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Title: Forbidden Forest - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 23, 2015, 08:31:38 AM
Forbidden Forrest Horror Trail
Submitted By: Screaming_Diana
Date Attended: 10/22/2015
Scare Factor:  5/5
TERRIFIED!  That basically sums up me at Forbidden Forest.  The whole intro and all the voice recordings were exceptionally eerie.   Listening to Jigsaw, as he rides in on his tricycle, say ďYouíre probably wondering where you are.  Iíll tell you where you might be.  You might be in the room you die inĒ made me wonder what in the hell Iíd gotten myself into.  I heard ďLetís play a gameĒ and the games began.  I was shut down from fear after the first two rooms.  This was opening night but you couldnít tell.  These guys were spot on.  Itís an intense interactive haunt that does a great job touching on everyoneís fears.  If your fear is darkness, tight spaces, being alone, being watched, or chainsaws you better prepare yourself because youíre in for a fear filled night.
Actors:  5/5
The actors here are top notch and never seem to miss a beat.  Speaking parts are carried out with perfection and the scares are very well timed.  Iíd like to give special mention to Junior with his ability to execute his character with perfection.  None of the actors broke character.  Make-up, masks, and costumes always look phenomenal.  Actor numbers are good and it seems as if they have a lot of the same actors year after year.  The magician, with the longest name known to man, and the asylum line manager always spend extra time terrorizing and entertaining people as they come through.  The chainsaw actors were relentless and didnít give up until I was off the trail and begging for someone to come rescue me.  Most actors do not settle for a pop scare.  Once the initial scare is produced they continue to pursue you until they are satisfied that youíve been scared enough.   
Set Design/Props/FX:  5/5
The entire trail is amazing.  The sets are original.  Each year they change things up or add new scenes and scares.  The purge section of the haunt made me think I was really involved in a purge.  Every aspect of this place is insanely well designed.  The asylum is all new this year and youíll get some rather alarming instructions before you enter this house of crazy folk.  You never know who or what might be watching you.  Perhaps even your friends are watching as you struggle in fear to get out alive.  Mazes are dark and often without an easy exit.  They can be a bit stressful as I think the actors can hold you up in a maze for a while if they want or perhaps we were just stupid and couldnít find our way out.
Length:  5/5
The line guy at the beginning of the haunt said it took about 25-30 minutes to get through but it all depends on your group and how long the monsters keep you in their section terrorizing you.  I couldnít survive it being much longer.  I was terrified and exhausted by the end.
Value:  5/5
This is an incredible haunt for $15.  You can get fast passes for $30 which is a good idea if you are in a hurry because wait times can be long.  They do it right and only send through small groups so you wait longer but you get a much better experience.  Itís totally worth the wait to go in small groups.  Their website says kids 6 and under are free but I was almost in tears a few times so I donít think itís wise to bring a young kid to this haunt.
Parking is free.  Concessions are available for purchase.
Overall Impression:  5/5
Every year I leave Forbidden Forest stoked about whatís to come next year.  So far they havenít disappointed me.  Last year I got to pet a Chicken Dragon this year, however, a Chicken Dragon petted me!  This is one helluva haunt.  The owners do it for the love of Halloween but also to raise money for St. Jude Childrenís Hospital.  You can experience a great haunt and help out a great cause all at the same time.  They are only open a few nights each Halloween season so hurry up and get over to Forbidden Forest before itís too late.   Iím already looking forward to my visit next Halloween.

Title: Re: Forbidden Forest - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 23, 2015, 12:04:18 PM
Forbidden Forest
Submitted by: packbacker
Date visited: 10/22/15

Scare factor: 5/5
Forbidden Forest is not your average trail.  It's self-guided but scene based.  There's a scene (well two actually) based on the movie "Saw" that will throw you for a loop if you've never been before.  It's hard to properly review because you don't want to give things away.  Imagine if you will the combination of shotguns, Jigsaw's puppet character, a slide, and chainsaws....yeah they bring it.  The rest of the trail doesn't slack up.  The Asylum area is new/revamped this year and it preys on a certain fear that a lot of patrons have...and you have to conquer it to make it through that section.  The scares are exceptionally well times and vary between actor delivered, noise, props (lots of things vibrate here!), and the ubiquitous super revved up chainsaws.  I'm pretty sure that however seasoned you are at haunted houses that Forbidden Forest will deliver something you've never encountered before. 

Actors: 5/5
The actors at Forbidden Forest that have speaking roles flat out nail them.  I wish I could remember more character names so I could give them individual shout-outs but they are all excellent.  A special recognition needs to be given to the actor who portrays "Junior", though.  He is amazing in his delivery.  The folks here also don't give up very easily.  Case in point goes to the chainsaw actors who chased screaming_diana off the trail.  They paused their chainsaws so I could retrieve her and ten seconds after we got back within the caution tape boundaries they went right back to it causing her to run off in the other direction.  The characters in the asylum appeared appropriately deranged and the initial actor was crawling all over the place and contorting such that eventually I had to step over him to venture further inside.  The collector of fantastic creatures is always a hoot and the queue line "manager" at the beginning of the asylum (name escapes me sadly) is like a deranged combination of Mrs. Doubtfire and the killer cartoon character from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" You might be asking yourself if that is a good thing....yes, yes it is.  Creepy, hilarious, and still able to sell the scares. 

Sets/Props/Fx: 5/5
While there are no large props here the scenes themselves are fantastic.  Most of the doors in the scenes keep you there until they are ready to let you out. Multiple areas have motorized props (ie the tricycle) on wires to move about.  Lots of vibrating props, a disturbing slide, and excellent use of video.  Masks and makeup are all solid and suited to the individual scene.  The last house has been completely redone and delivers some easy yet very effective scares. There's even a little video treat at the end that again I don't want to give away for newbies to Forbidden Forest but I could spend all evening just right there. 

