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Title: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Karmakrazy13 on October 02, 2007, 10:12:33 AM
If you have been to any haunt this season listed on the site or not, tells us all about it here.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Slappy on October 06, 2007, 05:00:24 PM
Okay, first official review.

Last night my girlfriend and I went to Hacker House.  First I want to thank Cliff (the owner) for going out of his way to show us a good time.  And I actually got to meet a fellow Monster Tour winner, Isabella. 

Now for the actual review.  First, the atmosphere was awesome.  Lots of fog, plenty of people walking around and interacting with you while waiting in line, and Vash (sp?) was awesome. 
The Hellevator rocked.  Very good addition that wasn't there the last time I visited, and very cool.  There were portions both inside and outside, and all were very good.  Let me just say that the smell in the room with all the body parts was...well...right on.  It actually made me slightly nauseous.  I liked the bathroom scene, the swamp scene, and two  girls, one dressed as a Voodoo priestess (or witch doctor) and one dressed as the nurse from "Silent Hill" were incredible.  A lot of great costumes, was well as interesting characters and personalities there.  The maze can actually get a bit disorienting, but there was always someone there to "point" us in the right direction.  Good use of props, air cannons, lighting (or lack thereof), smells, fog and distinct personalities.

All in all we had a great time and I would definitely recommend it!

Next time, just make sure I get to see the

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Post by: Squeakybird on October 06, 2007, 06:56:06 PM
Hey Slappy,

Doesn't this belong under Hacker's stuff?  Just curious.


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Post by: Karmakrazy13 on October 08, 2007, 07:24:51 PM
Scarowinds: Scarowinds is big and haunted, aside from the 6 haunted attractions they have 4 areas with lots of actors and props, you can also ride every ride but top gun. We had a great time and here are my comments!
Scare Factor: 3/5: I got startled in alot of the haunts like someone would come out of no where and it would get me, lots of surprises in the haunts.
Actors: 1/5: There were alot but in the haunts alot of the actors would just stand there and not do anything...very disappointing.
Set design/Props/FX: 5/5: Amazing! The whole park is drapped in darkness and fog, everything was perfect the visuals were incredible, truely a great experience for the eyes and ears.
Length: 5/5: We got finished with everything at about 11pm and we got there at 7, 6 haunted attractions, the whole park haunted and covered in actors, and all the theme park rides...simply put perfection!

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: NCHadmin on October 10, 2007, 08:44:11 AM

The more reviews, the better!
Everyone, please dont hesitate to share your opinions with other FrightSeekers!

Just an example, here's some of the things to look for when reviewing an event:

Scare Factor - This essentially refers to the entertainment quality of the attraction. Some folks look for scariness, some look for fun. Whatever you're looking for in terms of the entertainment value of the production, this is where it's listed.

Actors - This can mean the number of actors in relation to the size of the haunt, the quality of acting, the intensity and energy, and pretty much anything related to the live-person element of the haunt.

Set Design/Props/FX - Does it look cool? How well do they incorporate things like set decorations, animatronics, or other non-person scares? Is the set an integral part of the haunt itself?

Length - Longer doesn't necessarily mean better. Generally, what we're looking for is the length as it relates to the pace. A really scary haunt could be over in five minutes and still be the perfect length, whereas a boring haunt that goes on for an hour is just bad news. What we're looking for is to see if the haunt ended too soon or went on too long, or if it was the perfect length for that particular haunt.

Your thoughts on haunts you attend are important, so please share with all your fellow FrightSeekers!

Pleasant Screams!

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Slappy on October 15, 2007, 02:36:21 PM
What, didn't anyone go to any haunts this weekend?  I made it to one, although it wasn't any of the Moster Tour haunts.  And let's just say it wasn't even worth a review.  Although I must say, it's been a long time since I've laughed that hard...

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Karmakrazy13 on October 16, 2007, 02:39:15 PM
what was this place called? where was it at?

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Slappy on October 16, 2007, 03:49:18 PM
Um, it was called Bloody Hollow.  They tried hard, but one guy couldn't get his chainsaw started (which actually turned pretty funny).  There were too many kids portraying characters (a 4 foot Jason Vorhees isn't scary), and it just pretty much lacked the fear factor all together.  It was decently long, and had some interesting areas, but all in all, it was not worth $10.  If you really want me to give a full review, I'll do it, but it won't be pretty.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Slappy on October 22, 2007, 12:53:49 PM
I got to make it to 2 haunts this weekend.  To avoid confusion, I will break the 2 haunts up into separate reviews.  First will be Woods of Terror on Church Street.

