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Author Topic: Hacker House *Official* Reviews 2013  (Read 9009 times)
« on: September 30, 2013, 10:38:55 AM »

Date Attended:  09/27/2013
Submitted by:  Screaming_diana
Scare Factor: 5/5  I was frightened from the moment our car turned into the parking lot.  The location is dark and gloomy and just perfect for a haunted house.  You can hear their victims screaming from within the house as you drive up.   So right away you know this is going to be good.   I could sense creatures prowling around in the darkness but I couldn’t see them, I heard eerie whispers but I couldn’t tell where they were coming from,   I could see someone standing in the corner but were they real or just a prop? The suspense of the unknown was absolutely terrifying.
Actors:  5/5  These actors are incredible.  I think they live to scare people.  If they scare you once you better be prepared because they will likely show back up later and scare you again.  I didn’t know what to expect next.  I had monsters crawling at my feet, popping out of walls, flying above my head, sneaking up behind me, they were everywhere.  The actors keep this place alive bouncing around all over the place terrorizing anyone that shows a little fear.  They genuinely seem to love their job and are fantastic at it.  They will invade your personal space, they get in your face, they will surround you, and they will corner you.  They will scare you!  I was brave enough to look up a few times to notice these creatures have some very scary and interesting costumes and their makeup was fantastic.  There is so much going on around you it’s hard to take it all in.
Set Design/props/FX:   5/5   Hacker House uses every inch of space they have available.  The maze is perfectly designed with all sorts of monster hideaways.  You just never know when or where one might pop out.  Some places throughout the house are dark, very dark, but there is enough lighting for you to see all the amazing props.  They have some really cool animatronics and some of them even interact with you.   You can feel a little claustrophobic walking down some of the narrow hallways, the laser lights are very disorienting, the bridge makes you feel unsteady on your feet, and the darkness and fog obscure your vision.  They use all the things together to create an amazingly scary haunt.  They also have some very strange smells throughout the haunt.  I’m not sure if this is on purpose or just part of the haunts natural environment but either way it’s a great addition to the haunt.
Length:  5/5  I think the length was perfect.  They pack a lot of scares into this place.  It’s not guided so the length of time it takes you to get through depends on how fast you walk.  I was terrified so I moved as quickly as possible and it still seemed like it took a long time to get to the end.
Value:  5/5  Admission is $15-$20 depending on the night you attend.  With all the interaction and attention you get from the actors this haunt is perfectly priced at $20.  On $15 nights you are getting an awesome deal.  Parking was free!   
Other:  If I could only visit a couple haunts this season Hacker House would definitely be at the top of my “must visit” list.
Overall Impression:  5/5  I love this place.  Hacker House completely terrifies me but the thrill of knowing I survived something that was so scary is just exhilarating.  If you’re a fearful person be prepared to scream, scream, scream!  If you’re one of the few brave souls that can make through this place without screaming you are going to have a blast watching everyone else scream as they try to make their journey through Hacker House!
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Visit Date: 9/27/13
Submitted by: packbacker

Scare Factor 5/5
Hacker House assaults all five senses.  Visually one is exposed to all sorts of craziness from bloody gurneys to aerial actors.  Your hearing is tested with truck horns, chainsaws, and the eerie whispering of the names of members of your group from unseen actors.  I'm not sure if the smell in the outdoor/graveyard sets is piped in or natural but you nose does not get a respite as there is a distinct smell of decay.  Clamzilla may touch you and occasionally you have to lick something to escape the maze.  Yes it's a full sensory experience at Hacker House.  

Actors 5/5
For me this is the most polished and ruthless set of actors in the state.  Their timing on scares is impeccable and they know the house/trail like the back of their hand.  Most actors can run and set themselves up for a second or even third scare.  Those that don't are harassing patrons mercilessly (in a good way) or interacting/ad-libbing like polished stand up comics.  

Props/Sets/Fx 5/5
Hacker House combines some disturbing sets, solid costumes, and some large props into a full scare experience.  The medical sets are consistently solid with blood spattered areas, hanging IV tubing, and actors to finish the scare.  The makeup here is top-notch and there was one costume this year that made me do a double take.  I literally clapped when I saw the reveal.  There's a new elevator scene this year with a great video element.  Clamzilla returns as my favorite prop in the state.  Another prop, "Cuddles", seemed to be having an off night but is still freaky to look at.  The sacrificial scene, swampish bag props, and a pitch black maze all again are incredibly fun areas to experience.

