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Title: Woods of Terror - 2016
Post by: NCHadmin on October 14, 2016, 11:10:27 AM
Woods of Terror
Date attended: 10-13-2016
Submitted by: krb187

Scare Factor:  5/5
First and foremost I have to say WOW. These guys were firing on all cylinders and have seriously stepped their game up this year! Every year it seems like we’re always saying the same things about how great WoT would be if the groups were smaller, and this year they hit it straight out of the park. We were sent through immediately as a group of 3 and never even saw another group until the very end of the trail. This made the experience so much more intense and personal and resulted in what was without a doubt the best time I’ve ever had at WoT. Almost every single scare was perfectly timed and effective and all of the actors went far and beyond the simple pop scare and made sure to screaming_diana for as long as they possibly could. The sets and props provided a great distraction but this year WoT was certainly an actor driven haunt. These guys never ran out of energy and seemed to only get more intense with every scream. By the time we were out two of us were laughing and cheering, while the other was wondering how she ever made it out.

Actors:  5/5
As I said above, the actors really stole the show this year. Timing was on point, and the level of interaction was very impressive. No one settled for just a simple jump scare, and many would follow us through multiple sets harassing screaming_diana and making sure that we got a full show. The ones with longer speaking roles were all incredible and dropped more than a few one liners that had us holding our sides in laughter. Everybody was without a doubt solid, but special shout outs have to go to the clowns, they all had so much energy and it showed how much they enjoyed what they doing. They chased us all around the 3D area and there were more than a few high fives given for perfectly executed scares. Also the Hewitts, zombies, and pirates were awesome as always, with one water-logged pirate showing an impressive amount of dedication.

Set Design/Props/FX:  5/5
The sets at WoT have always looked incredible and this year was no different. The Hewitt House is still in my opinion the best haunt set in NC and all of the old classics make a return, including the 3D clown house, the Myer’s House, and Camp Crystal Lake. I have to say the one thing that really stood out to me was the overall ‘flow’ of the haunt. It seemed as if they really tightened the trail up this year and things seemed to progress at a perfect pace. As I said before once we were on the trail we never ran into another group until the very end. A lot of the transitional areas were tightened as well, leaving only a short break before you were thrust right back into the madness. Costumes and masks were all top notch as always, with some very impressive latex work on display.

Length:  5/5
WoT is one of the longer haunts around. It took us around 45 minutes to walk through the entire trail and by the end you’re definitely sweaty and feel like you’ve been given a full show.

Value:  4/5
General admission prices range from $17 - $32 depending on what night you attend and whether you purchase online or not. There are also VIP tickets and Fast Passes available for various higher prices. For the experience I had it is without a doubt worth every penny. However on busier nights with larger crowds that experience can vary greatly. My advice is to go on the slower nights and get the better experience.

Parking costs $5 and the midway area features several small standalone attractions as well as multiple concessions, a gift shop, photo ops, and plenty of actors stalking around to keep you on your toes.

Overall:  5/5
I said it before and I’ll say it again, this year Woods of Terror was the best I have ever seen it. The driving force behind it was the excellent group management and outstanding actors who were on top form. As always the sets and props were great to admire, but man were the actors phenomenal! Woods of Terror is a can’t miss haunt for sure and I cannot stress enough the importance of going on a slow night with smaller crowds. We were all still laughing and cheering and fired up the entire car ride home and we all agreed on one thing: that is what haunt season is about. So make sure to free up a Thursday or Sunday and make it out too Woods of Terror and you won’t be disappointed!

Title: Re: Woods of Terror - 2016
Post by: NCHadmin on October 15, 2016, 01:24:09 PM
Woods of Terror
Date Attended: 10/13/2016
Submitted by: Screaming_diana

Scare Factor:  5/5
Tonight was hands down my scariest visit to Woods of Terror. It was amazing! We were sent through as a group of five but were split up along the way and ended up going through most of the haunt as a group of only three.  It was intense and I was terrified from the moment we walked into the first maze all the way until the exit.  The midway wasn't even safe from terror as I was surrounded by monsters and creatures galore while simply trying to leave and get to my car.  The scares were tight, the actors were on point, and the sets were simply amazing as always.  Going through in a small group amplified the scares drastically. 

