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Title: Trotterville Horror - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 29, 2015, 10:31:53 PM
Trotterville Horror
Date Attended: 10/25/15

Scare Factor: 3.5/5
This is one of my favorites each year.  We often describe trails as "old school," but it sometimes is a good thing and sometimes not.  Trotterville is the good kind of old school.  They don't try and reinvent the wheel or bowl you over with their gadgetry, but the trail is long, the scares are quick and often, and it feels just like you imagine a good spook trail in the woods will be.  This year the scares did seem a little skewed to the front of the group a little too often, which I mostly attribute to the youth of the cast, but by and large I was pleased with the scares here.

Actors: 3/5
The cast at Trotterville is solid but with few standouts.  The cast seemed a bit younger than in the past, and too many of them just yelled as soon as they saw people, rather than timing their scare for maximum effect.  There were also too many rooms where two or three actors just yelled at you incessently, which isn't scary, just annoying.  But the actors in the cornfields did a terrific job without too many people, and a special shout out to the man actually made of corn, your costume was hilarious!

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5
I say it every year and I'll say it as often as I go, Trotterville has the best trash there is!  There's so much heaped up…stuff throughout the trail, and it is absolutely everywhere.  It gives the whole trail a lived in, decaying feel, and it really makes the place go.  I think I like the sets so much here because I can never fully get a bead on things.  There's too much to take in, and in a world where there are far too many hastily constructed shacks with some chicken wire and a dude in a pig mask in it, I appreciate the effort of piling up more garabage than I know what to do with.  I love this place!

Length: 6/5
If we do a longer trail throughout the season, it sure doesn't seem like it!  This year they've added another whole cornfield, and several new buildings.  I don't have the stats on anything, but to me this always feels like the longest trail of the year.  Phenomenally successful in this regard.

Value: 4/5
The length and breadth of just how much stuff is going on at this haunt makes it a good value in my mind.  Plus at $15-20 depending on when you go, they're right in line with the lower end of major haunt pricing.  I think the value is totally satisfying here.

Overall: 4/5
Trotterville is a great haunt, and one I'd highlight as a good starter trail if you were only going to do a few.  It's varied and incredibly long, and they take their scares seriously.  I'm not sure this was the strongest year I've seen due to the actors' youth, but all in all it was still a great time with good scares and more corn than you can shake a stick at!

Title: Re: Trotterville Horror - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 29, 2015, 10:32:21 PM
Trotterville Horror
Submitted by: Screaming_Diana
Date Submitted: 10/25/2015
Scare Factor:  5/5
Trotterville gave off an uneasy vibe the second I entered the trail.  It’s dark, grungy, and just plain junky.  They have the best junk around and really make you think twice about the sanity of the people designing this place.  The trail is packed full of creepy, kind of insane acting, creatures.  They use a lot of random loud noises to produce scares and screams.  The trail is long and leaves little time between scares for you to catch your breath.  It’s an old school haunt with a mixture of actor driven scares and prop activated scares.  The trail was intense at times and landed me off the trail and looking for an escape route more than once.   If you show fear they’ll target you and make your journey ever so much more frightening.   
Actors:  5/5
While some actors just settled for a pop scare others stalked and even interacted with the group a bit.  The actors seemed to be front centric but I was in the front portion of our group so I got a lot of monster attention.  The junk yard guys were insane and legitimately scary.  They had on limited makeup and costumes and for the most part just looked dirty.  Exactly like what you would find in a car junkyard.  They were all over the place, running around, jumping from car to car, busting the glass windshield of cars, and terrorizing patrons all at the same time.  The bandaged lady managing the line was very good and held our group up for a while giving a very persistent furry devil time to terrorize us before entering.  The corn stalkers continued to show up time and time again throughout the corn and tried to converse with our group but I have no idea what they were saying.   They’d tell us something and then just scamper along.  Mossman is always a favorite.  Costumes, makeup, and masks were all over the place from really detailed to basically non existent but I was being terrorized so much I didn’t have much time to notice what anyone looked like.
Set Design/Props/Fx:  5/5
Perfectly placed junk is my best description of this haunt.  They have some awesome sets but perhaps their best asset is their junk.  Old metal tunnels, broken up car parts, shabby old buildings, and all sorts of other random things are all thrown about to create an amazingly scary haunted attraction.  I loved the couch prank and I think the guys in our group got a little more than they paid for!  They had a few really large props spaced out along the trail and more than enough chainsaws to keep the group moving along.  The chain room was something I’d never seen before at a haunt.  I can’t forget to mention that darn gargoyle.  This prop brought me to tears one year and I still cringe every time I see it.  Things are not always what they seem.  Often times I was caught off guard by a prop that was actually an actor.  There was one very well placed pop scare from a creepy doll masked actor on top of the bunk beds.  The corn was not really a maze this year and was more of an extension to the trail.   Although the corn wasn’t a maze it still worked really well.  The corn has lots and lots of places for monsters to hide and helps add length to the trail.  Often times they’d use props to direct your attention away from the actors especially in the graveyard where you couldn’t tell if the bodies were mannequins or a real person.
Length:  5/5
This is a longer trail.  It seemed longer than it did in years past.  They’ve added another corn maze/pathway to the trail.  I was exhausted and out of breath by the end.
Value:  5/5
The trail is $15-$20 a person depending on what night you go.  They have a $5 off coupon available on their website as well as discounts available for firefighters, EMT, and other medical professions.  Trotterville has special Harvest Nights (lights out), and an anything goes events later in the season.  See their website for further information.  www.trottervillehorror. Com.
Free Parking
Overall Impression:  5/5
I like the old school and rustic feel to Trotterville.  The actors seem to be a bit unstable and really make this haunt stand out for me.  One actor threatened to chop me up into a pinto pot.  Another actor said I’d taste good with cornbread.  I got the feeling I was trapped in some kind of backwoods town that had no escape.  The trail ends with a double dose of chainsaws and if you’re lucky you might get to befriend a wild furry devil who found it amusing to tickle me all the way to the exit.  Trotterville continues to be a favorite of mine year after year.