Length 4/5
The folks at Hacker House cannot fit more into this trail.  That doesn't mean that I don't want more, though!  At the end I was sweating from the twisting, turning, and running through the trail.  There are no wasted areas nor a place to collect yourself outside of the queue to the factory/industrial area.

Value 5/5
You can't get more scares for this price.  If you aren't scared you're going to laugh.  The entertainment value of this attraction be it screams of fear or of laughter cannot be quantified.  It's worth every penny.

Free parking!  

Overall impression 5/5
The most menacing and fun haunt year after year.  Again if you aren't scared then you will leave laughing from interacting with the actors be it the queue line folks or the monsters in the house.  Most likely, though, you're going to run screaming into the parking lot asking to leave with that adrenaline rush of fear and a smile from having had a helluva good time.
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Attended: 9/27/13
Submitted by: jonesm

Scare Factor: 4/5
Hacker House is one of the best blends of low tech and state of the art, but the best thing they've got going for them is the heart they put into their trail.  There were some new goodies on the trail this year, and they have upped the creep factor significantly.  I still maintain that this haunt is equal parts fun and scares, but I think they've tilted a little darker this year.  They've always had great actors, and the scares are absolutely relentless, coming from all sides in one solid wave from start to finish.  It's a haunt that will make
you scream and laugh and scream again, but in the end what you'll mostly do is run!  Love this place!

Actors: 5/5
The actors in this haunt live up the title more than at any other haunt.  These monsters are here for the right reasons and will do anything they can to get under your skin and creep you out.  Some of them are funny and some are freaky, but all are dedicated and more than ready to engage with you, in character and delightfully malevolent.  Top to bottom, year in and year out, this is the best crew of monsters out there that I've come across, and you can believe they'll find a way to get to you before it's over with.  Special kudos to Skippy (well wishes on your next chapter) and the big WWI gas mask guy.  He was majorly imposing and made some seriously creepy noises!  Oh, and I loved the Chair!  It was like something from a haunted Pee-Wee's Playhouse!

Sets/Props/FX: 5/5
The actors are the real secret weapon at this haunt, but they wouldn't be nearly as effective without the fantastic costumes and make up that outfit them.  There are a few classic characters that I'm always happy to run across, but there are also creative and disgusting new characters every year to keep it from ever getting the least bit stale.  The sets are often on the minimal side, but in the best ways, allowing you to catch the feeling of each room as the monsters keep you running.  When the sets do go big, they are well placed and spaced out to great effect.  Clamzilla is one of my favorite things of the whole season, as is the unique "swamp room."  The catacombs feel like you've stumbled into a completely different location entirely, and the mines are claustrophobic and offer lots of opportunities to the monsters for multiple scares.  The new elevator works really well, and the outdoor elements really spice things up beautifully.  Hacker House is in a perfect (read:creepy) location that's close to civilization but isolated feeling throughout.

Length: 5/5
One of the best things you can say in a review of a haunt is that it was disorienting.  Hacker House is not the biggest haunt out there, but it's so well laid out that it winds around for what feels like forever and you're never exactly sure where you are in relation to anything else, which of course means you never really know what's coming next.  I swore it was way longer this year, but I think it's really that from season to season it's easy to forget just how much is crammed in the place.  The length is well above average, and well worth the trip out.

Value: 5/5
This trail is easily worth your money, and at $15 might actually be priced a little below its true value.  It's best-of-the-season good at a church-league price, and it's definitely good enough for repeat visits.  It's a can't miss for newbies (virgins, the monsters call them) and hardcore fans alike!

Overall: 5/5
It's become tradition for my crew to make this our opening to the spook trail season, and I cannot overstate how much I recommend it!  The actors are as good as you'll find, the sets and costumes are top notch, and the location is absolutely ideal.  In short, this is easily one of the very best haunts in the state and should definitely make your cut of places to visit this year.  I can assure you that you won't be disappointed!
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Date attended: 9/27-2013
Submitted by: Regncguy

Scare Factor- 5/5  The setting down in the woods and the fog that was laying low on the ground gave just the perfect scenario for a great scare. There are a lot of hidden corners and great places that you get hit at and you will get hit from every direction and really never know where it is coming from next.

Actors- 5/5  I can't say enough about the actors. Even though this was opening weekend, they were spot on. The energy that they showed all through the haunt was fantastic. And if it wasn't enough that they were full of energy, they used the three and four scare opportunities to the max. They popped out where you weren't expecting it and then the next thing you know, there they are again. And just when you thought you were safe, someone was breathing down your neck and just creeping along behind you to get your attention away from the next pop scare. Everyone stayed in character and not once did I see an actor break character, all the way to the finish, and even there you weren't in the clear....

