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Title: Low Gap House of Horrors
Post by: k2quiere on October 19, 2017, 08:50:40 PM
Low Gap House of Horrors 10/14

Scare Factor: 3.5/5 This is obviously a small, community haunt, so no big scares here. They do have some very good screamers, though. Good set of lungs on some of the actresses.

Actors: 4/5 I bumped this scores up because of the doctor in the asylum section. He was in your face and actually make me take a step back for a second. His room was the pinnacle of the haunt for me.

Set Design: 4/5 There were some cool elements they put together. The water effect on the ceiling was very cool. The dark room was simply but good. The theme on the outside was spot on, but I wish they would've taken it a bit farther to incorporate the theme throughout. Also, the girl stuck inside the bed was a good effect. Again, this is a small haunt, so don't expect big props, just old-fashion sets, which many of them worked.

Value: 4/5 I'm really torn about how I felt about the value for this haunt. For one person, $10 seems fair, I suppose, but thinking in terms of a family, which would appear to be the intended audience, I'd have been upset to have spent $30+ to take my family to this one.

Length: 3.5/5 It was short, which I expected, but considering we were the only ones there, the fact that our split-in-half group caught up to each other made the relative shortness feel rushed.

Overall Impression: 4/5 I went in with minimal expectations, and they met them for the most part. Otherwise, the score would have been lower.