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Title: Have You Heard About the Big Giveaway???
Post by: Uncle Henry on October 02, 2017, 10:22:07 AM
Starting today, we'll be giving away free tickets to our Featured Haunts on Facebook!  The festivities start with a chance to win two tickets to Professor Hacker's stomping grounds...the ever-welcoming Hacker House!

How do you win?  It's easy, dear ghouls!  First, "Like" NCHaunts on Facebook if you haven't done so already by following this link:
Then, you'll leave a comment pertaining to the subject of that day's Big Giveaway.  For today's giveaway, we've got an obscure piece of horror trivia sure to wrack your tasty, tasty brains!
From each correct answer, we'll be picking a random winner to be announced tomorrow.

Now, settle in to watch the Magic Pumpkin and win yourself some haunt tickets!