Set Design- 5/5 What they have done is make it dark enough that you don't see what's coming at you, but then enough light to see some great sets that compliment the feel of the haunt. The actors are able to use these to really put you off your comfort zone and at points it was just a sensory overload from things blinking and banging. What I really liked about the sets is that I really don't remember a dead zone, there was always something that was creepy or scary right there in front of you.

Length- 4/5 The length is just fine. I came from the haunt out of breath because it is non-stop. Took about 40 minutes and that was with no wait time and no backups in the haunt itself. Heaven forbid you get slowed down inside, it will be intense.

Value- 5/5 $20, and all that was going on, enough said about it, that's a deal any day. Look for the $15 dollar deals also.

Other- I really enjoyed how you go from inside to outside back inside and you never really feel any change in the setting. They have done a great job with the flow of the scares.

Overall Impression- 5/5 Well they have ruined me for the season. I plan on going to 12-15 haunts this year and the bar has really been set high. I had a blast and the group that I went through were screaming, jumping, falling down and just plain old getting scared. Hey, that's what you're looking for when you go to a haunt and they truly deliver.
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Date visited: 9/30/13
Submitted by: 13moons

Scare Factor 4.25/5:  The windy lane just to get to the house was foreboding enough. The ominous western movie set with the ticket sign flashing red in the dark just set the tone – the only thing ‘normal’ was the ticket booth! But then, that’s even weird, too. Then comes the eccentric and far-out mixture of characters before we even get inside – watch out for the wild mad scientist, the moody Bacon man, and lookout for the woolly witch - she’s a beautiful razor and nothing is what it seems at Hacker House 2013. The scares deliver a strange and unshakable flavor of shock and horror; gaslighting – bait and switch – fright and fun – tricks and treats.  We get in – we get separated from our group, from each other – we are stalked, accosted, dizzied, disjointed – are we inside or outside? Weren’t we just here? Worms from the sky, textures tickling us from the rafters, our legs confined by black pillow-swamp – can’t run in molasses. Turning corner after corner inside, outside; doing 360s to see who’s there (that freaky paranoia feeling) then (!) pop-grabs rattling our bones.  What was that? Thank you for the multiple panic buttons in the dungeon factories – we pushed them at the dead ends and… We are plunged into another deep black passage (claustrophobia tweaks me out). Can’t find the door - will they let us out?  Which way is out? Panic, doom, jolts, and strange hysteria made us laugh, scream and cry all at the same time. Even on opening night – before October even started, it’s got some kinks but it’s a damn good haunt.

Actors 4.50/5:  Opening night is the first time out of the barrel for a haunt review – in fact, I wasn’t going to do one (yet, because I’m going back) – but I can’t keep it in. Hacker House actors are fascinating creatures – yeah, they aren’t normal actors. You won’t see Freddy or Michael here but you will see characters you could never dream of unless you are mental or waking up from a truly sickening dream.  Thing is, you can’t really tell most of them are acting and they look so strange, there’s no way to figure most of them out – until they tell you about their weirdness – spurt puss on you, growl, chase, taunt, pop, and slither about in the dark with you. They don’t seem to try – they just soak up the funky juice and splash it all over. Flinging out over your head, contorting under your feet, crowding you into a corner, towering over you (how tall is that guy?)…they are a special crew who put on a show – they interact (don’t tell them your name!) they are serious, playful, mean, funny, gross, scary, bizarre, wicked and sharp – you’ll find it all here. Not sure they were running a full crew this first night which meant a few noticeable empty spaces along the way – hence the 4.50.  And, some of the makeup and costumes needed a bit more umph but the acting itself, primo.

