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Title: Haunted Mill - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 17, 2015, 05:09:00 PM
The Haunted Mill
Submitted By: Screaming_Diana
Date Attended: 10/16/2015
Scare Factor:  5/5
The Haunted Millís website says theyíve expanded and are all new this year and they werenít kidding.  I didnít even recognize the place.  The scares were much more intense.  In years past I remember The Haunted Mill for their actor screams and constant yelling.  It wasnít fun after being yelled at by the 5th or 6th actor you encountered but this year theyíve revamped everything including their yelling actors.  They were sending through small groups.  Ours was 3 deep which allowed everyone to see most of the scares and it gave the monsters a chance to tease and harass everyone in the group.  I was scared and couldnít look up throughout large sections of the haunt.  Every time I felt brave enough to look up something or someone would jump out and scare me back into hiding.  Many times I looked up only to see a clown or demented person inches from my face.  It was frightening.
Actors:  5/5
The actors have done a complete 180 from last year.  Most of these guys were spot on in their timing.  Pop scares were well executed but many actors didnít settle for just a quick pop scare.  They followed, harassed, chased, and stalled you until they were content with their scare.  The actors with speaking parts were fantastic with special mention to the mental patient in the wheelchair.  He was incredible and you could hear him chanting several sets away.  Actor numbers were good and well-spaced throughout the haunt so you didnít run into bare spots.   I know some of these actors are exhausted by the end of the night especially the crazy character running and sliding around all over the place.  That person had some energy.  Several of the actors came charging at us from a distance and give the illusion they are going to stampede your group.  My biggest scare of the night was from an actor all dressed in black hovering below the ceiling.  I was concentrating on the other actor in the room when suddenly this shadow lunges at me outta nowhere.  The actor scares were unpredictable and often one actor was able to produce multiple scares in the same set.
Set Design/Props/Fx:  5/5
The Haunted Millís sets were Impressive to look at when I had the courage to look up.  I noticed a lot of gory sets.  Dark and grungy would describe parts of it.  The mental hospital set was very well done.  The almost vacant hallway with a patient mumbling in a wheelchair up ahead looked like the perfect scene from a horror film.  The padded room before you enter the mental hospital has a nice unexpected surprise.  This is where your guide leaves and your own your own to make it out alive.  The narrow, lantern lit hallways gave the walk to the next set a nice eerie feel.  If there wasnít an actor around there was always an animatronic or gory prop to enjoy.  Several of these animatronics get very close to you.  Lots of chainsaws, loud noises, and animatronics are used here.
Length:  5/5
Theyíve expanded and made this haunt so much better.  Longer doesnít always mean better but in this case the extended length greatly improved this haunt.  They were able to make it longer but also make the entire haunt scarier and a much better haunt altogether.   
Value:  5/5
With all the changes and improvements theyíve made this haunt is well worth the $15 admission price.  They do have combo tickets for the haunt plus 3D blacklight mini golf for $20 and offer discounts for kids.
Parking is free.  They have indoor mini golf games for those that want to hang around a play for a while.  The haunt is mostly indoor so would likely be open during rain when most other haunts would have to close.
Overall Impression:  5/5
I was blown away by the changes the Haunted Mill made from last year.  Itís a totally different haunt and I loved it.  It was nonstop action from start to finish.  There was never a dull moment and no time to rest between scares.  I was terrified and exhausted by the end.  The scares were tighter, the actors more skilled, and the length was extended.  The haunt is mostly self-guided but several times a clown and other monster joined in and accompanied our group.  They scared the pee outta me but seemed to be having a helluva good time following us around.  As Iíve mentioned before never run from a clown and never run from a chainsaw.  It never ends well but I canít seem to remember to take my own advice.  I was more than impressed with the Haunted Mill and recommend it to anyone looking for a good scare.

Title: Re: Haunted Mill - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 17, 2015, 05:10:38 PM
Haunted Mill
Date attended: 10-16-2015
Submitted by: krb187

Scare Factor:  4/5
Well I have to give the Haunted Mill respect because they got me. While watching the actors torment a member of my group a very well timed prop shot right into my face and Iím not ashamed at all to say I jumped. They have almost every kind of scare you can think of here, from well-timed pop scares, to subtle creepiness that makes you unnerved, to unbelievable actors who will have you questioning their legitimate sanity. They do a very good job of setting of a certain feel this year and right from the start there was a feeling of dread and isolation and for a haunt located right off a busy street that is an impressive feat to pull off. They had screaming_diana living up to her name as well, so much so that at one point I was close to being sick from laughing so hard. The actors here are amazing, and the props do exactly what theyíre supposed to: distract you and set up the actor driven scares. There wasnít a reliance on any specific kind of scare and I was very impressed with how persistent the actors were, following us through multiple rooms at a time and not being satisfied with a simple Ďpopí. If you go to Haunted Mill chances are theyíre going to get you.

Actors:  5/5
Haunted Mill really hit the mark with actors this year. Everyone seemed like they were brimming with energy and were aggressive, in-your-face, and made sure to follow up and get every single reaction they could. Many of the actors had lengthy speaking parts and they all delivered them solidly. You can always tell when someone really enjoys what theyíre doing, and I got that vibe from everyone there. There are really just too many to pick out, from the insane clowns, to wonderful demonic figures in the beginning, to the butchers, and the list goes on and on. Their timing was on point, their lines were great, and almost every actor got multiple screams out of screaming_diana. I do however have to give two special shout outs: firstly the woman in the butcher room just holding the cleaver and turning her head back and forth look legit crazy and had the one of creepiest grins  Iíve seen . Secondly, there was a stellar actor who was in the asylum area/hallway. He started off at the end of the hall in a wheelchair and rolled to where we were and then followed us the entire way back up. Literally the entire time he did this he was rambling on with all sorts of lunatic banter and never slipped over his words or repeated himself, and even after we were out of the hallway we could still hear him shouting and singing behind us. This was a solid 3-5 minutes of constant interaction, and that is very impressive. I wish I could put into words how good he was, but Iíll just leave it by saying he was one of the best actors Iíve seen so far this year.

