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Title: Midway Wicked Woods - 2017
Post by: NCHadmin on October 08, 2017, 11:40:38 AM
Midway Wicked Woods
Date Attended: 10/07/2017
Submitted by: Screaming_Diana

Scare Factor:  5/5
Midway has always been one of the trails I get anxious about every year.  Anxious because I know how scary this place can be.  I never know exactly what to expect but I know no matter what show they put on it will be terrifying.  This is a very in your face kind of haunt.  Your personal space will be invaded.  The scares come almost immediately starting with the wagon ride and don't end until the vortex finale.  Their biggest focus is clowns and what is more terrifying than clowns?  NOTHING!  The fact that this haunt takes place in a campground also makes it a bit eerie.  There's just something about old RV campers that give me the creeps.  I often feel the wagon ride and initial house are the strong points and scariest of the haunt but this year I felt the entire trail was equally terrifying.  It was rainy and slightly foggy the night we went but that didn't slow this crowd down they were there to scare and scare they did. 

Actors:  5/5
These actors are an aggressive, in your face, not backing down kinda of crew.  If you show fear you're in trouble because these folks seek out the weak and thrive on their fears.  The more fear you show the more riled up they get.  I avoided looking at them for the most part but the few actors I did see had on very scary masks or nicely detailed makeup.  There were plenty of pop scares but also a lot of stalking and interaction from the actors.  Actor numbers were plenty.  This is a longer haunt and there was a creature or five in every scene.  There was someone around every corner quietly waiting for the right time to make his startling appearance.  I was in the front of our group and received plenty of in your face scares but I also heard screams from the back of our group so it seemed they were also getting plenty of attention.  Once an actor gathered group members names you could here them being chanted all through the woods by actors.  Your name would carry from set to set as the actors happily let their haunting cast members know you were on the way.  Smiley introduced herself in a soft kindhearted voice but don't be fooled as even she would get a bit hot tempered when you didn't follow her exact orders.  I didn't feel safe looking anywhere as actors popped up from everywhere.  I encountered a clown dangling his feet high above my head and several creatures that slithered across the ground.  Several times I was distracted by an animatronic when suddenly an actor would come out of nowhere and scare the pee outta me.  Intense is about the best way I can describe this bunch.

Set Design/Props/FX:  5/5
The haunt begins with a wagon ride to the top of the trail that meets up with the cutest little neon clown car around.  However what's inside that car is anything but cute.  Don't worry you'll get to meet the cars inhabitants up close and personal.  The mean old clowns put on a show and even let you ride on their merry-go-round but it's an evil trick to disorient you just prior to sending you off one by one.  Don't worry you're quickly able to reunite with your group or if you're like me I held on to my friend so tightly they eventually sent us out together.  No way I was going out there alone.  I've been through those woods before I know the scares out there are no joke!  It seemed there were a lot more animatronics along the trail this year.  I usually find good actors much more terrifying than animatronics but I was startled by several of these animatroincs.  They were well placed and a great distraction for an actor to sneak up and finish a scare.  I really like their use of laser lights and their 3D clown room is one of the best.  You must watch where you're going or you'll lose your footing.  I encountered moving floors, a vibrating and moving bridge, and several other squishy and hard to pass floors.  You never know where your next step could lead you.  Their maze is one of the tougher ones to figure out.  It seems as if they can keep you here as long as they'd like.  The maze is pitch black and inhabited with monsters and hanging objects.  My friend said the walls would occasionally shock him as he used his hands to guide our group through the maze. I just held on tight to the back of my friends shirt and hoped for the best. 

Length:  5/5
It's a long haunt.  It took us about 45 minutes to do the entire haunt.  We didn't have a long wait in line but even if you do you'll be frightfully entertained the whole time.  The clowns at the top of the trail make sure of that. 

Value:  5/5
Midway has increased in price to $25 per person or $35 for past pass tickets.  Even with the slight increase in ticket price you are getting a lot of scares for your buck.  Fast pass does allow you to skip the lines but you'll also miss out on a lot of screams as the clowns tend to hang out and terrorize the crowd as they wait to enter. 

Parking is $2 cash per car.  They do offer concessions at the end of the trail.  We didn't partake in the concessions this year but I heard last year their fried oreos were to die for.