Actors:  5/5
For me the actors were the most noticeable improvement Woods of Terror has made.  They've always had amazing sets but this year the actors are spot on with their scares.  They have pop scares a plenty but very few actors settled for that scare alone.  They interacted with every member of our group either with scares or with chatting off some hysterical phrase like "I found the chicken for the chili" as they singled me out knowing I am indeed the chicken of the group.  The clowns, oh how I fear them, were bouncing around all over the place screaming and laughing while disappearing only to return a second later through another trap door.  Actors are well placed and don't just jump out at the first person they see.  They wait until precisely the right time to make their appearance. The Actor numbers were perfect and no one broke character.  The actors waiting at the entrance of each set do a phenomenal job of acting their parts and interacting with the group while managing crowds.  There's a really cool actor driven scare at the pirate ship that I never saw coming.  These guys were simply amazing tonight.  I was impressed with their ability and skill to encompass the entire group and not focusing on just one individual.

Set Design/Props/FX:  5/5
The sets were just as amazing as they've always been but this year they've made some positive changes to the trail.  Sets that seemed vacant in years past have been removed or totally revamped.  My all time favorite set here is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and most noticeably the kitchen.  The entire set is so detailed and looks just like the old Hewitt house.  There are dirty old chainsaws everywhere.  There are chainsaws hanging from rafters and fences and off the top balcony of the house.  Chainsaws, chainsaws, and more chainsaws.   It looks spectacular. Mazes here are not your ordinary just find your way out kinda mazes.  The ceilings slope, the floors are slanted, and you will likely be shocked.  They don't play around when planning and designing these mazes. Clown town was spectacularly colorful and I bet it looked even more amazing in 3D but we didn't purchase the 3D glasses. I wish I could've spent more time in the Blood house and in the Hewitt House just to admire the sets.  The corn maze/bus section has been a weaker section in years past but not this year.  It's been totally redone with tighter scares and from what I could hear from my group members the windshield wipers were impressive.  I had my eyes closed at this point but you should try to remember to look up when walking through the bus so you don't miss the apparently awesome things I did.  You'll get lost in the dense fog as you make your way to the vortex only to escape and find more frights on the other side.  There's so much to see you could go through again and again and see something new each time.  Your adventure will take you through a spider and snake infestation room, shockingly scary mazes, a cinema, a blood house, an industrial scene, 3D clown town, a rocking pirate ship, an old mine, and so much more.

Length:  5/5
You will not be disappointed.  The haunt consists of too many sets for me to remember.  It was non stop action from start to finish.  You'll be tired and ready fro a break by the end.

Value:   5/5
The price varies depending on what night in the season you go.  General admission is between $17-29 plus tax.  Fast Pass and All Access passes available again those prices vary depending on the night you plan to go.  All ticket prices are listed on their website  I suggest going on a Thursday or Sunday when prices are lower as well as crowds.  The experience I got was well worth the cost of admission. 

Parking is $5 per vehicle.  If you want to see the clown town in 3D you must purchase 3D glasses at the ticket booth.  I believe the glasses were a $1 but I didn't purchase them so I can't be certain of the price.

Overall Impression:  5/5
It was awesome.  The sets and props alone are spectacular but the actors amped this haunt up ten fold the night we went.  We went on a slower Thursday night and went through the haunt as a small group of three.  There was so much interaction from the actors I could barely catch my breath before something else was coming for me.  If the lines are longer don't fret because there's plenty to do and see while waiting to get in line.  They have concessions with plenty of picnic tables scattered around as well as a gift shop with lost of cool Woods of Terror merchandise as well as other Halloween stuff.  The midway is full of scary creatures to taunt and entertain the crowds as they wait to go inside or even as they attempt to leave. They also have a lot of great photo opportunities throughout the midway.  I spent most of my night screaming while my group members laughed at my expense but simply put I had an amazingly scary fun time. 

Title: Re: Woods of Terror - 2016
Post by: NCHadmin on October 15, 2016, 01:24:46 PM
Woods of Terror
Date visited: 10/14/2016
Submitted by: packbacker

Scare Factor: 5/5
The Woods of Terror were on point in every single scene.  We were lucky enough to go through in a group of three (without asking) and experienced every single set in an intimate group.  The actors had superb timing and were able to closely interact with customers.  The trail feels "tightened" with the removal of the cornfield walkthrough and the lack of dead space. Scares are varied between actors, props, and mazes.  Everything just fired on every cylinder and it was a fantastic experience.  There was urination, running from scenes, startles, laughing, and an amazing sense of fulfillment when we made it back to the parking lot.  I'd call that a success.

