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Title: Granville Haunt Farm - 2016
Post by: NCHadmin on October 06, 2016, 09:19:35 AM
Granville Haunt Farm
Date Attended: 10/01/2016
Submitted By: Screaming_diana

Scare Factor:  2/5
Granville is a very young haunt only in its second year so they are still growing.  From what I hear they've already grown significantly since their opening last year.  While I didn't find this haunt exceptionally scary I screamed plenty.  The haunt has three sections the haunted trail, the corn maze, and zombie paintball.  There were long sections through the haunted trail that were just walks through a corn field completely void of actors, props, sets, or scares.  There is something to be said about some downtime because it gives your imagination time to run wild.  If you spend enough time in the cornfield trail you'll start to see things that don't even exist.  While downtime can leave your mind playing tricks on you too much emptiness can become mundane.  The zombie paintball was not scary but it was the most fun I've ever experienced with paintball.   

Actors:  2/5
We were there near the end of the night and I overheard a staff member say a few actors had left but the actor numbers are too small here.  Perhaps earlier in the night it was better staffed but with the length of this haunt there needs to be significantly more actors.  The actors had a huge area to cover and a few of them showed up multiple times to produce a scare.  You could hear the actors and most notably a clown giggle as they skipped through the trail.  It was a bit eerie hearing the faint giggle and chuckles echo through the night.  One clown did scare me significantly at an electrocution scene where he was in a cage but he didn't stay in his cage and off I ran.  His timing was perfect.  Some of their masks were very impressive with special mention to Santa and his extra creepy little elf.  While they didn't do much but they didn't need to.  Their presence was simply creepy enough.  I don't see how the actors being blasted with hundreds or more paintballs each night will ever survive the season.  Those guys are taking a beating but they played the game well and slowly continued to approach us until they were shot dead.

Set Design/Props/Fx:  2.5/5
The haunted trail is long with set scenes and scares along the way.  While most sets were not intricate they worked well for this haunt.  My favorite set was the Christmas scene.  Who expects to see Santa and his creepy little elf in the middle of a cornfield?  It was great.  It was also pretty cool to run into a gigantic jack-in-the-box in the middle of a corn field.  The camping scene was completely void of actors so I'm curious to know what the scare was here.  They have a fairly intense electrocution scene that I wasn't expecting.  The corn maze appeared to be long and well designed judging by the map they gave us at the ticket booth.  We started the corn maze but after only a short distance turned around and went back out the way we came in.  It was late in the night and we didn't want to hold up the haunt staff plus the maze seemed pretty intense and we didn't want to get lost in a corn maze in the middle of the night.  We did do the zombie paintball and I loved it.  They had plenty of actors here probably the most I've seen with Zombie paintball.  You're also given plenty of paintballs to rid the community of zombies.  They have a really cool zombie projection playing while you wait in line for Zombie paintball.

Length:  3.5/5
The haunted trail, corn maze, and zombie paintball make this a longer trail.  There's some dead space that needs to be filled along the trail but it was a nice night for an outdoor haunt and I enjoyed the fresh air with a mix of scares and laughs.

Value:  3/5
Ticket price is $20 for the haunted trail, corn maze, and zombie paintball.  For the trail and paintball the ticket price seems a bit steep but we didn't make it through the corn maze so with that added the price might be just right.  They do offer group discounts, VIP tickets, and you can purchase extra paintballs for $10.

Parking is free.  They have t-shirts for sale.  I didn't notice concessions but they do have a nice social media spot for people to take pictures and check in on Facebook.

Overall Impression: 3/5
As I mentioned earlier it's a new haunt that is still in its vast growing stage.  They have lots of land and plenty of room to expand and improve.  The haunt owners/managers were asking folks what they thought about the trail and how they could improve.  That shows me they want to make their haunt bigger and better year after year.  I'm excited to see how this haunt grows next year. I had fun, screamed a bit, and am looking forward to my return trip next year. Did I mention I got to shoot zombie presidential candidate impersonators with paintballs?  That alone was worth the trip.

