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Title: Camp Fear - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 24, 2015, 03:17:32 PM
Camp Fear
Submitted By:  Screaming_Diana
Date Attended:  10/23/2015
Scare Factor:  2.5/5
Camp Fear has the perfect location for a haunt.  A long gravel road leads you through a campground and ultimately to the tractor ride that will take you to the actual haunt.  Scares were meager at best for most sections of the haunt.  The actors with chainsaws were the exception and had me screaming and running back to my friends for safety.  At one point I was on the ground crawling as fast as I could trying to escape the chainsaws.  The asylum and the clown town had better scares than the other sections.  Where the trail lacks in scares they make up for some of it with fun and laughter.  I canít count the number of times someone in my group shouted out in laughter while on the trail.
Actors:  2.5/5
The actors are fairly low key here.  Most settle for a quick pop scare and go immediately back into hiding.  A few actors attempted longer scares but they were not well executed.  Most scares centered on the front of the group and pop scares were activated as soon as a group member entered the set.  Our group was nine deep which makes it nearly impossible for an actor to scare an entire group that large.  Some actorís costumes and masks were good while others were sparse.  Some actors were not in costume at all with just jeans and a t-shirt on.  The clowns and the asylum actors were pretty enthusiastic about their characters.  Daniels Mama has her speaking lines down to perfection.  She took a chew of tobacco dip from one of the guys waiting to enter the haunt.  She was able to tie this into her skit and never broke character.  She's talented and interacts with the costumers with ease.
Set Design/Props/Fx:  3/5
The trail begins with Daniels Mama telling a long story about Daniel's hurtful childhood from being bullied.  Youíll see Daniel in the first house but lose him after that.  Itíd be great to continue the story on down the trail but theyíve got a good mix of different sets and a unique Escape Room type set.  While the Escape Room is a good and unique idea it was executed poorly.  Iímí guessing itís a new concept this year and they are still working out the kinks but the actor in the last room simply unlocked the last door right away without us even having a chance to find a clue.  Iím not sure all the clues are even possible to reach or obtain so I was happy to be set free and continue on with my journey.  The Asylum was one of their stronger areas and had a nice new faÁade.  After seeing the writing on the walls I believe the inhabitants in this area could quite possibly be truly insane.  Corn horse, suicidal fetus, dead fetus, and I love blood were just a few of the really strange things found written along the white sheet walls.  The clown area 3D was some of the best Iíve seen.  I had to hold onto the wall just to get down the ramp that appeared to be steps.  It, along with their vortex, was very disorienting.  They have a random squishy ground effect that is very well hidden along the trail.  We ventured through several maze type areas including a zombie outbreak area, the white sheet asylum, and a haunted black maze.
Length:  4/5
Itís a longer haunt consisting of a tractor ride (not haunted just a people mover), storytelling from Daniels Mama, lots of different sets, and a vortex.
Value:  2.5/5
The trail seems a bit on the high side at $18 bucks per adult but they do offer $2 off coupons on their website and have discount admission for younger kids.
They have the best hospitality youíll find at a haunt.  Free hot chocolate and coffee are offered.  Other concessions are available for purchase.
Overall Impression:  3.5/5
My night was certainly full of entertainment with belching zombies, swastika babies, and old ladies asking patrons for a chew.  I was not super scared here, with the exception of the chainsaws, but I had a good time.  Itís a lower scare haunt but has some cool sets, neat concepts, and startling props and animatronics.  For those in the area, especially if youíve never been, itís worth checking out.  Even if you donít get scared youíll laugh along with the crazies in the asylum, enjoy some disorienting 3D, and have a nice cup of free hot chocolate by the fire.

Title: Re: Camp Fear - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 25, 2015, 12:49:49 PM
Camp Fear
Submitted by: packbacker
Date visited: 10/23/15

Scare Factor: 2/5
I found the trail entertaining in spots but never really scary.  There are a fair number of empty areas as well as places where the scares don't work.  The dental area has a young woman smiling and squeezing a drill and waving.  The asylum area is yet again the strongest scare area with actors talking to you and popping out a half dozen times through the section.  Camp Fear has an Escape Room concept that is something I've never encountered on a trail before. It's a fun idea but wasn't executed well.  The first room I don't think was feasible to escape from, the second room was a lot of guessing, and the third room malfunctioned on us.  On top of this there is no "consequence" for not escaping so the scare level is minimal and it becomes more frustrating than scary. There are a few good chainsaw scares and a claustrophobic dark maze. 