First let me say that when I pulled up, my mouth dropped open.  The number of cars and people there was just mind-blowing.  I couldn't believe it.  I had high hopes for this place...had...

Scare Factor:  1/5  Not once during the nearly 2 hours it took to get through this haunt did I jump, yell, or even remotely become scared.  The groups we were in were far too large.  I could see what was happening, yet I was still 20 feet away, so by the time I got there, the element of surprise was gone.

Actor: 1/5  Or should I say "lack thereof"?  There were very few actors for the size of this haunt.  They used far too many props, air cannons, was just bad.  And the actors thenselves?  I've seen better acting in a high school musical.  No feeling from any of them, some of them were just screwing around.  Very disappointing.

Set Design/Props/FX:  3/5  There were some interesting scenes.  A tomb, some other random pieces.  The best of which was Movie Maniacs, which included all the major slasher film guys, Freddie, Jason, Michael, Leatherface, etc.  Some of the scenery was good, but the actors (besides Freddie) were just lethargic.  The electrified fence Freddie was taking his glove across was pretty cool, but you actually had to walk around it to get to the next section.  Little dangerous if you ask me.

Length: 4/5  This haunt was incredibly long, but if I had to stand in line, I would have snapped.  The line was insane for General Admission.  The haunt itself was respectably long, perhaps a little too long.  I kept wishing it was over.  But you do get your money's worth on length.  However, the 4 (or was it 5?!) times you had to ride the "hayride,"...that was ridiculous.   You sat on a dirty, hard wooden trailer, on your butt (nothing else) and rode down the road.  Most of the time you had to wait for something, so maybe the haunt wasn't as long as I thought.  Perhaps I spent and hour + waiting in different lines...  But I'll leave it at 4.

As one of the most expensive haunts on the site, this was a HUGE disappointment.  They obviously put a lot of money into it, including the concession area with things like a Horror Museum, concession stands, games, and a rat rod, but I want to be scared, not have a hotdog and win a toy.  If I want that, I'll go to the fair!

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Slappy on October 22, 2007, 01:31:23 PM
And now for the second haunt from 10/20, Forest of Horror.  This was about 5 minutes down the road from the other haunt, which was nice.  But this was a completely different world.

First, much shorter line, not the big spectacle that some other haunts are.  Please understand that this is what a haunt should be, in my opinion.  Noisy people, the smell of funnel cakes and long lines do not set the mood for a haunt.  Regardless, the mood here was much more sullen, much more tense, much more "mood-setting."

Scare Factor: 4/5  Regardless of the two young females behind me that jumped and screamed at everything, there was a decent scare factor here.  Actors jumping out at unknown, appropriate places, good dark places, good camouflage.

Actors:  5/5  Very good at staying motionless.  Some I didn't even know were actors until they jumped at me.  The others stayed in character very well, followed you just long enough, and actually seemed like they were having fun.

Set Design/Props/FX:  4/5  The one room smelled a little too much like a barn, but other than that, very good.  No air cannons (yay!), no cheesey scenes with narrarators (except one), and the walk through the woods was just creepy.  It all flowed together well.  However, what looked to be an awesome rebirth of Freddie was a big overture with a tiny opera.  A slight let down, but the effects were great.

Length:  4/5  Compared to other haunts in the same price range, the length was pretty good.  It could have been a bit longer, but perhaps it seemed so short because of one of two things.  One, the 2 females practically pushing us through it, or two, because the previous haunt I visited seemed to go on forever.  Regardless, decent length.

This was more my kind of haunt.  No big spectacle, just scares.  There were some very impressive costumes, cool scenes, even smells on this one.  Plus, some of the walking through the woods was just creepy in its own right. 

