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Title: Dead End on Kay Drive- Easley, SC
Post by: packbacker on October 25, 2015, 06:10:57 PM
Dead End on Kay Drive
Date visited: 10/24/15

Scare Factor: 1/5
The scariest thing was trying to make it out without injuring myself.  Seriously.  I'll admit it that I lost my cool after the third time tripping over random steps or room frames.  I spent my entire rest of the attraction trying not to fall so I didn't focus on what scares were there or being entertained.  My friend, however, seemed entirely non-plussed and when screaming_diana can go on a trail without a peep it's just not scary.  There are a few prop scares and some minimal actor interactions.  You blink and it's done.  The trail is a complete waste of time summed up best by the Freddy character peeping out from behind his sheet and just returning to his fire.  Terror inducing at its best.

Actors: ? /5
As I said above I was just trying to not break an ankle.  I paid them no heed.  Apparently one thought it was funny to dump cup fulls of water on patrons.  The actors on the trail were silent and liked to bang things on the bars.  Repetitive and not scary after the first five minutes of doing it.

Sets/Props/Fx: 1/5
The house is dangerous and uncomfortable for anyone six feet tall or taller.  Tripping hazards and low ceilings.  Lots of tripping hazards.  Enough tripping hazards that you wonder if they've got an agreement with the local urgent care to drum up enough business for them.  The spinning room could have been cool except for the set-up which was simply frustrating.  The Saw scene had some ingenuity to it but again the execution failed.  Any coolness, though, is wiped out when you trip yet again walking to the next set.  I can't comment on masks or costumes, either, as I spent the majority of the trail looking at the floor to see if I could make it out without ending up in a boot.

Length: 1/5
The house is short.  I was shocked that we were done with it although my ankles were relieved that they would live another day.  The "trail" is long enough as the action is weak and predictable. 

Value: 1/5
Various websites state a combo ticket for the house/trail are $22.  Nope.  $24 and cash only without any explanation for the difference.  For this premium level ticket price what do you receive?  A ten to fifteen minute dangerous trip through the house, the joy of inhaling excessive exhaust fumes in the covered queue tunnel, and then a "trail" that is a caged truck ride with disinterested actors and a driver who stops randomly.  It's insane that these prices are being charged and people are paying for it year after year.   The highest end haunts in NC are charging $30 and are four times as long with sets/props that are breath-taking.  It's absolutely mind boggling.

Free parking.  There is a bonfire with stumps to sit on while waiting on for the "haunted trail".  Unknown if concessions or merchandise were available.

Overall: 1/5
I'm still a bit shell shocked that I paid $24 ($2 higher that list price, mind you) to go through that last night.  You start in a line in a covered ramp up to the house.  The smell from the generator is strong and I guess you get a little high for that ticket price.  We enter the house and are sent into a dark hallway.  SURPRISE!  Ankle high wooden steps/beams/whatever are there to scare you from the beginning.  I managed to flail while tripping and elbow the person behind me in line.  The queue manager keeps saying "go straight".  There is no straight as you are stuck in a moving room.  It ain't funny, scary, or anything other than stupid.  Leaving the room you descend down some sketchy steps.  A Saw gag partially works and you're told to go through a door.  Hey guess what?  The door doesn't work.  There are more exposed foot hazards, someone dumping water on you, and you're done with the house.  The "trail" is a modified hayride where our driver felt it was cool to just stop without explanation and leave us sitting there for five minutes.  Honestly the unknown of why our driver left our vehicle was scarier than the trail itself so....bonus?  Bottom line- drastically over-priced, multiple serious tripping hazards, short, and not scary in the slightest.