Actors: 2/5
First of all, Daniel's mother is a hoot.  She delivers the back story with ease all while interacting with all the folks around the fire.  She's got a adult humor streak in her and bummed a dip off a guy while we were there!  The actors in the asylum are strong and do make you think twice about their sanity.  After that quality and quantity begin to dip.  In a nearly empty zombie area we had one burp at us.  While amusing it didn't really convey any sense of trepidation. Scares were directed almost entirely at the front of the group and often settled for the initial reveal/pop scare.  Group size was also an issue.  We went through as a group of nine and with front only scares those poor souls in the back simply got a stroll in the woods.

Sets/Props/Fx: 3/5
Camp Fear is for the most part an old school spook trail.  There are a few modern props here or there- an electrocuted dummy, solid 3D in the clown area, and a vortex but the majority of the trail is black plastic, sheets, and small buildings/sets.  The campground area had some easy but genius scares with easy effects (slamming grill cover).  There's also a spider that is paired with Godzilla sound effects that made me laugh.  Masks and costumes in general are minimal and occasionally non existent.  One chainsaw operator was shirtless and wearing a camo hat...  There were a few nice touches here and there with writing on "walls" and some messed up dolls- one with nails in it and another with the word "Liar" painted on it.

Length: 5/5
Camp Fear consists of a hayride to the trail-head, a story from Daniel's momma, and then a quite long trail through the woods.  There's also a very dark, twisty maze followed by a 3D area.  With the hayride (non haunted) expect at least forty minutes to complete the attraction.

Value: 2.5/5
Full price tickets are $18.  There's a $2 coupon on the website and early in the season tickets are half off with canned food donations.  It's a long trail but not particularly scary so value is in the eye of the beholder.  It feels a bit overpriced at $18.

Free parking!  Camp Fear has probably the nicest touch of all the trails we visit.  They offer complimentary hot chocolate, cider, or coffee for patrons.  The apple cider was warm and tasty on a cold evening.  Other concessions were available for sale and there was a fire for people to warm themselves by before waiting for the wagon ride.

Overall: 3/5
Despite some issues with actors and execution, I was entertained by Camp Fear.  The hayride, while still not scary, meandered through the campground which had many more decorated campsites that gave off a nostalgic holiday feel.  Daniel's mom always makes me laugh, the asylum is always a bit nuts (loved seeing "suicidal fetus" scrawled on a sheet) and the escape room could with some moderate tweaking be a fantastic addition to the trail.  End the night with some warm apple cider and it's not a bad way to spend an October evening.   

Title: Re: Camp Fear - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 26, 2015, 02:00:18 PM
Camp Fear
Date attended: 10-23-2015
Submitted by: krb187

Scare Factor: 2/5
Although I did enjoy myself during my visit there wasnít really a time that things got scary. There were some dead spots and a lot of the time it didnít seem like actors really knew what to do past the initial pop-scare. The big exception to this was the asylum area, the actors here were on top form and definitely didnít just settle for a one Ėshot scare. The guy with the baseball bat was energetic and aggressive the whole time, and the giggling girl carrying around the dead baby talking about how she was Ďall-betterí was believably creepy. That was probably the strongest point of the trail and after that the scares dropped off significantly. The cannibal Ďescape-roomí was more confusing than anything and didnít really work. Itís a great concept but it needs a lot of work before it becomes effective. The zombie area was weak too with only a few distant actors, but the trail did pick back up towards the end with the very well done 3D clown house and blackout maze.

Actors:  3/5
Again the asylum area was where this was the strongest with the actors there being aggressive and able to interact well the entire time we were in there. Danielís mom was also great and she delivered her lines perfectly and with a healthy dose of ad-libbing in between. The moment she took a dip off of one of the guys around the fire I was sold, and she was a real highlight for me. Unfortunately a lot of the other actors seemed unsure of themselves, and didnít really know what to do past the initial Ďpopí and that led to a lot of just standing around trying to look menacing. That being said there were more than a few actors who were funny rather than scary and did a good job of keeping us entertained while we were inside.