Set Design/Props/FX:  4/5
The Haunted Mill got a complete overhaul and redesign this year, and it was for the better. There were a few familiar sets, but most of them looked new and they were very good. The start and end of the haunt were changed as well, and the beginning is scores better than the old one. Walking through the alley down the side of the building to start the haunt sets a perfect tone of creepiness and unsettles you a bit from the start, readying you for what waits inside. The asylum, butcher room, and old gothic room with the bookcases were the best in my opinion, and again I feel like the room with the well could be great if there was more in it. Haunted Mill has some very impressive props too, and they know how to use them with the actor scares. The time I got jumped was from a prop, and that just goes to show that they know what theyíre doing with them. You can tell that Haunted Mill put a lot of effort into the design of the place itself and it paid off wonderfully.

Length:  4/5
Haunted Mill is very short, I didnít time it exactly but I think it took around 20-25 minutes for us to go through. They only have a limited amount of space but they did add on to it from last year and make it longer. Honestly I just didnít want it to end because I was enjoying myself so much.

Value:  5/5
Haunted Mill is $15 with a combo ticket of $20 for the haunt and 3D golf that looks pretty enjoyable. Thatís a very good deal for the experience I got, and better than some haunts that charge a lot more.

Free Parking! Also they have black light 3D mini-golf that looks like a lot of fun. Iím not sure if they offer concessions but they are right off of Wilkinson Blvd in Belmont and there are plenty of stores and restaurants around.

Overall:  4.5/5
Haunted Mill has admittedly had a rough time in the last few years, but this year they came back with a vengeance. All of the problems they had last year were addressed and fixed perfectly, with the main one being the group management. We went through with a group of 3 and never ran into or even saw another group and never felt rushed at all as we were going through. The scares were solid, the actors were amazing, and the props and sets were all well utilized. We were all pleasantly surprised and walked back to our cars talking about all of the improvements and wishing we could go back for more. Haunted Mill is back in top form and an absolute canít miss haunt this season.


Title: Re: Haunted Mill - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 18, 2015, 10:17:58 AM
The Haunted Mill
Submitted by: packbacker
Date visited: 10/16/15

Scare factor: 4/5
The Haunted Mill floored me with their offerings this year.  They deliver a much more personal experience.  Smaller groups, less rushed, more in your face screams, and a longer trail.  There are some great animatronic props here that deliver some startle scares.  Actors will get up in your grill and many will pursue you if you show fear.  There are no places here to catch your breath- it's scene after scene filled to the gills with moving props, actors, and cool things to look at. 

Actors: 3.5/5
The Haunted Mill doesn't lack for numbers with their actors.  Everywhere you turned there seemed to be someone ready to get you.  In honesty in points there almost seemed to be too many as they were bumping into one another or taking a scene off because our group was surrounded.  I did catch several breaking character which is always a shame.  A special shout-out needs to be given to a gentleman in a straight-jacket in a wheelchair.  He sold the crazy persona better than anyone I've encountered this year.  Muttering nonsense while wheeling himself around with his foot....I could have fully believed this man wasn't right in the head.  In general there was a lot of stalking and much less just outright screaming which was a Haunted Mill staple in yesteryear. 

Sets/props/fx: 5/5
It looks good.  Damn good.  I really was blown away by the new intro area.  The padded walls in the asylum lead to a good reveal.  A lot of the sets from years past are used but they are super effective in small groups.  There's a high gore factor early on with all sorts of bloody goodness.  Other places within the mill offer up a gothic feel to them with high covered lighting, dusty bookcases, and a mothball smell.  There are multiple moving props that pop out at you and got multiple of our group members to scream.  Actor costumes are solid.  Even the walkway from the new part of the trail into the previous exit looks creepy- a random statue in what looks like a trash pile with a great ramp for a slider actor to launch towards the group.

Length: 3/5
It took us roughly fifteen minutes to finish the attraction.  It's short BUT much more action packed and scarier this year.  The location is such that they physically can't add much more but multiple patrons were overhead mentioning how quickly it ends.

Value: 4/5
Tickets are $15.  It's a shorter attraction but with the re-haul it's fresh, fun, and tons scarier than in years past.  It's well worth checking out if you've been before and want a new take on things.

Free parking.  The Haunted Mill has a black light mini golf course and arcade in the same building and combo tickets are available. 

Overall: 4.5/5
I'll be brutally honest- I wasn't looking forward to attending the Haunted Mill.  I've had big, big problems with the operation in the past.  Well, I love it when I'm wrong.  They've redone the entire thing.  The Haunted Mill now features small groups, new entrance and exit, a longer trail, and new and bigger scares. We never got overrun by another group and we were able to dawdle here and there were actors were having some extra fun with our group.  Everyone got to experience each room and it was non-stop action.  I was shocked at the transformation from last year to this year.  This was a fantastic time start to finish.  Go check these guys out as they are bringing the heat this year!