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Title: Tips for FrightSeekers - Minimize your wait in lines
Post by: NCHadmin on October 16, 2009, 07:36:00 AM
Hi FrightSeekers,
From now until the end of the season, haunts will be busy.

In your planning, we recommend:

Thurs or Sun:
These nights will have smaller crowds, but not all haunts are open on those nights.  Check on for the days & times a haunt is open.

Arrive early.  Being the first in line helps minimize your time waiting once the haunt is open, but you do spend time waiting in the ticket line waiting for the ticket booth to open!  If you're there before everything opens, bring a snack (and please, use the trashcans!).  Also, you may consider arranging a FrightRide for carpooling or meeting at a haunt so you can visit with other FrightSeekers while waiting.
Other options...
Getting on-line tickets (if they're offered).  This will save you waiting in the ticket line.
Upgrade to a Fast Pass (if it's offered). This will avoid waiting in the haunt's queue line.
The absolute fastest way to get in is to arrange to arrive before 9pm with online & fast pass tickets in hand.
After you're through the haunt, you can enjoy the 'extras' at the haunt, and watch others come out screaming!
Pleasant Screams,