Set Design/Props/FX:  3/5
Camp Fear is a very old school type trail with a lot of their sets being made up of black tarp, sheets, and other random junkyard type objects that you would normally find in an abandoned campground. While the low-tech feel may not be everyoneís thing it certainly is mine, and I loved the overwhelming feel of nostalgia I had the entire time. Once again the asylum takes top marks, with the sheet filled area not only being effective but also allowing just a few actors many opportunities for scares. The 3D clown area was also very good and the 3D worked better than a lot of other trails. Like I said earlier the cannibal escape room was a good idea but didnít really work well and was more frustrating than fun or scary. Also I feel like the hayride could be a very effective spot with all the old run down campers and cars, and only needs one or two actors to make it a lot more than just people mover.

Length:  5/5
Between the hayride, the pre-haunt story, and the trail itself Camp Fear is a very satisfying length and Iíd say we were in there for a good 45 minutes.

Value:  2/5
Ticket prices are $18 and to be completely honest that feels overpriced to me. There are $2 coupons available on the website and they have discounts for canned food early on in the season.

Free parking! Also Camp Fear has probably the coolest waiting area Iíve seen and they are very hospitable with all sorts of concessions available. They also have complimentary hot chocolate and cider at the end of the trail which is a great touch after your trip through the camp.

Overall:  3/5
Although Camp Fear isnít the best or scariest haunt out there I can truthfully say that I really enjoyed myself there. I love the nostalgic Halloween feel that the whole place has and it really brings me back to going to my first spook trails when I was younger. Danielís mom and the asylum were great and most of the rest of trail was fun. There are some problems that need to be addressed, mostly with the escape room, but overall the trail is pretty enjoyable and not a bad way to spend some free time in October.

Title: Re: Camp Fear - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 29, 2015, 10:30:37 PM
Camp Fear
Date Attended: 10/23/15

Scare Factor: 1/5
There aren't really scares at Camp Fear per se.  It skews a little younger than most spook trails, so you're mostly looking for fun rather than scares.  This year we found a lack of both.  It was doing alright for the first half of the trail, but then the Escape Room portion started, and then the scares and the fun pretty much died.  I applaud them for wanting to try something new, and integrating puzzles into a haunt could be a genius idea, but to say there are still bugs to work out is kind of an insult to bugs.  The puzzles just didn't work, and the almost complete lack of instructions or context mostly just irritated people.  Beyond that, unless you have an extreme allergy to black plastic, I don't see people getting too worked up at anything here.

Actors: 2.5/5
This is a tough one to grade.  By and large the actors aren't very good.  It's mostly kids, and they don't seem to have been trained beyond being told to yell or scream when they saw people.  But among them, there were some real standouts.  First off, Daniel's Mom is awesome!  Great at ad libbing, created a character that was really creepy even with sparkly purple antennae, and even got some dip from a guy during the middle of her story!  There was also a cool guy with a bat and a mask that resembled the SILENCE OF THE LAMBS mask, and I enjoyed the guy in the asylum area who mumbled whatever he heard our group say as though it irritated him.  Beyond that, hollering kids.

Set Design/Props/FX: 2/5
I gave them a point for a pretty robust 3-D section that was new this year.  I enjoyed the doll "room" where there were babies with swastikas on their bellies and nails through their heads.  Otherwise, it was pretty much black plastic and a couple shacks.  Oh, the asylum used white sheets instead.

Length: 3/5
It begins with the slowest, longest, most uneventful hayride in the history of hayrides.  Then you walk through a good long trail.  The length is not the problemÖ

Value: 2/5
Öit's the total lack of scares that is!  This is a church league haunt masquerading as an $18 trail.  They do have free coffee, hot chocolate and cider before and after you go, which is fantastic!  Incredibly friendly people, the hospitality can't be beat!

Overall: 2/5
Camp Fear is really old school.  Unfortunately, it's old school like before you were old enough to go to a real haunt.  I knew that going in, but those can still be a really good time.  But with how poorly the puzzle areas were executed, it ended up being more of a frustrating time, instead.  The setting is perfect, and you can tell the will is there, but it just never really comes together.  Still, the potential of Camp Fear will probably bring me back again, though at this point I doubt they every fully reach it.