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Title: The Haunted Mill, Belmont NC
Post by: Badger on November 07, 2017, 03:38:29 PM
Date attended: 10/19/17

Scare Factor: 3/5
The Haunted Mill is located just off Hwy 73  in the middle of Belmont inside an actual 100-year-old former Mill and has been in the same location for a long time.  I haven't been in the last couple years and they've made some major changes to the haunt that I noticed right away.   The biggest change is that they run you into the building from a different entrance which threw off everything I remember  from my last visit.  The weekend i attended was a special week as they had Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) near the ticket booth signing autographs and posing for pics with his fans.  This may have caused the queue line actors to tone it down as there were a couple younger kids meeting him, otherwise they have some...effective actors who menace you while waiting.

Actors: 3.5/5
The actors at the Haunted Mill have a lot of fun while doing their jobs. I was in a group with a couple of college age kids and they screamed at almost everything the actors threw at them.  always fun to go through a haunt like that.  Most of the actors were good at popping out and resetting back into the darkness.  A few interacted with us with extended speaking roles but the majority of those actors are the usual poppers.  No complaints.

Sets/Props/FX: 4/5
No complaints here: Haunted Mill has been around a long time and they know how to make the corridors dark and scary and filled with good props and animatronics.  The group I was with was jumping at many of them and making a scene and it was fun to watch.  The sets were well designed and runs well.  some areas were a bit dark but otherwise well done.

One thing I don't like about The Haunted Mill is that it only takes about 15 minutes to get through, despite my grouop taking it's time.  I know they have limited space and run other businesses out of the building but it is a short haunt.  they do provide decent quality for what you get though.

Value: 2.5/5
From their website:
Haunted Mill only
$16 for adults
$10 for kids 12 and under
Haunted Combo includes 3D MiniGolf
$20 for adult
$13 for kids 12 and under
R.I.P Pass (Skip the line)
$35 for adults
$20 for kids 12 and under

Overall: 3.15/5
Not free parking (I think it's $2/car) .  They do have Blacklight mini-golf and an arcade so you can play a game after going through the haunt or while you're waiting in line. I did see concessions but have never tried them and I don't recall if they have merch. The Haunted Mill is a fun haunt, albeit short, and is best utillzed as part of a multi-haunt night. they are VERY convenient from I-85 but parking is a bit difficult to find as the lot is located behind the haunt and you have to drive past it in order tosee the parking signs.  I enjoy this haunt and recommend you give it a shot.