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Title: Special offer on actor training this Sept (never too early to think about it)
Post by: Badger on January 30, 2012, 06:11:56 PM
With the Democratic National Convention coming to Charlotte September 3-7, I have been informed that working in and around the Center City (which I do) will be...difficult at best. Therefore I am mulling the possibility of traveling and putting on my Boo Camp at various haunts during that week as opposed to my normal weekends. If there is a haunt interested in hiring RBHC for a weeknight of specialized actor training during Sept 3-7, you have the opportunity to receive certain benefits not offered to my weekend clients.

Please let me know if there would be interest in this idea. I would certainly appreciate your feedback as I need to start making plans now. I will offer a special rate to any haunt that takes advantage of this. Email or IM for details.