Set Design/Props/FX 4/5:  Awesome new additions this year for folks who know about this gem already and if you’ve never been, well, like I said last year, this is not a hacking thing or a house thing – it’s an interactive theatrical indoor/outdoor daunting, clever, and scary haunted adventure maze. It’s not for the faint of heart. In Hacker House, you get to figure out where you are and try to get out of the crazy freak show. The sets are mixed up between pitch-dark mazes, catacombs, outdoor mazes, animatronics that move and move you, disorienting ins and outs and filled with dead ends to backtrack – which never seem to look the same coming back the way you got in!  In one freaky maze, the actor held us hostage blocking the door until we got good and freaked out. She let my friend out but not me, so I got caught all alone screaming in panic for her – then the actors knew her name – too bad for her!  (Watch out for that name-thing, when they know it, actors are relentless!) The panic button-filled factory set, the swamp lair, the sky-falling screamer, the moving parts, the parts you see then you don’t – those are the ones masterly placed for perfect gotchas.  And getcha they will – over and over.  Seemed like not as many props this year to distract me from the scare in some of the sets and some of the props I missed going “off” when I went by, or maybe they weren’t supposed to go off because I kept staring at the main theme and it didn’t move in a couple of sets. Maybe it might have been a lighter night for actors to fully cover all the maddening sets? But the twisting, turning pathways and set design itself (even the lineup outside) including the FX were ominous and perfectly haunted. The set starts when you drive up and doesn’t end until you find your way out of the parking lot – if you are lucky. More sound effects, louder music, more strobes, and more fog would really put this over the top. The ending – gotta have those things, but some strobe, fog, laser lights, bloody splash, or something in there would add to the scene and end it on a deeper octave – the prop needs to look more real. Watch their faces as they come out. Are they screaming, crying, smiling, talking to their pals; looking dropped? When I got out, I wanted to see more in the middle from the veined-out witch – stilts? A throne with red bubble-air blows? Loud music? It was kind of a drop after the freak show! Just snap the pix already – We are already there, so just do it - maybe set up a cool pic booth with a freaky old set with that actor in the middle. I needed some loud music or some kind of bonfire or t-shirt stand when I got out. I want a Hacker House t-shirt and a bottle of water after all that jaw-dropping, breathless delight! Let me get my cool photo off your facebook page or collect my email and send it to me! I’d even pay to download a cool photo from HH – or share it around facebook for free with all my freaky pals who don’t realize what they are missing taking a few extra miles up the highway to Pilot Mountain from Greensboro!

Length 5/5:  This haunt seemed endlessly satisfying this year! Last year both times I went, I felt like it was over way too soon. This year, I kept getting stuck in dark passages (alone sometimes, whoa!) wondering where I was. Loved it! Couldn’t have asked for more! Primo!

Value 5/5:  For $20 I feel like I am ripping these guys off! I’ve been to haunts way more expensive and so the gas money to drive that extra 20 minutes or so north of Greensboro pays for itself. Plus, Hacker House is such a unique experience that even if I lived in Pilot Mountain, I’d been saving my coins to go every weekend. It’s a fun place to take a date you want to be falling all over you or totally freak you friends out. The web site has the nights listed where admission is even cheaper and if there’s a long line, I would pay extra for a VIP pass. I’d even pay extra-extra and sign a waiver to get to go through a special line for lights out action! Oh, and parking is FREE.

Overall 4.5/5:  Don’t miss this haunt. So far, I’ve been to two of 2013’s “Top Ten” listed on this year plus two other featured haunts…Hacker House should be one of the Top Ten hands down – way better show, way better creativity, way better experience.  From the moment we arrived to the moment we left (wow, it’s dark out there when all the light are off!), it was an action-packed interactive theatrical haunted adventure for the 14+ crowd
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Date Attended:  10/4/2013
Submitted By: Sissyhaunt

Scare Factor 5/5 – Just when I think Hacker House can’t get any scarier they out-do themselves. They have more actors, creepier sets and unending screams. This is one haunt I have to gear myself up for. Before I even arrive I am already experiencing utter panic. From the driveway to the fog you know you are in for an experience like no other. This is the most in your face, non-stop, adrenaline rush around. I left completely wore out and soaking wet from nervous sweat.  This is not for the weak of heart. Once through you feel a sense of relief and pride that you made it out alive and hopefully with dry pants.

Actors 5/5 – These are the most in your face, unrelentingly terrifying actors ever. They really feed off your fear, the more you scream the more energetic they become. Paranoia starts from the time you leave the safety of your car. There are actors everywhere and come from every direction. There are actors that come out of the walls, out of the ceilings, and from the floor. You never know if what you are seeing is a prop or an actual actor. They have some of the most original creepy characters around who never break character. Really I can’t say enough about the actors at this haunt.

Set Design/FX/ Prop 5/5 – The ambience and environment are chilling enough, but add in the great set designs and props and you have the perfect storm of terror. They have not just one, but three dark mazes that get you so turned around and disoriented that you feel you will never make it out.

Length 5/5 – It takes from 35-45 minutes to go through. When in the haunt you feel like you will never make it to the end, but at the same time you never want it to end. It is the perfect length, not too short and not too long.