Length: 4/5
If something is good you are always left wanting more.  The trail felt a little short but best I can tell was the exact same length as the past several years.  I think it simply came down to I was having such a great time that I didn't want it to end.

Value: 5/5
Tickets are $15 apiece with an option for a fast-pass at a higher price.  Even though the trail isn't the longest one in the area the uniqueness of the scare tactics and the personal interaction you are bound to have make this a solid play money wise. 

Free parking!  Minimal concessions are available at the trail-head with merchandise and photo ops available at the end.  Lines can vary from minimal to quite long as this haunt is only open 6 nights a year.  Groups are sent through very well spaced and in smaller sizes so prepare for a wait if you go late in the season / late at night.

Overall: 5/5
If you've never been before just quit reading this and go.  I can't be effusive enough in my praise for what these guys put on year after year.  Mind you we arrived on opening night after they had been open for about an hour...imagine how things will be next weekend!  If you are looking for giant props, crowd conga lines, or simple pop scares this place is not for you.  Ingenuity, actor interaction, and scares for a good cause (proceeds benefit St. Jude's children's hospital) then please check out this place.  It's very unassuming when you pull up....yes you are in the right place.  Head towards the tiki torches and you'll hear the music, see some lasers, and when you get close enough you'll see a door that reads: "Pay to get in.  Pray to get out."  Yep, you're in the right place!

Title: Re: Forbidden Forest - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 23, 2015, 02:31:41 PM
Forbidden Forest
Date attended: 10-22-2015
Submitted by: krb187

Scare Factor: 5/5
Two years in a row now Forbidden Forest have managed to get a kind of nervous excitement out of me that no other trail has managed to evoke in quite a few years. Right from the start youíre made aware that youíre in for a different kind of haunt experience and the action starts immediately and doesnít let up for the entire trail. Everyone in my group was gotten at least once and they had my girlfriend the most frightened Iíve ever seen her in a haunt before, so bravo guys. Forbidden Forest relies more on scenes and skits than just pop scare after pop scare and it helps create a much more interactive experience. The first couple of saw-inspired rooms are a shell-shock of an opener and leave no time for collecting yourself before hurling you into further madness. The backwoods cabin and Purge scenes were highlights of mine and the asylum has been completely rebuilt and is bigger, badder, and better than ever. Itís hard to not talk too much about what goes on, but I really donít want to give anything away because itís such an experience to go in completely blind. I must say as well without giving anything away, that Forbidden Forest has the most genius ending to a haunt that I have ever seen. It just works on every single level and I can imagine is insanely scary for a lot of people.

Actors:  5/5
As with everything else here the actors are of the highest quality. Most of them have fairly lengthy speaking parts and they all came off very organic. You wonít see any rehearsed lines here; these guys know how to ad libb and I would guess that 80% of the stuff that comes out of their mouths is completely off the top. Thereís no forgetting about the more silent monsters though, as they can play off the Ďsilent and intimidatingí vibe very well and donít miss a beat at all in evoking scares from guests. Timing was on point here and actors really love to keep guests in their areas for as long as they want before finally releasing you from the area. Special shout outs have to go the actor right before the asylum who had me rolling in laughter the whole time I was there, and the stuttering guy (whose name escapes me unfortunately) with all of the bodies hanging in his room. That guy is AMAZING and genuinely had me creeped out, which is a very hard thing to accomplish.

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5
Forbidden Forest doesnít boast any larger than life sets, Hollywood make-up artists, or thousand dollar props, and they absolutely donít need them. One of my favorite things about them is how backwoods and old school everything feels. It feels like the perfect throwback and instead of beautiful sets and props they go for a much more gritty, dirty, and close-up and intimate setting and it creates the perfect atmosphere for a haunt. Donít get me wrong however, even though the sets arenít huge and expensive they are expertly detailed and everything looks very professional. The asylum set was probably my favorite this year and was very impressive in the amount of detail that went into the construction with all of the painting, set pieces, and lighting being on point. Forbidden Forest also have some of the most creative sets and set designs out there, with nearly every single room being very easy to get lost in. Like I said before, the beginning is an all-out sensory overload and the sets and props in those areas are a very big factor of that. All of the costumes were on point as well; no simple hoodies and jeans here. Throughout the entire trip it is very apparent that lots of time and energy go into making Forbidden Forest look and feel the way that it does.

Length: 4/5
It took around 25-30 mins for us to go through Forbidden Forest and I would imagine that that is about the time that most people could even handle being in those woods. Itís definitely not the longest haunt out there and I could easily spend an hour of more in there because of how much fun I have, but you do feel like you gotten your moneyís worth when you come out

Value: 5/5
Tickets are $15 dollars with fast passes available for $30. Fast passes are a good option as the season goes on because wait times can get pretty long. Fifteen is more than worth it, and I would gladly pay more for Forbidden Forest.

Parking is free and there are concessions offered at the end of the trail. There are also other merchandise and photo ops available at the end too.

Overall: 5/5
Forbidden Forest has a certain gritty, underground feel to it that I just canít seem to get enough of. I was a little worried that some of the magic would wear off since I had an idea of what to expect, but that couldnít be further from the truth. Everything just works here and you are guaranteed to be creeped out, nervous, scared and laughing many times throughout your tour of the woods. For me Forbidden Forest is as close to a perfect haunt experience as Iíve had all year, and that is up against some very stiff competition. They are hitting all the right notes right now, and if you can only make it out to one haunt for the rest of this season, it HAS to be Forbidden Forest.