Overall Impression:  5/5
Every year Midway is a destination haunt for our group.  The haunt has an old school feel with some modern props and animatronics mixed in.  This place is alive with some of the most startling and aggressive actors I've encountered at a haunt.  It's a tough crowd to say the least.  You never know quite what to expect.  One member of our group was threatened to be castrated with a tiny bear trap.  I can't say with certainty but I am fairly sure he did not expect that!  This haunt is more adult themed than most so parents beware.  Young children may find it too scary and never sleep alone again.  I've slept with a nightlight on since my visit!  If you're tough enough Midway is a haunt you should make a priority on your must visit haunt list.  Stop in and see if you can survive as the clowns send you off one by one to venture the Midway Wicked woods.

Title: Re: Midway Wicked Woods - 2017
Post by: NCHadmin on October 08, 2017, 12:45:21 PM
Midway Wicked Woods
Date attended: 10/07/2017
Submitted by: k2quiere

Scare Factor: 4/5
I know there were a lot of great scares by way of others in my group, but being in the back of a group of 6 kind of ruined it for me. All I caught were the after effects of the startles when the actors were walking back to their spots and would growl at us or something.

Actors: 4.75/5
The actors were very good and tried their best with multiple tactics to either get the startle scare or the creep factor. The possessed girl was awesome and truly into her character! Our group of 6 was a little too large for the tight spaces of the house, so half of us missed the scares, but the actors tried to accommodate. I also appreciated having actors in the maze this time. They got between the members of our group, which was creepy, and they even redirected some of us, so we weren't all in the same places at the same time. The clowns at the beginning definitely enjoyed their job, and we got a lot of attention as the last group. Smiley was a lot of fun.

Set Design: 4.75/5
The clown car looked better and was more animated than the last time I saw it a couple years ago. The house is well-thought out as always. As I mentioned before, some of the spaces were too tight for a large group because we missed some of the animatronics that couldn't reset fast enough for us to even see them, other than as they returned to their spot. The best one was the dead woman who raised off the bed and broke the group in half because we couldn't get through. I do have one concern about the state of the maze. The floor feels like it's weakening in areas. As much as I have always loved the maze, as a heavier person, the floor made me legitimately nervous rather than nervous for being in the dark.

Value: 4.75/5
Midway has always been one of my favorite haunts, and I could tell that had our groups been smaller, it would have been just as awesome this year.

Length: 4.5/5
I hate to keep harping on the size of our group, but they were initially going to separate us into groups of 3. When we got out of the tunnel, the first thing I asked my group was whether or not they felt the trail had been much shorter than in years past. Those in the front of our line said no, that it felt just right. I, however, was disappointed at having missed much of the enjoyment.

They've started charging $2 for parking, so be prepared.

Overall Impression: 4.5/5
I love Midway still, but this just wasn't my best visit. If I get a chance, I would love to go back this season and try again.

Title: Re: Midway Wicked Woods - 2017
Post by: NCHadmin on October 09, 2017, 09:01:09 AM
Midway Wicked Woods
Date visited:  10/7/2017
Submitted by:  packbacker

Scare Factor: 4/5
Midway Wicked Woods does a fantastic job of blending scares between props and actors.  Things get off to a quick start when an innocent hayride becomes anything but that when their famous clowns come calling.  The clowns continue their shenanigans in the upper queue line before you enter the first house.  That first house....jam packed with frights.  There was almost too much going on!  So many things jumped out at our group that I couldn't always discern what was an actor and what was a prop.  You will not catch your breath until you get out of the house....and honestly not even then until you are at least a quarter of the way through the trail.  It's intense!  The rest of the trail is not as intense but it delivers multiple solid scares again utilizing a good mix of actor scares and various props.  The one knock is that admitted group sizes for the initial house are too large.  The house has very narrow routes and groups become spread out over two if not three rooms.  When props trigger or actors pop at the front of the group the folks bringing up the rear miss out on a lot.  The remainder of the trail is more easily managed with larger groups due to spacing factors.

Actors: 4.5/5
The woods are filled with actors; numbers are rarely a problem here and weren't during our visit.  The clowns get top billing here from the clown car/hayride attackers to the carousel "attendants" to the queue line actors these guys easily seek out the scaredy cats and give them a firm hello. The crew in the first house are very solid with a special mention for the possessed girl on the bed; she channeled her inner Regan to deliver an Exorcist worthy performance.  The other actors along the trail all are solid.  Most are pop scare / screamers but they aren't afraid to chase after the scared patron.  "Smiley the Clown" has some fun verbal interaction with guests.  Some actors do seem to be focused on the front of the group but this was also the second night Midway was open so I expect kinks to be worked out and scares to get tighter and more intense as the season progresses!