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Slappy on October 22, 2007, 01:35:55 PM
I did want to add one more thing about Woods of Terror.  This place must keep Poulan or Stihl in business.  There were more chainsaws here than at a lumberjack convention.  Huge over-usage of chainsaws, air cannons, and the redneck theme in general.  The "gentleman" on our wagon during the drive through the "redneck yard sale" (as he called it) was just obnoxious. He didn't shut up the whole time, and nothing he did made sense.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Squeakybird on October 28, 2007, 04:49:58 PM
When we went, we called it the Woods of Jesus.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Squeakybird on October 28, 2007, 04:55:14 PM
Oh, sorry ... what do I mean by that?
When we went, the owner had folks in a holding tank before dispatching them out.  In that tank was a video of him talking about salvation through Jesus Christ and "where will you be in 75 years?"  He was witnessing before a haunt.  This turned a lot of people off ... I thought it's his property, he can do what he wants to ... maybe because I'm on his side.  Appopriate?  You tell me.  Can't say if he's even doing it this year as I didnt' see this posted in any review.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Slappy on October 28, 2007, 05:09:13 PM
No, he definitely didn't have that this year.  I can say that I would find it highly inappropriate UNLESS it was posted somewhere in the description of the haunt.  I don't have a problem with religion, I do, however, have a problem with it being shoved down my throat.  No offense to anyone, that's just not my thing.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Squeakybird on October 28, 2007, 11:15:09 PM
Review on the Mill:

They have improved this haunt since the last time I was there ... in fact, it is a different haunt altogether.  It is still laid out to be a maze though.

Scare Factor:  I can't rate this.  It was entertaining but not scary or really fun.

Actors:  3/5.  The number of actors for the "now 4 times bigger" Mill was average for the size.  Although some actors merely guided you through the maze and/or looked tired, some were in top energy form.  The elevator man came in last with you, jumped up and slammed his whole body force down to shake the elevator ... that's a lot of enthusiasm for an actor!  Also, those women can really, REALLY scream well.  They should be hooked up to the next horror film.

Set design/Props/FX:  4/5.  In this haunt, you entered the elevator in one place, it shook and jarred you around but you know you didn't go anywhere, yet you clearly exited from another place.  That was good work on their part.  BEP - big expensive props.  There was a room I'd never seen before ... all the furniture was upside down and nailed to the ceiling.  I liked it but we thought more features could have been added to the room.  At one point, the maze goes completely dark and you could not see your way through and no actor was there to "boo" you in the right direction or glimpse the way with a flashlight ... this was not really cool.  And lastly, they ALWAYS exit this haunt with the chainsaw ... so predictable, but it is a fast way to exit people out of the building.

Length:  Good length, 15 minutes.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Squeakybird on October 28, 2007, 11:35:11 PM
Review on Nightmare on Independence

Not on the Monster Tour but definitely worth mentioning!  The Charlotte Jaycees have never let me down and they certainly didn't this year.  On this website, there is a $2.00 printable coupon.

Scare Factor:  4/5.  I screamed over a dozen times ... that is rare for me.  I'm lucky to get 1 or 2 good ones out.  These actors were literally invisible, dressed in black in a black maze.  At one time, I fell behind and was feeling the walls to find my way.  I was laughing hysterically and uncontrollably.  The groups were small and they didn't shove another group right in after you, so no one was creeping up on me and my group was so far in front.  Finally, sensing my real distress, an actor beamed his flashlight once to show me the path without making it an incident.  LOTS of scares and LOTS of fun.

Actors:  5/5.  Every actor there was perfect.  All of them stayed in character, some mingled among the folks in line and then out into the general area and everyone was laughing; some were unnerving with their silent, dark stares like the Grim Reaper.  He was excellent.  To try and break the tension, I leaned my head against his chest, and he growled, "Don't touch."  So he didn't edge out of character against my charm.  There were a good number of actors for this haunt, all having high energy and some actors REALLY got into it!

Set design/Props/FX:  This is one of the largest and dark mazes I have ever seen.  There are strings and flaps hanging down that you must wave your hands through to pass.  There is no consistent theme but that in itself was refreshing because nothing was expected.  Good use of black lighting.  My husband and I are "in the business" too, and John discovered something notable.  He said, "Given that this haunt was associated with a major Halloween prop supplier, this haunt was not an advertisement for their wares."

Length:  Nice.  45 minutes maybe, but that is to go through 2 INDOOR haunted house mazes.  Honestly, I would have been satisfied with the first one, but the 2nd "house" was not very long.  Great pace ... as I said, no group was ever remotely near me.  All of the group got to see what was happening in each scene.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Squeakybird on October 31, 2007, 11:13:53 AM
Haunt Review:  Campground Massacre

Scare Factor:  4/5 -- Great entertainment; I screamed the loudest EVER at one place where an actor was set inside his "niche" as we walked by.  He was a cadaver.  He came right out in my face and I screamed and fell on the dirt path.  I am 44 years old and this was a first.  Luckily I had a teenager next to me to break my fall.  High creep factor with the zombies crowding around you.