Actors: 5/5
After we finished the trail I was told that the Woods of Terror was under-staffed that night.  It didn't show.  The number of actors was perfect.  They were well spaced and interacted well together.  Due to smaller groups of customers actors could truly give it their all.  There was a lot of stalking, cornering, chasing, and intimate interaction.  The clowns were all sorts of into their characters with giggling, skipping, and all sorts of lunacy.  Leatherface recreated the end of TCM by running down his victim chainsaw in the air in a fantastic moment of the evening.  The pirate crew similarly were running in high gear with a special shout out to the actor who came OUT OF THE WATER to deliver a scare.  Kudos to you sir, that was fantastic.     

Sets/Props/Fx: 5/5
Woods of Terror has some drop dead amazing sets.  Year in and year out the Hewitt House from Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame gives me chills.  The facade is impeccable with chainsaws dangling here and there some covered in "debris" that gives it that extra special touch along with the filthy kitchen and fully stocked butcher area.  The vampire house is dark, musty, and appropriately gothic as are the accompanying costumes of the actors within.  The clown / 3D area is quite possibly the best in the state with excellent visuals but the addition of freaky flooring, drop windows, and various obstacles to navigate around.  What appears to be a new laser effect follows the clown area and is quite disorienting.  Costumes and make-up are impeccable and there are multiple motion activated props, air blasts, and a shocking maze finale.

Length: 5/5
It's a long trail that will take you at least 45 minutes to complete....unless you are running for your life from the actors chasing you.

Value: 5/5
Tickets range from $17 plus tax to $52 plus tax.  Discounts are available for online tickets and tickets bought on site are cash only (ATM available).  The cheaper ticket prices are an amazing value for a long trail with some drop dead beautiful sets.  The fast pass option may be worth the higher asking price as lines can get very, very, very long on prime nights and later in the season.

NOT free parking.  Parking is $5 and they're not afraid to let you know!  Parking is well guided and well lighted with easy entrance and exit paths.  Woods of Terror offers a lot of further options in their midway area.  There are tons of picnic benches, full food service, a walk through gift shop and smaller add-on attractions.  There's also a fun little photo op, strolling costumed characters, and even an area to cook smores over an open fire. 

Overall: 5/5
This was the best I've ever seen the Woods of Terror.  Top to bottom it worked.  Small groups, dropped dead space, high quality actors with excellent timing, beautiful sets, fun props, and a prevalent vibe that everyone was there to scare the heck out of you.  I dare you to walk between Freddy's blades or glimpse the Chainsaw house in the fog and not get chills.  If you're not running from the chained up zombies then you'll be laughing at your friends who are.  Marvel at the pirate ship with water logged actor, look behind you for evil clowns, and try and find your way out of a shocking maze with a bag on your head. There's definitely a lot of things here you're not going to find on every trail and I think you will find that the Woods live up to their name...         

Title: Re: Woods of Terror - 2016
Post by: NCHadmin on October 18, 2016, 08:02:26 PM
Woods of Terror
Date visited: 10/14/2016
Submitted by: Bethyboo

Scare Factor: 3.5/5
There were parts of Woods of Terror that were scary!  I thought the queue actors and those wondering the waiting area were really in character and interactive with guests. It definitely sets the mood for the attraction.  There were times we caught up with other groups which caused us to see some of the scares early however, it is a popular attraction so there are a lot of people in the woods! 

Actors: 4/5
I love that WOT has all the movie monsters in their attractions! I think that Michael Myers, Freddy, and Jason were especially scary.   These were my personal favorites, but many of the other monsters were equally frightening such as Leather face, the clowns and many others including the creepy crawly variety.

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5
These sets were very detailed.  The sets looked and felt like you were walking right into a horror movie set.  The pirate ship was incredible with water splashing and boat rocking and the chainsaw house looks just like the one in the movie. This really elevates the WOT experience.

Length: 5/5
This is a long trail. Be prepared to walk a lot and be in the attraction for at least an hour to an hour and a half. This is a value for the price of admission.

Overall: 4/5
I really enjoyed WOT and think they have a lot of things to do in the staging area.  There are concessions, souvenirs and some other attractions that you can purchase separately if interested. It’s like a mini theme park for Halloween. I would recommend this attraction because it has so much to offer.