Title: Re: Trotterville Horror - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 29, 2015, 10:33:31 PM
Trotterville Horror
Date attended: 10-25-2015
Submitted by: krb187

Scare Factor:  2/5
This was another haunt where the front members of the group probably had a significantly scarier and better experience than I had. I was the last member of my group and missed literally every single actor ‘jump’ and prop scare that there was. My group only had 5 people in it so the fact that in almost every room or scene I had to keep asking about what had happened was pretty frustrating after a while. Something that didn’t help was that most of the actors had no idea what to do after the initial scare and either just went back to their place and ignored the back of the group or tried to scream at me, which may be scary to some people but isn’t to me. I definitely think that Trotterville has the potential to be very scary, and it has been in years past, but from what I saw during my trip they have a lot of timing issues to work out and really need to work on interacting with the entire group more. The exception to this was definitely the clowns though because even though I missed their initial pop they did make sure to stick around and interact with the back of the group and that was a very refreshing change from the rest of the trail.

Actors:  3/5
If I’m being honest something felt very ‘off’ about the actors this year. In years past these guys have been some of the most intense, effective, and well-performing actors in the state. This year however it seemed like they had a lot new actors who weren’t really sure of themselves. Like I said before, almost everybody here would pop out at the first sign of the group, interact with the front (where admittedly this was where the most scared member was) and then either completely ignore the back, or scream once in my face and then walk away when they saw it had no effect. I must say though that this category was completely saved by the carnival clowns, ‘Steve’ in the cornfield, and the dancing goat-man in the queue. The clowns were all amazing and made sure to interact with the entire group, spitting out endless funny one-liners that kept me laughing and entertained the entire time I was in their carnival. Steve was the same way, and the goat-man was probably the highlight of the night. Seeing him dancing around and tickling screaming_diana after we had finished the trail put a very big smile on my face and I swear that guy never runs out of energy.

Set Design/Props/FX:  4/5
One of my favorite things about Trotterville has always been the old-school horror vibe that it gives off so perfectly. Much of the sets are compiled of things you would normally find in a junkyard and it sets the stage for the grittiness that is Trotterville Horror. The sets are dirty, worn, and rustic and if feels like you took a wrong turn down a backwoods road and ended up right in the middle of your own personal hell. That is the perfect setting for a haunt in my opinion and it’s something that Trotterville excel at. All of the costumes and makeup are great as well and I saw a few masks that I’ve never seen before (like the guy with a corn stalk for a head). Again the clowns were probably the most detailed and professional looking, and all of the corn maze actors looked great as well. Trotterville also have some very impressive costume/prop combinations such as a gargoyle and giant bat like creature. I won’t give away what their scares are but they are very effective when you’re not expecting them and the bat especially is huge and can be very imposing up close.

Length:  5/5
Trotterville Horror has always been one of the longest trails and this year they have expanded the trail further. I didn’t time it but I would say were in there for well over 45 mins if not an hour. It’s definitely not a quick trip and you more than get your money’s worth in length.