Actors:  4/5 -- My husband noticed that some actors were "reunsed" in several places but there was the right amount of actors for this haunt.  This is a good thing.   It seems more "populated" than it really is and is just smart to do.   "The Ring" masked actors got in your face and that was right on.  There is an actor thrashing about in the shower.  Most of the actors really got into their parts!  Lots of energy OR lots of creepy acting as the zombies silently crowded around you.  One thing though, if you are going to sneak up on someone and scare them, don't let your feet scrape the gravel.

Set Design/Props/FX:  5/5 -- This haunt constantly morphs and speaking as a consistent veteran of 6 years, I see the changes every year ... these folks are constantly reinvesting into this thing.  Okay, first off, BEP - big expensive props and big animatronics.  In previous times, it seemed congested with "stuff" but this year, it felt like they thought less was more ... and I think they were effective.  Most of the haunt was darker than earlier times.  There is a dark maze that continues with a wall of nothing but skulls and bones, and more walls hanging of what feels like dried out flesh.  Very cool to see and touch.  Being in the mask business, there were masks I'd never seen before ... like from "The Ring" where their mouths are stretched to unnatural proportions.  Very cool.  There is a new graveyard with props and actors that is nicely done.

Length:  I felt like I was being pushed through even though there wasn't many people there ... and my husband was first and went slow.  I felt like it was over too fast.  Overall, I say it was the right length for the haunt.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Squeakybird on October 31, 2007, 11:15:26 AM
Some actors were RE-used.

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Post by: TheDark on November 02, 2007, 10:04:59 AM
Karma, maybe im just really really tired! But.. i only saw  your review of Scarowinds.. not Forest of Horror.. Forgive me but im starving for feedback! I need to know how people feel in order to improve.. did anyone like the Rats and mice??! :)

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Squeakybird on November 06, 2007, 07:22:01 AM

I did not personally go to FOH, but people's faces lit up when it was mentioned and they highly recommended it when I was at Boogerwoods (did not say anything specific, but this is a good thing).  They loved it, so, rest assured ... you and your rats ... I'm sure everyone loved them.


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Post by: Slappy on November 06, 2007, 10:14:53 AM
Forest of Horror was good, without a doubt.  One of those haunts where you could see the actors and the "victims" enjoying themselves, and that's what it's all about!

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Slappy on November 07, 2007, 11:31:44 AM
Well, here it is, my final review of the season.  I went to Midway Wicked Woods on Saturday, October 27th.  It was all I had time for that weekend.  I'm extremely sorry to say that I missed 3 out of 8 haunts, which greatly disappoints me.  I may make it a point to visit these haunts next year, or perhaps I will just stick with the tried and true.

Anyhow, Midway Wicked Woods: The Review...

Scare Factor: 3/5  I would have given it a higher scare factor, but the problem was that our group was moving so slowly, and the group in front of us was moving so slowly, that we were caught in the middle, and missed most of the scares.  But I must give a thumbs up the actors that did go out of their way to try and scare us. 

Actors: 3/5  The gentleman "guarding" the entrance into the woods was quite "charming."  However, the obnoxious people that walked through the lines screaming in my ear made me want to leave immediately.  The actors in the actual haunt itself were decent.  A few seemed tired, or out of it, but it was a decent try for the most part.

Set Design/Props/FX:  4/5  The flame-throwing satellite dish was cool, the entrance into the woods was cool, very good lighting effects throughout.  Very interesting surfaces to walk on at times, and the graveyard scene was one of the creepiest I've seen.  Good use of lighting, textures, and props.  And no air cannons!  Yay!!!  The maze at the end was incredible.  First maze where I actually got lost several times.  It was pitch black, and narrow (not for the claustrophobic), and we made several wrong turns.  Thankfully, there was always someone there to flash the lights if you got completely lost (which we did).  But very cool.

Length:  4/5  Pretty good.  I did feel like I was in the maze for quite a while, but overall the length was fairly good.  I wish the groups moved a little faster, because as I said, we kind of got caught in the middle, and perhaps missed a lot.  But overall, a very decent haunt.