Title: Re: Granville Haunt Farm - 2016
Post by: NCHadmin on October 06, 2016, 03:31:14 PM
Granville Haunt Farm
Date visited: 10/1/2016
submitted by: packbacker

Scare Factor: 2.5/5
We arrived later in the evening on opening weekend so do factor that in when reading through this section.  Granville has three distinct sections- a corn maze (unstaffed), a haunted trail, and zombie paintball.  The haunted trail is fairly long but is vacant in certain areas.  There's a solid five minute section early on without sets or actors.  In actuality your mind starts to creep you out a bit as you wonder if you're in the right place or if someone is stalking you but it's just uninhabited corn.  Pop scares in the corn alone were rare as the trail focuses more on set scenes.  Santa's area was amusing with a hidden scare that worked well.  The other good scare was in a jail/electrocution set.  After that, though, scares were more difficult to come by.  We found at least one set that was uninhabited and after waiting for 2 minutes or so we just kept going.  The actors also are a bit hit and miss and unable to really sell a scare.  We caught several breaking character and without masks on in the later clown area.  Your fear factor drops tremendously when the illusion is gone.  While not scary, the zombie paintball area was entertaining.  The zombies are numerous, really take a beating, and occasionally resemble a political figure.... 

Actors: 2.5/5
The actors participating in zombie paintball do a good job.  They have a zombie shuffle perfected, drop down in dramatic fashion after several shots, and put up with a lot in an evening.  The trail section needs more actors.  There's simply too much empty space there to maintain scares.  We did encounter several actors breaking character and a few who were completely unmasked when we entered their section.  Most settled for an easy pop scare and then would just stare at you seemingly not knowing what else to do.  The exception, however, was one clown mid-trail who really sold his role well.  He was great with interactions and energy level and was a lot of fun.  It was mentioned that a few folks had gone home so put that into consideration when reading this review. 

Sets/Props/Fx: 3/5
The zombie paintball trucks and setup work well.  In the past I've found paintball guns tending to jam or such and we had zero problems.  There were multiple targets to shoot besides just the zombies a few flame bursts out in the field, and some amusing zombie costumes.  The haunted trail had an interesting prop or two- the electrocution area was quite cool and Santa's set was delightfully creepy.  Other areas were ok with a butcher shop and clown area.  Costumes, in general, were lacking with often times an actor in a mask but then t-shirt and jeans.  Again the illusion disappears pretty fast when that's what you come upon. 

Length: 5/5
Granville Haunt Farm offers three separate attractions.  There is a corn maze (not haunted), a haunted corn field trail, and zombie paintball.  The time you are there depends on how lost you get in the maze!  Plan on a half hour for the trail and paintball without any queue lines.  The maze of course depends on your luck/skill level how long it will take you to complete it!

Value: 4/5
Tickets are $20.  This ticket price covers all three attractions.  Considering that zombie paintball goes for $15 alone at some haunts this is a pretty darn good price. 

Free parking!  Granville offers concessions and merchandise on site with what appeared to be a covered area to snack on your purchases.  There is a photo op opportunity in a barn setting with both Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.  Staff members were all exceptionally pleasant and honestly curious about your experience.

Overall: 3/5
Granville Haunt Farm is a newer haunt that has a plan for success but they just aren't quite there yet.  They offer three attractions for the one ticket price- a non-haunted corn maze available in adult and kid versions, a haunted trail through a different cornfield, and zombie paintball.  Zombie paintball is executed quite well.  The zombies are more plentiful than I've seen at any other paintball venue.  They're everywhere!  With the current election frenzy it was amusing to see a couple zombies with political masks on...depending on which way you lean you may find yourself running low on paintballs if a certain zombie stumbles your way!  We were not able to complete the corn maze due to time but it based on the maps provided looked long and sufficiently difficult.  It's also eerily dark at night!!!  The haunted trail section is budding and with more actors and more sets could really take off.  Everyone we encountered was in good spirits, curious to get feedback, and I expect good things from this haunt in the future!