Value 5/5 – The tickets are $20.00 and for an additional $5.00 you can get a fast pass to get in quicker, although I feel by doing the fast pass you miss out on some of the in line scares. You can purchase your tickets online or on site. They also have Super Saver nights where you can get $5.00 off the regular ticket price, (these need to be purchased on site). Parking is free at this haunt which I appreciate. This experience is totally worth the price.

Other 5/5 – It takes me a little more than 2 hours to drive to Hacker House from where I live and it is so worth the drive. No matter how far you have to drive to get here, it is a must experience haunt. I go at least twice a year because once is never enough and it is always a new experience.

Overall Impression 5/5 – If you want a truly frightening experience this is the place to go. Hacker House is definitely not a haunt for small children. It is for those who want to be scared, scream a lot, and laugh a lot. It is the whole package and then some. A must experience so don’t miss out.
« Reply #6 on: October 08, 2013, 08:21:13 AM »

Date Attended:  10/4/2013
Submitted By: Waya

Scare Factor 5/5 – It was the perfect night to attend this haunt, little to no moon and being down in a gulley produced the most eerie fog to make visibility limited. From the time you pulled into the parking lot you came into contact with the monsters roaming combined with the sounds of screams in the air prepping you for whats to come. They have topped themselves from years past for a non stop onslaught that will keep you on edge.

Actors 5/5 – They have increased the number of actors this year which is great, one thing I hate are dead spots in a haunt (no pun intended) and there are none here. The actors stay in character and do their jobs well. You never know where they will come from and they will keep you on edge the whole time.

Set Design/FX/ Prop 5/5 – The set design and f/x are great and with the combination of the natural fog makes for a treat, from the time you check into the hotel your senses will be put on edge taking a roller coaster ride through both inside and outside sets  to keep you on edge, you never know what may pop out at you and suck you in, or get lost in a multitude of mazes. You will truely enjoy the work they have put into this year.

Length 4/5 – You tend to lose track of time in this haunt which I enjoy, the combination of sets, the natural fog combined with the multitude of mazes you may never get out which in my opinion makes it just right.

Value 5/5 – With a ticket price of $20 it is a good value for the dollar, you can get a vip pass for a little more but in my opinion you miss out on the experience with the characters in line which lends to the build up to the experience, it is a bit of a drive but well worth the time.

Other 4/5 – As I said it is a bit of a drive but I thought it was well worth my little more than an hours time to reach it. The drive and the natural setting only ad to the experience.

Overall Impression 5/5 – This is a great haunt fot teens to adults. I think it is a little to intense for small children that is unless you want to share your bed when the lights go out. Grab a friend or your other half and spend the night experiencing a great night out (but I think a group is much better)
« Reply #7 on: November 02, 2013, 07:11:11 AM »

Submitted by: Bethyboo
Visited: 10-25-13

Scare Factor: 5/5 Hacker house is always scary.  I was hopeful when we arrived that I would somehow escape any horrific scares, but they found me and tormented me the entire time we were there.   Hacker House is off the main road, and when you drive down the driveway to the attraction, you know this is not your average haunted attraction.  They take scary to the next level and prey on all of your fears.   I caught myself running several times, and that is something I rarely do.
Actors: 5/5 the actors at Hacker House are very good at scaring people.  I think they have some sort of second sense that detects everything you are afraid of.  They can be pretty intense at times, and I really like the energy from the actors.  They also pop up multiple times throughout the attraction, making it impossible to get away from them.  They are very interactive and if you go through more than once, no two experiences will be the same.

Set Design/Props/FX:  5/5 The sets are all detailed and creepy!  They changed up some of the layout this year and I had some panic attacks about how to get out.  Be prepared, they will startle you.  I know they had to spend many hours creating such great effects.

Length: 5/5: I think the length of this attraction is perfect at around 45 minutes.  The layout is slightly different this year and I think it adds to the length. (Of course, the monsters determine when you will get out!) 

Value: 5/5: This haunt is a great value with an admission price of only $20.00.  They also offer a fast pass for $5.00 extra. I personally enjoy the interaction in line with the queue actors.  They are quite interesting to converse with. With Hacker House the value far exceeds the price.  I don’t think anyone could be disappointed in Hacker House.

Overall Impression: 5/5 this is a great haunted attraction.  I say that because they have everything you could want in a haunted attraction, from originality to intense scares.  All the actors seemed to be spot on, and everything went off without a hitch.  I was very impressed with Hacker House 2013.
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