Props/Sets/Fx: 5/5
Midway manages to perfectly blend high tech props and the dark wooded trail into a great combination.  Things start out with a bang with the black-lit clown car delivering its mayhem.  The initial house is jam packed with eye candy for the haunted house enthusiast.  Loads of animated props, drop doors for actors, lasers, and so much more you can't catch it all on just one visit.  The animatronic/pneumatic props don't stop after the first half, though.  Upon exiting the house be on the lookout for snakes and spiders that can take out some taller patrons!  Other buildings along the trail are well decorated to fit their theme- I especially loved the doll room with individually lit doll heads in certain places.  The glowing eyeless sockets are incredibly creepy as are the "mounted faces" in Chucky's area.  The 3D clown area is visually entertaining and more large props are found in various spots on the trail.  Actor costumes and makeup are more than satisfactory.  It all works so well as you still get the feel of being deep in the woods but you still get some true visual treats.  

Length: 5/5
Plan on at least thirty minutes to finish this attraction.  This does not include the second queue line and the harassment you will receive from the wicked clowns.  The final maze may add significantly to your time as it is wonderfully long and can trip up even the most seasoned visitors. Regardless of how long you spend you'll leave a little tired but in a good way.

Value: 4/5
Tickets are $25.  Midway Wicked Woods delivers a really fun time!

Parking is $2.  Midway offers a full concession and merchandise stand.    

Overall: 4.5/5
Midway Wicked Woods lives up to its name.  These woods are not for the faint of heart. The clown car always makes me smile in a demented sort of way.  Midway doesn't believe in a slow build.  That first house is intense and non stop action.  Keep your eyes peeled at all times because something is gonna explode, creep, ooze, or otherwise try to scare the heck out of you!  The remainder of the trail lets your heart rate only dip down a slight bit.  It continues to deliver big scares and optic fireworks.  Their maze also continues to be one of the best around with shocking walls in parts, body bags, actors, and a whole bunch of darkness.  The actors are on point and when they sense weakness they do not give up easily.   Midway Wicked Woods echoed with screams, demented clown laughs, and a few chainsaws during our visit and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Title: Re: Midway Wicked Woods - 2017
Post by: NCHadmin on October 12, 2017, 09:16:27 AM
Midway Wicked Woods
Date Visited: 10/7/17
Submitted by: mjones

Scare Factor: 4/5
Midway brings the scares early and and often!  From the first hayride straight through the monsters are on you aggressively at every turn.  And I mean every turn, there's so much in that first house it's almost impossible to take it all in!  They also have the tightest and best controlled maze around; I'm impressed by it every year.  This is one of the few trails the actually inspires just a drop of genuine dread before it starts. Just a touch…a smidgeon really...

Actors: 4/5
Aggressive.  And lots of them!  It feels overwhelming at times.  The monsters at Midway are well honed, and generally well skilled at getting in your face.  In fact, there at the trail head and into the beginning of the first house, some of the clowns came pretty dangerously close to crossing the line between Don Rickles and just somebody's abusive boyfriend! 

Props/Sets/FX: 5/5
Nothing can top the natural backdrop of a campground like Midway has, and they're smart enough to never get in the way of that.  But there's a lot of high tech punch in that house and all along the trail.  Midway walks the line perfectly in balancing the old school fears with the some top notch props.

Length: 5/5
Perfect length!  There's a good mix of houses and inside spaces with open trail in the woods.  And that doesn't even count how long you can be stuck in that maze potentially.  No complaints at all about the length.

Value: 5/5
$25, Midway is a first rate premium haunt in my mind, and I think you get your money's worth.

Overall: 4/5
As I said above, Midway is one of the best haunts around, and is one of the first stops I point people to if they're only going to don a couple trails for the season.  It's got everything you want in a haunt with plenty of things to explore and different kinds of scares.  I do think some of the barking at the beginning could use some attention.  But overall I think it's still one of the very best trails you can find, and it's even right off the highway, so you don't even have to drive back into the wilderness to find it!  This is one of the places to start if you looking for a basic, no nonsense haunt with real scares.