I would recommend this haunt to anyone in the Midway/Statesville area.  Whether or not it was worth the 40 minute drive for me, well, I had free tickets, so that helped.  Will I go again next year?  If time and funds permit.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Slappy on November 07, 2007, 11:48:01 AM
So, for those that are just joining in, I will rate the haunts I went to this year by my own personal opinion.  I visited 6 total, one which is not listed on this site, but I will include it regardless.

1.  Hacker House.  Yes, that's right, I said Hacker House.  Me, who complained about how bad it was last time I was there.  I was very impresed by the atmosphere, the actors, the sets and props, and by the haunt as a whole.  I will be back next year, and I better see someone get fried!

2.  Woods of Terror.  Not nearly the spectacle of the bigger haunts, but definitely had the actors, props and sets of a much bigger haunt.  This haunt is somewhat misleading, as it looks a lot smaller than it is.  Again, I was quite impressed, and the actors were definitely on their A-game the night I went. 

3.  Kersey Valley Spooky Woods.  Always a good haunt.  It's a shame we had a drought, because the corn maze was a bit disappointing.  But as always, great props, good actors, and it's just a big haunt.  And I have to give it decent marks as it made my friend leave in hysterics.

4.  Midway Wicked Woods.  A good haunt, but nothing mind-blowing.  The Hewitt house was good, as was the cemetary and maze.  Decent haunt, but they need to move the people through better.  And lose the screaming idiots in line.

5.  Bloody Hollow Haunted Trail.  Or something like that.  Out in the middle of nowhere, just going to this place is creepy.  However, there were so many screw ups the night we went, that I did nothing by laugh.  However, I did have a good time, so it doesn't rank last in my book. 

6.  Woods of Terror on Church Street.  A total disappoint.  Bad actors, too many annoying teenie-boppers in line, too much stuff going on, too many "hay rides" and not enough hay.  This haunt dragged on forever.  I felt like I was going to be there for the rest of my life.  It actually took us 2 hours to get through it, which is far too long in my book.  30 - 60 minutes is optimal to me, depending on the price.  I will not to back to this haunt...ever.

Please understand that this is merely my opinion.  It is not here to influence anybody, or to put anyone down.  I've been going to haunted houses since I was 5 years old (yes, honestly).  Back in the days when the actors could touch you, and that made it even scarier.  Regardless, these are the 6 haunts I visited this Halloween season, and these are my opinions on them.  Feel free to read, feel free to comment, but DO NOT take it personally.  Thank you.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Squeakybird on November 07, 2007, 04:22:49 PM
 -- NOT on the Monster Tour.

I, too, went to 4 haunts, 2 on the Tour (The Mill and Campground Massacre) and 2 that were not (Nightmare on Independence and Boogerwoods).  I was told I could write about the other 2 anyway.  I'm glad I could write about Boogerwoods.

BOOGERWOODS is located between Rockwell and China Grove off of I-85 on Hwy. 152, east of Kannapolis/Concord, NC.  It was originally built by family and friends just for fun and now, 2007 marks their 30 year anniversary in business, donating money to Cystic Fibrosis ... many volunteers return annually because they are part of the family atmosphere.

This haunt is OPEN six (6) given nights per season and these days VARY, so check the website every year.  Tickets go on sale at 2:00 that afternoon for that night of the haunt and typically sell out.  They have their reasons for doing it this way.

While you are in LINE, Boogerwoods offers a Big Screen showing Halloween-y movies.  It is like a walk-in instead of a drive-in as the speakers are spread out.  Wait time is about 2 hours but it is well worth the wait - built in benches help.  They also offer concession goods and an on-duty Sheriff.

Boogerwoods was a lovely mixed bag of having an experience with a prop, an experience being part of an audience who watched the volunteer/actors comically banter and put on a show for you, and hysterical interaction with your guides/actors (below) ... totally different combination.

Entertainment factor was serverly high.  Very unique sets, different sensations, smells, frights and constant laughing.  Note:  I laughed so hard, not because it was dumb, but because your guides (mentioned below) were so funny, having a great time themselves.  It was designed to be this way, for both fun and fright.  LOTS of humorous and creative skits to entertain or scare you.  LOTS of sensory input ... some unlike anything I'd ever seen done (more below).
BEPs (big expensive props) and the use of TONS of plain 'ole creativity, imagination and down home fun tactics.  In my opinion, these folks could fly without BEPs ... and that is saying a lot.  But even their big props were very unique.  I must mention CLUB BOOGER -- You had better dance in there or "The Managers" will appear and check on the "bar."  They scared the heck out me:  quite amazing and frightening.

