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Title: Granville Haunt Farm - 2017
Post by: NCHadmin on October 29, 2017, 01:40:01 PM
Granville Haunt Farm
Date Attended: 10/27/2017
Submitted by: Screaming_Diana

Scare Factor:  3/5
I was very impressed with the changes I saw taking place at Granville. A lot of work and money has obviously gone into improving this haunt this year.  The haunt is more than just a haunted trail. They offer a haunted trail, adult and kids corn maze, zombie paintball, and a virtual reality game. The coolest part of them offering all of these activities is you can pick and choose which activities youíd like to partake in or buy a combo ticket that includes multiple activities. While I didnít find the trail scary I did enjoy watching the teenagers in front of me scream and jump.  The zombie paintball hayride was a lot of fun and one of the better ones Iíve done at a trail. The zombies not only stagger toward the hayride but also crawl around on the ground and if you donít shoot them dead they might end up on the hayride with you. There was a large inflatable shooting range type activity that folks seemed to really be enjoying but we didnít check it out. While itís not a terrifying haunt thereís a ton of things here to entertain you and your whole family.

Actors: 3/5
Thereís a mix of actors here. The midway clown was their notable actor. He was very energetic scaring patrons in line and posing for pictures. Actors on the trail, while trying and having fun, where often short on selling the scare. They are very front centered so with me being in the back of a group of ten I missed almost all of the actor scares. This is a group size problem not really an actor problem.  The actor on the bus looked great just standing there waiting as we approached and entered the bus.  Actors costumes were a mix of detailed creepy masks to people in t-shirts with limited make-up. The most memorable costume for me was the corn guy. He made me smile. I have to give credit to the paintball zombies. Those guys were taking a beating and kept on going. Thatís dedication.

Set Design/Props/FX:  3/5
I noticed big improvements here and can only imagine how much they will continue to improve from year to year. The haunt is broken up into several different sections including the haunted trail, corn mazes, and hayride zombie paintball.  They also had other activities one of which was a virtual reality game where you could watch on a tv screen from the outside as people played the game.  I didnít play the game but enjoyed watching as others tried to play.  Zombie paintball was a lot of fun and one of the better set ups Iíve seen at a haunt. We didnít have time to do the corn maze but it looked like a long one from the outside. There was corn as far as I could see. There was improvement in the haunted trail from last year. Most of the empty space previously seen on this trail has been filled in. More actors and bigger and better sets have been added. There was a large movie screen that had ďno signalĒ displayed on the screen. Instead of displaying it with no signal it needed to just be turned off.  Unfortunately I missed a huge portion of the scenes and scares simply because the sets were not big enough to hold a group of 10 people. I often stood outside the set waiting in line. While the front of the group likely enjoyed what they saw I was left to walk through the empty set while an actor awkwardly stared at me. Group numbers were just too large for this trail. The children of the corn set has great potential but failed in the execution of scares. I liked the use of moving planks on the bridge along the trail. 

Value:  4/5
The price varies greatly here. You can purchase combo tickets for $20 and do the corn maze, haunted trail,  and zombie paintball or you can buy individual tickets and only do the activities youíd like to do. Additional paintballs can be purchased and you can play a virtual reality game for $5. They also offer group and other discounted rates that can be found on their website.

Length: 5/5
Itís a longer haunt if you participate in all the activities. The haunted trail and zombie paintball took about 25 minutes not including wait times and the corn maze and other activities. You could spend a lot of time here.

Parking is free

Overall Impression: 3.5/5
This is a family friendly haunt with fun actives to do during the day and haunted activities by night.  Granville is a young haunt that has shown a lot of improvement since last season. With multiple activities going on people are spread out making lines to each activity shorter. I was impressed to see the haunt accommodating a disabled elderly lady on the zombie paintball hayride. The line staff was very friendly and genuinely wanted everyone there to have a good time.  Gather up the family and head out to Granville Haunt Farm. Thereís something to entertain the whole family or sit by the fire and enjoy something from the ice cream and food truck. Even if you donít get scared youíll have fun participating in one of their many activities.

Title: Re: Granville Haunt Farm - 2017
Post by: NCHadmin on October 29, 2017, 01:41:58 PM
Granville Haunt Farm
Date visited:  10/27/2017
Submitted by:  packbacker

Scare Factor: 2.5/5
The haunted trail is a large improvement over last year in terms of decreased dead space and increased actor numbers.  Sets are more convincing and the cornfield provides an inherent creepy atmosphere.  Scares unfortunately were difficult to come by due to very large groups and a lot of action in the front of the group.  We entered the trail as a group of ten and missed multiple scares when we couldn't fit into a building/set.  It's kind of awkward to have three quarters of your group see a scare while you are outside a building only to enter and find an actor just staring at you.  Zombie paintball continues to be effective with good natured zombies there to withstand your paint abuse. The dancing zombie made me giggle more than a bit.   

Actors: 3/5
The haunted trail featured a much larger number of actors than last year.  They tended, however, to be very front-centric in their scares and after the pop reveal awkward silence generally followed.  Maybe it was the perspective from the back of the large group but routinely we'd just walk by actors standing still menacing a weapon or simply staring at you.  The zombie actors gave us varied looks from dancing to crawling to traditional Romero-esque undead.  Roaming actors throughout the grounds of the attraction were noticeably more interactive and a lot of fun to kill time with while waiting in lines.

Sets/Props/Fx: 3.5/5
There has been a noticeable and marked improvement in the sets and props on the haunted trail.  A few more technologically advanced props are present with some video scares.  That being said we also came across a projection board with the "blue screen of death" in the cornfield.  The "Children of the Corn" scene was really cool and something that not enough cornfields feature.  Actor costumes varied from really good to very lacking.  The paintball setup offered various targets with a plethora of zombies to douse with paint.  An entertaining video projection is in the queue area for waiting customers.

Length: 5/5
Granville offers three attractions: a haunted trail, zombie paintball, and a corn maze.  You can spend the better part of an evening at this haunt taking in all the sights. 

Value:  4/5
Granville offers a la carte pricing or a combo ticket.  Combo tickets for all three attractions are $20 which considering zombie paintball routinely goes for $15 and up gives you a good bang for your buck.  If you want to do a single attraction, however, you can buy lower priced tickets which is a very nice option to have.

Free parking!  Concessions are available on site as well as a cool looking virtual reality experience for an additional charge. 

Overall: 3.5/5
If you visited Granville last year you can definitely tell they've put a lot of effort into the haunted trail.  There's a lot more to see with some cool new props and very little empty space.  Actor numbers have also been upped.  The trail could really develop into a fun haunted cornfield if group sizes were smaller and actor paid attention to all "zones" of groups.  The zombie paintball part of the attraction is well executed and fun.  Granville really exudes a family fun atmosphere.  It's not as menacing or frightening as other attractions I've visited but I'm not sure that's the vibe they are seeking to portray.  We saw plenty of families who may have been doing just the corn maze while others utilized the well priced combo ticket for some wholesome holiday family fun.  Regardless, Granville is making big strides and worth checking out!