Value:  4/5
Tickets are $15 for most of the season and $20 for the last couple of weekends. Fifteen is a very good price especially considering the sheer length of the trail, and twenty isn’t bad either, but make sure you’re at the front of the group.

Parking is free! Also there are concessions available and a casket simulation ride available next to the waiting line. Everybody here is super friendly and you can tell they love what they do.

Overall:  3/5
This was a weird one because Trotterville has been one of my favorite haunts for more than few years now and is always one that I recommend people to go to. This year however it felt like a completely different haunt and didn’t really ever get on that well for me. Don’t get me wrong, Trotterville is a great haunt and have always done a very good job, but this year it just felt wrong. This is pretty much solely due to the fact that for 70% of the time I was going through I was being completely ignored, and the rest of the time the interaction was disappointing at best (save for the clowns, the goat-man, and the guy in the corn). So even though I didn’t have the best time at Trotterville other members of my group did and I would still recommend a trip out to them, just make sure to rotate who the first couple members of the group are to keep the experience fun for everyone.

Title: Re: Trotterville Horror - 2015
Post by: NCHadmin on October 29, 2015, 10:34:27 PM
Trotterville Horror
Submitted by: packbacker
Date visited: 10/25/15

Scare Factor: 3.5/5
Your scare factor here is going to depend on where you are in your group.  Scares are very much geared to the front of the group.  Those of us in the front got a great show while those in the back got ignored (group of 5 so it wasn't due to sizing issues).  There are a solid mixture of actor scares, prop scares, and then air/noise startles.  In the early sections of the trail actors are content to make the initial scare attempt and stop while later sections of the trail feature longer pursuit and extended scares.  The ending of the trail is also ramped up quite a bit from years past giving Trotterville a much stronger finale.   

Actors: 3/5
There are a ton of actors here.  I believe the website says 67 live actors populate the trail which is a huge number in my experience.  There are no bare areas here...generally someone is either trying to get your attention or lying in wait for you.  The skill level runs the gamut from great to newbie.  The actors here do seem to be very geared towards the front of the group. Almost no attention is saved until the middle/back of the group.  The crazy guys before the first cornfield section sell the idea of dangerous thugs very well- they were beating up car windshields with aplomb and jumping off/onto anything they could. The cornfield actors were generally good at pop scares but then moving onto secondary/tertiary areas to reinforce the scare.  Special kudos to the queue line devil/demon character who took particular joy in making patrons uneasy. 

Sets/Props/Fx: 4/5
Trotterville's biggest "set" is the setting- deep, dark woods.  They have a variety of outdoor sets and rustic buildings as well as two cornfields that make up the trail.  While there are a few animatronic / larger props here the feel is much more "old school" with ramshackle buildings and a lot of old cars, wooden spools, etc.  As a friend says, "Trotterville has the best trash."  That's not meant in a derogatory manner; it lends an authentic feel to the trail that ups the creepiness factor tremendously.  The maze is dark, twisty, and claustrophobic.  The "chain room" is distinctly unsettling and I really love the various exits you are forced through (bookcase, fridge, fireplace, etc).  Actors masks leave a little to be desired in spots.  There was an awesome what appeared to be corn-cob mask in the cornfield but too many actors were in close to street clothes with minimal makeup. 

Length: 5/5
I still believe this is the longest outdoor trail in North Carolina.  With a moderate pace it took us 45 minutes to complete the trail- and it's longer than last year. You will work up a sweat by the end! 

Value: 5/5
Trotterville is $20 on Fridays/Saturdays and $15 on Thursdays/Sundays........but they feature the biggest coupon I've found in North Carolina.  There are $5 off coupons available directly on the website.  For $10 the trail is an absolute steal and for $15 you are still getting way more than your money's worth.

Free parking!  Concessions are available as is a last ride simulator.  There is the added option for a real ride in a real casket in a hearse.  Appropriate darker music is piped through the sound system while you are in line. 

Overall: 4/5
Despite some fancy props here and there, Trotterville is my go to trail for the old school "spook trail" experience.  Dark, wooded, junky, and virtually transporting you to a place where you feel you are in the middle of nowhere.  As you watch actors busting out a car windshield with baseball bats you begin to question if you should be here.  When you have to exit a room through a refrigerator you begin to question why you didn't come here sooner.  When you get goosed on the couch well you know you are in the right place.  Old school fun that has its scary moments and plenty of fun at a bargain price.