Without spoiling or repeating anything that isn't already posted on their website with photos, I decided to list what you will experience through your senses:  SIGHT:  dark then bright sets (high scare factor), strobes, "lightning bolts," 3-D, and a beautiful tall landscaped waterfall; SMELL:  farm smells; SENSATIONS:  you felt like you were in a fender bender, like you were walking on mushy, sinking and/or muddy ground; that you were in a rain shower (uh, you were); like you had pressure on your whole body; like you had motion sickness (NOT just the spinning tube ... I have never seen this BEP before); and like you got the tingles in your feet; HEARING:  thunderstorms, lightning bolt cracks and lots of good music.  Plus, you got to boogie and dance.

Regarding set design continuity, none of these sets were related, but your guides, 2 volunteers (actors) cultivated the sense of continuity, just by talking TO you and WITH you inbetween sets.  THEY are the ones who made it flow together unlike self guided tours where you might feel a choppy set change.

ACTORS/Volunteers  -- 5/5
Booger uses 75-100 volunteers per night and they need all of them.  These people were priceless and I loved them!  It was like you went to a show.  They had rehearsed and comical banter and antics among themselves and acted like you weren't there sometimes.   Sometimes I forgot I was at a haunt, I was so into it ... their acting was as quite credible for what it was.

LENGTH:  5/5 -- 40 minutes.  Perfect.

Note:  A little subject material might be considered by some to be "on the fence" ... or just plain over it regarding what you want to hear or see, but everyone's sense of humor varies, doesn't it?

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: nctrembley0613 on September 27, 2009, 03:17:35 PM
You know, there are so many vairables that can make a haunted house attraction the best experience or the worst experience.  Such as:  weather, beginnig of season, end of season, who you go with, your mindset or expectations.

I personally have heard more bad stories about Woods of Terror than any other haunt, so in your case, I am glad to hear some positive feedback.  I have never opted to visit WOT because the people (I know) who have gone were dissapointed.

Regarding Spookywoods, last year was my first visit and we had many variables that could have made our visit sour:  it was our 1st time AND we had heard a lot of hype about scare factor AND it was raining AND it was on a Thrusday...but we ended up having a really good time even accounting for the actors who couldn't work due to weather.

Maybe (like you said) because it was opening day, the experience was not the end all be all hunt you desired.  I hope your group gets a chance to go back later this season for a better scare.  I'm actually going to SW this Friday night, maybe I'll get so see the film crew, I defintely look forward to my 1st hunt of this season  :o

There are so many threads on this forum that discuss what it takes to scare a person & it always comes down to the individual and the variables.   

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: scaremaster08 on October 08, 2010, 11:40:12 PM
i just came back from xtreme fear and I loved it, they created one of the best atmospheres i've ever been in at a haunt. the actors were on top of there game. really have nothing bad to say about this haunt, i suggest everyone checks it out!

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: nctrembley0613 on October 09, 2010, 12:14:24 PM
i'm there 2nite.  post a review in the "unofficial" section with the scale 1 - 5 if you can, we love details here, we want to know the nitty gritty.  last year, when it ended at x-treme fear, i was totally out of breath and scared to death.  loved every minute!

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: scaremaster08 on October 09, 2010, 01:38:03 PM
then ur gonna love it this year. ill post my unofficial right now.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Badger on October 10, 2010, 06:30:36 PM
i just came back from xtreme fear and I loved it, they created one of the best atmospheres i've ever been in at a haunt. the actors were on top of there game. really have nothing bad to say about this haunt, i suggest everyone checks it out!

This makes me smile.  (I trained the actors this year)

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: scaremaster08 on October 10, 2010, 07:13:24 PM
then you are great at your job. I've been looking at doing what you do how do you get your name out?

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: Julie on October 10, 2010, 07:32:04 PM
Badger, great job! I went to Xtreme Fear last night and had a blast. Review coming soon.

