  She didn't know either because she was also past it before it happened.  Often times trails are way too front heavy in their scares.  Zombie Hollow took the opposite route and every scare was in the back.  Every. Single. One. 

Actors 1/5
There were decent numbers but a few bare areas along the trail.  The issue, as noted previously, was timing.  In fairness that's probably not the fault of the actors but rather the trail design.  Seven people and a guide can't navigate the sets in order for an actor to effectively time their scares. 

Sets/Props/Fx 2/5
A few cool sets and masks.  There was a big dude in I think  a teddy bear costume but again I had to try to turn around to see the scare.  I could be completely wrong.  The last chainsaw guy had a great costume.  Otherwise there was a lot of black plastic, no big props, and multiple chainsaws. 

Length 2/5
About a  fifteen minute trail.  I was ready to be done after 5.  For $10 it's a decent length but when it's boring as church it doesn't help to keep on keeping on. 

Value 2/5
It's a $10 trail which is the appropriate price.  That being said, however, we didn't get our money's worth even at that ticket price. 

Free parking.  Flashlight provided for port-a-potty usage.   

Overall 1/5
I can see the potential in Zombie Hollow.  Unfortunately a multitude of issues turned our visit into one to forget.  Zombie Hollow is a guided trail.  Guided trails, in general, decrease your scares by at least 50% in my humble opinion.  We were placed in a group of seven, told to hold the rope the guide presented and off we went.  Our guide never said another word.  While I understand the trail was a bit steep and "bumpy" at point I think this was incredibly unnecessary and without interaction it just dampens the mood.  The group was wayyyyy too big to be effective on the trail.  I was outside of at least three sets before the scare happened.  Add to all of this that we were paired with some horrible people and the entire visit was a failure.  While the jerk we were paired with wasn't Zombie Hollow's fault, the other issues are glaring and made for a regrettable visit.  The cool sets are wasted when you're outside of them when things happen.  Drop the guides, groups of four, and this might have been a fantastic time.  Sigh.