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Title: Haunted Mill Fright Team Review
Post by: NCHadmin on October 25, 2009, 12:27:12 PM
Submitted by: Karmakrazy13
Haunted Mill 2009 Review
Date Attended 10/09/2009

Scare Factor 2/5: I did not jump once, a lot of the scares here are predictable, I started in front of my group, and went through 5 rooms in the front, then we got in a hellevator and I came out in the back of the group. I was not scared in the front, or the back of the group.

Actors 3/5: Tons and tons of actors at the haunted mill, you can tell they love what they do. I have been going to the haunted mill for a long time, and I still see a lot of familiar faces. The actors need to get in your face, and put a scare in you, a lot of them just stand there and yell and scream.

Set Design/Props/FX 4/5: Haunted mill has like 30 some odd rooms, so that means like 30 some odd scenes. A lot of hard work goes into each room, only problem is they have you moving so fast you miss a lot.
Length 2/5: We went in, and it seemed like no time had passed and it was over. There are 30 some odd rooms, and we flew through them, I tried to slow pace, but continued to get yelled out to go faster, to stay with the group. The haunt is huge, that is why I am so surprised we were in and out so fast.
Overall 2.5/5: Slow the pace down if you go here. Also a lot of the actors need to hide and wait for the perfect time to pounce. We flew by each room, and we flew by the whole experience. There is tons of potential for the haunted mill to be what it used to be, I love the staff here, and I really think the haunted mill is a great experience, just needs some improvements.

Title: Re: Haunted Mill Fright Team Review
Post by: k2quiere on October 25, 2009, 03:16:03 PM
Thanks. This is good information to know as we are going here tonight!