Title: Re: *Haunt Reviews*
Post by: scaremaster08 on October 02, 2011, 07:05:51 PM
I volunteered at a new haunt in aberdeen last night call Aberdeen Fear Factory, wont give a review because i worked and only did a walk thru, but its a first year haunt and im sure they'd really appreciate some experienced frightseekers cmin and checkin it out and givin your reviews. Its and indoor walk through in an old furniture factory so come check it out guys, any questions just reply or message me whichever you prefer.

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Horror Fields  was reviewed by

Horror Fields Haunted Attraction
"The field of corn holds many secrets…It was first noticed generations ago. How the darkness seemed darker, the night seemed colder, the terror more real. This area has always been known to have a higher number of disappearances and insanity. The field has grown here for years, though nobody plants the corn. People spin tales of beasts and monsters that inhabit the corn. It is rumored that deep in the field a family lives. No one has seen them for generations. They are rumored to be kidnapping people to keep their dark family alive. Nobody knows who the Horners are now, or how they survive. But they are known for brewing a POWERFUL ‘Shine. Can you avoid the family in the corn? This area has had a large number of people missing. This has been going on for many years. Body parts have been found hidden along the borders of the field. These have had strange symbols carved into the flesh. This has been going on since the 1900’s, with no clue who may behind this. Keep your eyes peeled for this mysterious killer of the corn. Will you be his next victim? There have been a larger number of tales about a huge spirit that inhabits this field. This monstrous creature has been barely glimpsed, and has driven some to the brink of insanity. They say it is resembles a scarecrow with the face of a jack o’ lantern. He has been dubbed the Invisible Walker of the Fields, or Ichabod Nyx. Legend says he used to be the protector of this land…is he still protector, or is he monster? This field is full of mystery and surprise, with acres of horror and terror to be uncovered. It has changed the lives of all who have visited, and some will never be the same. Can you survive the homegrown horror of Horror Fields?"

That is the legend of Horror Fields, NC's newest haunt located in the heart of Sawmills/Granite Falls.  Built into and around a sprawling cornfield, the haunt puts forth an ominous presence from the beginning.  As you enter the haunt you can see the massive cornfield ahead of you with sparkling lights that almost seem to draw you in. 

Throughout the trail and even while standing in line, you can hear numerous screams and moans from both the patrons of the trail and the residents themselves. I thought this both built up suspense and excitement from the crowd, as I overheard numerous comments of "being nervous" and "on edge." I also thought the employees working out front did a good job of building up the experience for all the visitors.

The one thing that will impress you the most in this haunt will most definitely be the caliber of acting presented throughout. This is above and beyond any trail, house, mansion, haunt, etc. that I have been through. Every actor and actress in this haunt puts forth everything they have and it shows. They live this and are extremely convincing.  They're both fun and creepy and remind me a lot of the late great campy 70s/early 80s backwoods horror flicks. They literally make it a blast with every scene personalized for the group.

The special effects and scenes were also something I could not pass up mentioning. You could tell the extreme amount of work put into this trail. There are tons of lights, fog machines, noise makers, props, gore, fire, sparks, blades, etc.  I was just amazed walking around in this massive corn field taking in everything around me.

Where most haunts rely on one theme, Horror Fields creates an entire "entity" in their haunt, offering a walk through a dilapidated outhouse, a stroll through a creepy, bug (and creature) infested swamp complete with cross-over bridge (which was absolutely beautiful), a visit to Colton's workshop, a stop by the local Slaughterhouse, and tons more. 

In wrapping up this interview, I cannot fail to mention how much fun I had interacting with the characters at this haunt. At 99% of the haunts I have visited, its a dude in a mask making noises PERIOD. At this haunt, they talk with you, personalize the experience with you, and encourage participation from you. Its an incredible innovation in the haunt world and one that Horror Fields perfects.  Go to this haunt, plain and simple. Take a group of friends and you WILL have a blast.

Horror Fields is located at 4270 Helena St. in Sawmills, NC. Tickets are $13, but I have discount coupons available if anyone messages me.  I plan on being out there again on October 28th to do some on the scene interviews/reactions with random "victims" of the haunt, so hit me up if you want to come out that night.  Make sure to check out their FACEBOOK and their OFFICIAL SITE.

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Reapers Realm in China Grove NC is a must for any FrightSeeker they have a 6,000 Square ft house and trail tons of scares no  entertainment they have added alot of new things 150 ft swinging bridge a haunted sewer can't give away everything but every week is something new 1610 Daughtery Rd China Grove NC