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Title: Midway Wicked Woods
Post by: hauntednorcak on October 19, 2017, 08:49:27 AM
Midway Wicked Woods - Statesville, NC
Date Attended: 10/13

Scare Factor: 5/5
Midway continues to be one of the scariest haunts in the state. The location is creepy. The scares start immediately as soon as you get on the hayride and are bombarded by a clown car and chainsaw-weilding clowns coming out of the woods and getting on the hayride. Scares continue in the second queue line area as you wait to go into the actual haunt. We went in as a group of 4 so scares were very evenly distributed through the group. The first house of the haunt is intense. Scares are non-stop, from all angles, and both prop and actor driven. Scares outside of the first house keep the intensity level high. You really do not get a chance to catch your breath because scares are almost constant. The scares dip slightly at the end after the maze- the vortex tunnel could use one last scare to finish the haunt. Scares range from pop scares/screamers to stalking and chasing to prop scares.

Actors: 5/5
The actors here are always intense and in your face. The trail is full of actors and they all get in your face and do whatever it takes to get a scare out of people. They will scare you even harder if you show fear. Actors with speaking roles do a good job of portraying their character and can adlib very well. No actors were breaking character. The actors on the hayride always do a good job of setting the tone for the haunt when they ambush the hayride. The actors in the first building in the queue line do a good job talking with people and getting some scares before the haunt begins. Actors throughout the haunt are devoted to getting a good scare. Actors rarely settle for just a pop scare, they always follow up after the initial scare.

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5
The clown car is always a really unique prop that starts out the haunt. Scenes throughout the first haunt are heavily detailed and all look great. Sets on the trail are slightly less detailed but still look good and give off more of an old-school vibe than scenes in the first room. Lots of animatronics are found throughout the haunt. One prop scare in the first house is great and can leave you stuck for a little while before you can get around it.  All scenes are full of props and detail. The maze is very dark, long, and hot and will definitely leave you ready to be out of there by the end of it.

Length: 5/5
It takes a long time from the time you get on the hayride to the time you walk out of the vortex tunnel. The actual haunt itself took us about 30-40 minutes with no time stuck in the maze. If the queue line before the haunt is long, it can take a long time from the time you get on the hayride until you finish the haunt. The maze is very dark and confusing so that can add extra time if you get lost. Length is great.

Value: 4.5/5
Tickets are $25 and parking is $2 so it is on the higher end of the price range for haunts in North Carolina but it is definitely worth it for the amount of time and the scare factor provided by Midway. Fast passes are $35 and can definitely be worth it if the line is long, which happens often later in the season.

Other: $2 parking. Concessions and merchandise available at the end of the haunt.

Overall: 5/5
Midway is always one of my favorite haunts in the state. Scares are consistent and do not let up from the time you get on the hayride until the end of the trail. Actors are intense and do whatever it takes to get a scare. The scenes in the trail look great. Midway consistently is in my top 3 and I always recommend it to people especially if they have never been. They do change things up a bit yearly so it is worth coming back to see what all has changed at Midway. Midway is a great experience and should definitely be on everyone's list of haunts to visit in North Carolina year after year!