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Title: Netherworld - Atlanta, Ga
Post by: Badger on October 19, 2015, 03:31:14 PM
Date Visited 10/16/15

Scare Factor: 5/5
Netherworld is in my opinion the BEST haunted house in the United States and has been for many many years.  The themes of the two shows change every year but the quality of the show stays high.   This year's themes were "The Rotting" upstairs and "Vault 13" downstairs.  Just standing in the parking lot, you know that you are someplace special.  From the giant projections on the walls of the buildings, to the actors lurking in the parking lots, to the famous Rock Monster overseeing it all, Netherworld has it all.  I got there right before opening and watched the crowds lining up in anticipation and you could see the fear in peoples eyes.  After going through the line which takes you through their museum of oddities and unusual things, I went through the haunts and was totally blown away...again.

Actors: 5/5
The actors at Netherworld are top notch and many of them have been there for many years. They boast a 2/3 retention rate and rarely lose a main character unless they move away or die (both have happened).  Each year, Netherworld introduces a signature character and the next season, that character is used as a queue line actor.  From the famous 'Collector' to 'Porcelain Doll' to 'Lord Vulgaris', the parking lot actors entertain the crowd and pose for photos all night.  I have been fortunate to be one of those actors over the past few years.  The actors working the show inside are all top-notch although this year there were a few more pop-scares than I have seen in year's past and less interactive actors.  This did NOT deter from the experience, just an observation.  

Set design/Props/FX: 5/5 (Should be a 10/5)
Every year, Netherworld changes their themes and changes out about 75% of their haunt. I recognized some of their major props in different locations but there is so much scenic overload, it's almost too much.  They start off with a vortex tunnel and that's about as tame as it gets.  VERY claustrophobic passages, amazing lighting, and so many other things to see, I doubt anyone can see everything in one trip.  Even staring up at the ceiling hoping to get my bearing I see ghostly spectres floating overhead.  I almost did a double take thinking it was my imagination, but nope, they're up there.  My only complaint was that there was SO much in the main show (upstairs) that it was hard to see what "The Rotting" was all about.  I assume it was about the undead, and there were undead aplenty, however there was so many other things that didn't seen connected to it.  the lower show "Vault 13" was incredibly well-themed and made you think you were in a lab gone horribly wrong.  Watch out for the foamy surprise at the end (don't take the bypass).

Length: 5/5
It will take you well over an hour to do both shows.  It may take 2-3 hours to wait in lines but you would never know it as the queue actors are entertaining and there are plenty of things to do to keep you occupied.

Value: 5/5
From their website:
"For $22 per person, you can see the main haunt, THE ROTTING on any night EXCEPT Fridays and Saturdays.Ticket Price for THE ROTTING on Fridays and Saturdays is $25 per ticket.
For $28 per person, you can see THE ROTTING  and VAULT 13: UNEARTHED on any night EXCEPT Fridays and Saturdays.
Ticket Price for THE ROTTING  and VAULT 13: UNEARTHED on October 2, 3, 9, 10, and November 6 and 7is $30 per ticket.
Ticket Price for THE ROTTING  and VAULT 13: UNEARTHED on October 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 and 31 is $35 per ticket.
For $50 per person ($55 on Oct 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 and 31) you may buy a SpeedPass that will give you front of the line access to both THE ROTTING and VAULT 13: UNEARTHED."

Overall: 5/5
POSSIBLE FREE PARKING! (If you know where to go) I am unashamed to admit that this is my ultimate favorite haunt in the world. (and I've been to over 300 in the US). However, it's not bragging if you can back it up, and Netherworld certainly delivers.  I love going through the shows and then spending the rest of the evening watching the crowds get scared, grabbing a bite from a food truck, shopping in the gift shop or playing the 'scare someone' machine (which activates a prop in the haunt from the parking lot for a quarter).  This is a destination haunt that you will spend many hours at unless you get there very early or vary late.  I highly recommend Netherworld to anyone driving down I-85 to Atlanta (exit 99 in Norcross).  You will NOT be disappointed.

Title: Re: Netherworld - Atlanta, Ga
Post by: packbacker on October 19, 2015, 06:30:57 PM
Thanks so much for the review, Badger.  Planning on popping my Netherworld cherry this year.  Any hints on the possible free parking? :)

Title: Re: Netherworld - Atlanta, Ga
Post by: Badger on October 20, 2015, 07:34:46 AM
I get there very early and am usually able to park in the main lot.  If not, the staff can direct you to a suitable place.  I do act there so I can get into the actor lot when I am working.  Good luck and enjoy!